Tuesday, February 26, 2013 ~ The Peaceful Warrior

On Tuesday February 26th Venus moves out of Aquarius and joins the party in Pisces! Here the feminine nature of Venus is supported into the soft, receptive, vulnerable qualities of the feminine. When life supports us to be in the strength of those qualities we have the opportunity to receive many unforeseen blessings from that space of gentle surrender. Create nurturing space. With the Moon opposite Mars conjunct Mercury, Continue reading

Monday February 25, 2013 ~ Full Moon

On February 25, we have the Full Moon in Virgo. Like the One Million Rising Movement for the Liberation and Love for the Feminine, this Moon time is about taking the initiative to stand up and move, to dance even in the awkwardness of uncertainty or discomfort, with conviction to the the Song of the Heart, which is getting loader and loader with each passing day. To move in rhythm with the heart beat of love, Continue reading

Full Moon in Virgo ~ February 25, 2013

With 6 planets in Pisces (God/unconditional Love), Mars (the masculine) conjunct Mercury (the mind), Sun (the masculine) conjunct Chiron (the Wounded Healer), and Venus at 29 Aquarius (supreme intelligence), with the Moon, the Great Mother Goddess in Virgo (health/healing) opposing it all, we can clearly see the emphasis on the lessons once again, of the healing of the Masculine and Feminine. What is coming out through these energies is a massive clearing, through exposing in full light, clarity, and detail what is going on.  Seeing the truth to a level of this degree however can be overwhelming, and thus cause confusion, disillusionment, disintegration, and just plane bewilderment. Not to mention the incessant overuse of avoidance, through addictions and habits that suppress looking at, and feeling what is really happening – beware  the Pisces/Virgo shadow. In this place where now we stand Continue reading

New Moon in Aquarius ~ February 9, 2013

 New Moon in Aquarius February 9, 2013  In Aquarius we can find the most supreme and genuine expression of Love.  Through Leo’s free-spirited devotion to the Joy of it, Aquarius steps in to refine that creative act. In Pisces we are permeated with the truth that Love can touch all things. Through our devotion and dedication out of Virgo we come to know Spirit and are touched personally by that Love. With three planets currently in Aquarius, and four in Pisces, (soon to be six), this is our lesson: Love is waiting for us. Patiently and tenderly preparing the grounds.  The Garden thrives for our arrival. For some the journey from out of the Forest of our History has been long and arduous, full of hardship, and excruciating realizations, and confrontations, a purification through pain (as Saturn as well as the North Node purge us through the underworld in Scorpio).   And for other’s, perhaps less traumatic (or dramatic) in awareness, however still, all have been under this massive transformative process in the Redemption of Self; self-love and self-worth.  From out of this quest of immense… Continue reading

Full Moon in Leo January 26th, 2013

With this most powerful Leo Full Moon we are being called to the Temple of Love.  Beckoned to bow before the Beloved within, as our offering of recognition that we are each this Love we yearn for.  The Light is fully shining down before us, so that we may see who we are, and know this, unmistakably. We can witness the Joy overflowing, as it cascades from the Moon herself, in the people around us, in Life around us.  If we choose to see what is.  We are surrounded by the Creative impulse, and desire to create our Destiny packung viagra.  To work with life force energy.  To play with life force energy.  To grow with life force energy.  To take responsibility for our participation.  We must take charge of our own heart space, and reclaim that Kingdom within. We are paying close attention to the details these days, and much is being discovered. It is like our illumined hearts are our guides leading the way, as we learn to follow. With this Full Moon… Continue reading

Lunar Forecast for January 2013 New Moon ~ January 19th

Lunar Forecast for January 2013 New Moon ~ January 19th By: Vikara (All time references are for EST, for your location please adjust accordingly, East as far as Australia is ahead a whole day) Let go, surrender, and release has been the mantra for many this past week (and months). This time has moved us powerfully through the final phase, that began a full lunar cycle ago on December 13th, in the House of Sagittarius. In that moment, upon entering the Temple of the Sage Moon, we accepted an invitation to explore into the vast and unbounded realms of high potential, from which we birth our dreams, into which we discover the deep meaning, and truth of it all, of ourselves. Lead into this quest of spiritual abundance, we have been experiencing a great light from the origins of Promise and Hope, from which is only recognized through our resurrection from the darkness. We have felt our hearts expand into jurassic proportion, for some this being the healing gift from out of massive heart break…. Continue reading