Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

May 15th, 2022

Full Moon Lunar Eclipses are astounding to witness. If you’ve ever had the opportunity to view one, it’s awe-inspiring and fascinating and somehow can open us up to the depth of mystery that only Nature and the Earth can. But even if you have not witnessed it, the energetic and some may even say the psychospiritual effects it has can and will be felt far and wide.

Eclipses tend to amplify the energies of the moment. It’s a period where bigger events, opportunities, and life changes can and will occur. Full Moons have a way of illuminating deeper aspects of our lives, shadows, patterns, and what’s hidden or ready to be exposed. External confrontations can come to an intense peak as the light shines upon the unconscious and reveals what is now in perfect timing to face.

As this Full Moon is in Scorpio opposite the Sun in Taurus, some of the biggest archetypical stories we will see unfolding will involve issues having to do with our deepest survival instincts. Issues around sex, love, money, partnership, resources, and power (or powerlessness).

It’s a time to get very centered on the strength and personal values of oneself and one’s allies. And to create distance once and for all with the vampiric relationships that hold you back. Because the power that we have and its use is everything, the “right” use of power or the “wrong” use of power makes all the difference.

The shadow archetype of Scorpio has a lot to do with loss, betrayal, and abandonment. The highest expression of Scorpio is about joining forces and creating immense value and wealth out of the union. Deep soul contracts and transformations alter the very nature of who we are. It is death and rebirth and the need for change and growth to eventually return to stillness in the calm and peace of stability… gained.

With Venus teaming with Chiron in Aries and Mars and Neptune currently joining up in Pisces this week, many people will come face to face with the revelations of brutal betrayals and personal disillusionment. A great teacher once said that disillusionment is the greatest pain a person can go through. To realize that all one thought was true, just simply never was… To fall prey to being innocent and naïve is a fate we all experience in one way or another. It’s part of the maturity process, it’s part of the awakening process. To be able to hold the weight of consciousness takes great responsibility, and pain, suffering, and struggle have a way of strengthening us for the cause.

On the other side of the spectrum of Taurus/Scorpio potentials, there are the possibilities of outstanding everlasting bonds of love, commitments, personal successes, and partnership victories!

Ultimately Scorpio and Taurus are about harnessing the power within and manifesting it into the physical. To make something of yourself from the sanctuary within and join forces and enhance another or be assisted in your own victory. For we are nothing without the love and support of one another. Look around, the power that we hold is great and even more remarkable when combined.

Blessings on your path.

In Between Two Eclipses

At this current first quarter moon phase, we are at the mid-point between two eclipses. The stakes tend to feel a bit higher during the eclipse season as far as the events and confrontations playing out in our lives. Especially if you have natal planets at the same position as the eclipses, which are currently in the signs of Taurus and Scorpio.

Eclipses are famous for ushering in big changes and grand opportunities, and somehow on the other side of the eclipse season, we can experience feeling very different and living in a different way (the end of May.) It’s like a reset that comes every six months to clean house and propel you further towards your destiny (the house of your psyche, that is.)

The last eclipse season played out in November and December of 2021. Can you recall what major changes or events in your life soon followed to shift the direction of your life?

What’s different about this current cycle is that we have Uranus on the eclipses as well as Saturn squaring. With Uranus and Saturn strongly influencing the stage, we can expect the unexpected to be showing up in ways that represent our deepest survival instincts and our most primal needs and desires. These are Taurus/Scorpio matters.

Uranus is a force of revolution often preceded by shock and destruction of what has already been established to make way for the new. Saturn represents the institutions, what is law by man, and what is decreed. When the two come together, it is a force of intense tension between the established and progress, between the conventional and the revolutionary, and between old patterns and new ways of being. As we can see, what is going on with Roe vs. Wade is a clear example of this. In our own lives beyond how we are each impacted by that, there can be confrontations and the need for revelations and change impacting the deepest and core personal issues for each one of us.

The Taurus/Scorpio axis reminds us of our innate vulnerability as emotional beings and how utterly dependent we are on one another. We need, and we have. We need what others may need, and they have what we may need. Things like resources – money, food, shelter, knowledge, physical contact, companionship, love, compassion, and care, and in times like these, I am reminded of the value of decency, generosity, consideration, respect, and honor. These are all essentially valuable resources that, when embodied, could serve to balance out many of humanity’s greatest struggles.

May the heart of humanity heal in a collective revolution of peace towards one another.

Eclipse Season

We are in the last week of the lunar cycle before a New Moon Solar Eclipse. This is the waning dark moon phase, where we digest what we have experienced, assimilate what we have learned, let go of the unnecessary, and clear space for the new on its way.

Eclipses have a way of ushering in ripe new opportunities and boldly releasing the old. Through an astrological lens, eclipses are not a singular event. They are a “season”. The eclipse season encompasses an entire lunar cycle and then some. There are the weeks preceding the event, there is the eclipse which is followed by a second eclipse two weeks later, and then there is the dwindling off from the potency of the events through the following couple of weeks. Here we are.

As we move through this next week with the waning moon, increasingly we can observe in our lives the overdue change is perfecting. The readiness of the hour harkens “It’s time.” We have arrived. Eclipse Season brings the shift.

How this may look for you is personal. But the grander themes playing out now speak to our deepest survival instincts (Taurus), our most personal values, and our sense of powerlessness up against the vastness of it all, up against our ignorance, innocence, and inadequacy (Pisces). We are, after all, only human.

For many, it has a lot to do with changing ourselves regarding what we have previously needed or depended on to feel secure in life, as well as shifting values to match a new emerging identity that is very different from who you have known yourself to be.

In short, the astrology reflects a time when people are going through deeply transformational personal shifts and identity reorientations. Consider it as a transitional stage of an identity crisis! The awkward beginning gives way to the rebellious stage, leading to a greater sense of self, which inevitably humbles us to how far we still must go, and then the surrender as we accept the process of becoming.

Two major aspects will accompany this week’s Waning Dark Moon. The first on (Saturday, April 23rd, on the day of the Last Quarter Moon), Mercury will join with the North Node of the Moon in Taurus. For a few days, the Archetype of the Messenger dances with the symbol of the “Future,” or our destiny. Messages from the future, perhaps?! Or insights into our own purpose and destiny may come clearer. It’s a good week to open to possibilities and potential (unexpected) doors opening that point you forward on your path!

The second big event of the week is Venus, the Goddess of Beauty and Love coming together (on Wednesday, April 27th) with Neptune, the Divine, and Omnipotent potential (in Pisces). This could manifest in as many ways as there are expressions of love and beauty! It’s a day to tap into the power of creative manifestation – to dream life into being and participate in the dance of love, the creation of beauty, and the enjoyment of this worldly experience and all it has to offer.

It’s a time when boundaries can seem blurred (for better or worse), and the unimaginable can come true (for better or worse). The Pisces archetype wants to set us free from ego limitations and the confines of the physical. However, the downside can look a lot like escapism and a lack of self-care or even love for the sake of “getting out of this place.” Wherever you may be, make the best of it and seek the beauty if only from within.

🌓 First Quarter Moon ~ March 10 – 19th 2022

The first quarter Moon phase is a time of building and growing into greater awareness and into the waxing light of the soon coming Full Moon. As this is the building stage, it represents a time to pay attention to your actions and how you are participating in life. The waning Moon is about integration and gathering one’s energy back inward, and in contrast, the waxing phase (currently) is all about the active externalized expression of oneself. The question becomes, “What are you DOING, and how are you doing it?”

Over this next week, building up to the Full Moon, it’s a perfect time to reassess and redirect your intentions and actions regarding the most important focuses in your current life. Get centered. Get aligned. Get your life in order because the Full Moon in Virgo is coming to shine a light upon exactly where there’s work to be done. And as it’s said, “The ball is in your court, make your move.”

Particularly, as we have had Venus and Mars traveling together (now in Aquarius), this time has a powerful emphasis on relationship and partnership dynamics as well as our most personal identifications around our own identity, desires, needs, and wants. Aquarius is always about refining one’s identity as closest to the center of individual uniqueness and genius possible by being the most genuine expression of yourself and showing up fully expressed and confident in your authenticity and expression. Aquarius declares, “Let go of the shackles, throw off the past, and liberate yourself. Be free. Be true. Be you.”

This current phasal relationship dance between Mars and Venus represents a major culmination cycle and a brand-new cycle beginning. So, in our personal lives and our psyches, we can be feeling and experiencing the end of cycles in our relationship dynamics and in the patterns and ways we have been relating to ourselves and others. Now, as we step into the new cycle, we are navigating fresh new ground and uncharted territory.

Over the next month, as Venus and Mars continue through Aquarius, we should all expect the theme of change, sudden insight, and unexpected events to continue to unfold and shape our lives. Aquarius invites revelation, rebellion, and revolutions, which is likely precisely the mark Venus and Mars will leave upon our lives for March 2022!

As the Sun comes to join Neptune in Pisces this weekend and Jupiter is gradually edging his way in as well, it’s a time where the Pisces theme is emphasized (big time)! Grand, larger than life, beyond comprehension, out of your control, and potentially some shade of “overwhelming” is ensured! This Jupiter with Neptune in Pisces is primarily focused from January to May 2022. So, we can see the extended theme of this longer cycle playing out. Pisces manifest on the whole spectrum from worst-case scenarios to dreams-do-come-true scenarios. Who knows what will happen, but we can trust that it will be mind-blowing and push us to some edge of ourselves, as we have all been participating for a while now in the collective unraveling of everything we thought we knew or could predict about this life.

As we move towards the Virgo Full Moon, we can begin to tap further into understanding what’s necessary on this human journey and what it takes to heal and make it through the wounding, the suffering, and victimization. It has so much to do with understanding our worthiness and our immense value as each of us is a part of the whole of this experience and the unique contributions that we offer. Cultivating compassion for oneself and others in our naivety, in our innocence, in our faults, and in our inability to know or understand any better in the moment is necessary.

Pisces/Virgo reminds us that we are indeed infinite spiritual beings all containing phenomenal genius and potential, while in this reality, we are also limited in a body, in a space-time reality, on Earth. We are limited while amid so much capacity and opportunity for expansion. We must have reverence for the process and wear our hearts on our sleeves if we are to see a better world.

Waning Moon at 05º Scorpio Jan 25-30, 2022

The last week of the lunar cycle, when the Moon is waning towards its invisible face, carries that special nuanced vibe of darkening. It’s a deepening into the depths of the unconscious psyche where stillness and chaos collide. The Dark Moon days call us inward with a whisper of retreat. A beckoning to pause and assimilate all that has come; an invitation to take a moment and digest your experiences. You will need the nutrition gained for the next phase as we continue to cycle through this life. From one level, one stage, one season to the next.

As Nature makes its passages, so do we. Through rites and riddles, we release and gain treasures to take along the way. A continual (cyclical) process of give and take, of release and gain, of death and rebirth, with renewal always just on the other side.

As the Last Quarter Moon leads us into the final days of the Moon’s light, it is a reminder that for us also it is a time to shed. But lest it not be first without confrontation!

This week will be highlighted by the wave created by Mercury Retrograde joining Pluto (for the 2nd pass, the first being the days surrounding December 29, 2021, and the 3rd and final on February 11, 2022 – retrogrades go back and forth over one area).

Mercury is all about communication and conceptual perspective, and Pluto (Hades) represents the depths of the psyche and that which penetrates and jars at the soul. We can expect to experience moments where the mind is engaged in confrontational conversations, sparring with some potential demons, and digging up the past, as we have now been led to the Gates of the Underworld.

The “underworld” has been defined as “the mythical abode of the dead.” Which I find very apropos to this retrograde time of both Venus and Mercury in Capricorn, as we are indeed being ushered down into old and graveyard like territory (within ourselves) to tend to and dance with skeletons and monsters alike that once had a part in the constructing of our mythos, of our identities, our attachments, our scars, and our suffering.

There are times when we must return to the memories and the makings of yesterdays to recount and reclaim what was lost, to give meaning and purpose to today. We are in that cycle, a phase of rebirth and reidentification with who we are, but first, we must go through the process. For some, it may even feel like an initiation. A time finally arrived to that tests you to your core and returns you different from how you first entered. Strengthened, liberated, renewed, and revived at having gone through the ultimate of death herself! Simply said, we are being called to let go of some of our deepest attachments and ways of being so a higher potential can be manifested.

Mars enters Capricorn this week, joining the Capricorn party. Over this next month, it will gradually be making its way to its biennial reunion to the exact placement of his Queen – Venus. A joining of the masculine and feminine, a re-union in love and attraction.

In all the ways that we can feel at odds with ourselves and each other, this aspect represents the ways in which we can feel in harmony with ourselves and others, how we can feel alignment and perfect resonance and harmonic synastry. Yet again, we’ll find it is a process. Of getting there, being there, and then letting go into what’s next. Over the following weeks, we are working on getting there and being there – in love and harmony with ourselves and others, joining forces, connecting.
It’s a time of recognizing what is not working, letting go, and making space for what is truly in your heart that you want to be with and spend time on.

Mars is now in a closing cycle to Venus and will begin a brand-new cycle – of desire, intention, and love on the level of what is most personal and dear to each of us.

Right after Valentine’s Day is the reset point. The day of celebrating love and the people we share it with goes out with a bang as Mars then leaves his Queens side, after all the merging and bonding in unity, to once again experience the separation into the Self, with always the promise of return, back to union.

1st Quarter Moon Forecast Jan 9-16, 2022

This First Quarter Moon highlights Venus, already into her retrograde cycle and presently conjunct the Sun in Capricorn. Issues around money, resources, and life-altering commitments are currently challenging our identities and sense of purpose. As life confronts us with what is no longer working and what is not right or sustainable, naturally, what arises is the need to figure out the new plan, system, contracts, and foundations to support the continuing process.

This is Capricorn territory – establishing solid and functional support systems. During this powerful Venus Retrograde cycle, we are given the opportunity to reexamine the current structures, contracts and agreements, routines and procedures, and overall influence of resources, monetary or otherwise, operating in our lives. Over the next month, it’s time to take serious accountability and make mature and wise choices regarding the long-term effects of your life and your decisions therein. It’s about how important it is to have a strong and solid foundation as support for any creative project, relationship, or endeavor. It’s about taking the time, effort, dedication, and devotion to be present and in integrity with what is needed. It’s about being mature and growing up, being responsible, and doing what’s right because it’s worth it in the end.

With Mars squaring Neptune this week, personal boundaries, desires, and motivations may creep up aggressively either from within or projected onto you. Major changes of old and deep patterns are being confronted, and courage is needed in the “letting go” process. Still, many may be feeling deeply triggered along the way into fear, anger, and just an overall need to assert oneself or else lose oneself in the chaos of it all. The confrontation to hold on or to let go is powerful this week, and the stakes can feel high with the personal choices at hand.

Next week’s Full Moon will bring more information into the light to understand further which direction is best as far as understanding what is truly important and what truly matters in your life. But, in the meantime, this week may feel like an erupting overflow of more and more to deal with as Jupiter continues to square the Moon’s Nodes. It’s certainly a time when life comes at us with a full dose of chaos, activity, and information.

Mercury goes retrograde mid-week in Aquarius and eventually enters back into Capricorn over the next few weeks. Where Capricorn establishes traditions and builds walls and foundations, Aquarius breaks them down and progresses forward into the wide-open expanse of the future. This combination playing out in all our lives and on the world stage looks a lot like a remodel. The demolition of the current outdated foundations must come first before the new ways can become a reality. However, the vision of what will be is the guiding force behind deconstructing the current reality in the first place. It’s a dance between what has been and what will become. The letting go and the establishing of the new.

Blessings on your path.

In Between Two Eclipses

November 26th – December 3rd 

This week’s astrology leads us into the pinnacle midpoint between two eclipses.  Eclipses come in pairs usually (and sometimes we even get three in a row.)

Last week at the Full Moon Lunar eclipse, many of us experienced life peaking out with some of our most personal issues coming into the light.  We’ve reached a critical point in the wheel of time where we are realizing, recognizing, resolving, and releasing deeper aspects of the self so that we can finally move on and be free to create from a clear space.

We are in transition. From one stage to the next, from one state of being to the next. We are birthing and, in every birth, there is a conclusion to that which will no longer be.  What are you releasing these days? What are you saying goodbye to?  What are you laying to rest?

Next week as we arrive upon the New Moon Solar Eclipse, that very potent lunar cycle will begin to reveal what the next new phase of each of our journeys is going to look like.   This current lunar cycle has been the closure, that next one will be the opening.

As we edge closer to that powerful new beginning, this week moves us through the final week of the Waning Moon. Here we must confront and contend with that which is ready to be fully realized and integrated and that which is ready to be released.  The week prior to a new moon (the Dark Moon phase) is always a period where we are being asked to take the time and space to assimilate and understand fully what has happened.

This is like the composting phase after the bounty of the harvest.  It’s here that we are full after having received (realized, experienced, witnessed) so much over the past weeks and now overflowing with it all, we must take the time and space to allow it to integrate within (to reap the nutrients and clean up the waste.)  And finally, before the new cycle begins, to let go of what is no longer necessary to carry forward on your path.

The most significant aspects occurring this week are Mercury having ingressed into Sagittarius and out of Scorpio, which will also be coming to join with the Sun now in Sagittarius.  The Sun and Mercury have spent this past week passing over the South Node of the Moon at one degree of Sagittarius.  The South Node has to do with the karmic past and these symbols powerfully represent information, truth, and our beliefs. 

The exposing and revealing (and even the possibility of revelations) around our deep truths, needs, and beliefs have powerfully been coloring our outlook these days.  As we move deeper into the Sagittarius Season, with Mercury now here, there is a collective need to move into a broader landscape of opportunity and freedom and to go beyond what has thus far been the “normal”. 

After we have spent the past couple of months so deeply immersed in the watery Scorpio depths of the dark psyche ~ the shadow, the pain-body, the fears, the power struggles, the little and not so little deaths… now in Sagittarius, there is a collective vibe of wanting to broaden our horizons and reach into more expansive territory.  To take all that was gained from the depths of the underworld and rise into the light like the phoenix anew, enlivened, inspired, and with faith that it was all so worth it. 

As I spoke of last week, soon we will be entering the 40-days of Venus Retrograde.  This week she edges closer to Pluto in Capricorn giving us a stronger taste of the powerful “love initiations” still yet to come! Retrogrades always bring us back to reevaluate, revisit, reconsider, reconnect, revise… it’s a sort of symbolic and energetic return.  In the case of Venus, it can feel like the “deja vu” stage of the Venus Cycle.

During Venus Retrograde cycles, we often witness what can feel like very karmic meetings and reunions, a rekindling of old loves and friendships, and a reigniting of passions where old (maybe even ancient) matters of the heart are concerned. 

The infamous caution with this cycle is unburying what had already been laid to rest.  Like returning to an old lover that you know is best left alone or repeating the same old relationship patterns that you have already learned and moved on from the lessons of, or meeting that someone that you can feel you’ve known “forever” only to find by the end of the 40-days that the relationship is not meant to go any further.  People from the past commonly show up in our lives during this time.

In Capricorn, the test is all about our individual relationship with integrity, personal power, boundaries, security, commitments, contracts, and just being a genuine responsible authentic integral human being.  Ultimately, it’s about personal growth and success. We each have our own relationship with how we take on the “mountains” in our lives – the duties and responsibilities, the places where ultimate growth and success are warranted.

Honor, loyalty, and success are qualities gained through great personal effort and victory is never given only ever earned.  These are the Capricorn lessons.

New Moon at 16º Leo, August 8th

 Lion’s Gate Portal  This week as we stand not only amid the Lion’s Gate Portal energies as well as the Leo New Moon, there’s also a powerful life-altering juncture of fierce confrontation upon us. For when Mars comes into a perfect mid-point alignment with the Moon’s Nodes, we stand to face ourselves in a way that can feel like the time has come to fight against the inner demons. To slay the self-sabotaging monsters, the dragons of self-perpetuated suffering, and the self-destructive voices in your head that do far more harm than any false protection they claim to promise.  The Skipped Step of Mars  You see, Mars is all about the Self, dressed like a Warrior! Particularly the realization of self through the mechanism of the Ego/Identity – I want, I need, I get, I am.   We need the Ego/Identity. It’s crucial and serves us well to move through this life in these bodies, experiencing our spirits within and without. It gives us definition, defines our desires, focuses our intentions. However, like with any human function;… Continue reading

Astro Daily ~ May 26th – June 1st

Wednesday & Thursday, May 26-27

Sagittarius Moon – Full Lunar Eclipse

Treading Full Moon Eclipse waters can be an epic ride through deep feelings and intensities wrought with revelations and illuminations! Sagittarius Moons are infamous for bigger-than-life experiences and mind-blowing “reveals.” I imagine many unexpected and potentially much-welcomed events are going to highlight these days of the full moon. 

Sagittarius, by nature, is inspired, abundant, questing for more fulfilling and satisfying knowledge and experience while following one’s heart and being led by wisdom. So stay awake to witness the Wizard, the Sage, the Jester, or the Divine Fool showing up in your life, carrying a special message just for you!

Friday & Saturday, May 28-29

Moon in Capricorn.
Moon in Capricorn opposite Mars in Cancer conjunct Pluto.

This weekend’s Capricorn vibe could assist in bringing awareness towards what is needed to further support and implement necessary efforts in the success of your unfolding plans. It’s good to ground, find stability, and figure out what more is needed to create that structure that will offer you the strength and support you need going forward.

Tap into your own leadership and what you can provide for yourself and recognize the support systems and people that are already there for you. So much is changing, and our integrity and generosity towards ourselves and others are needed.

Sunday & Monday, May 30-31

Moon in Aquarius.

Moon in Aquarius days lift us and take us into the higher mind, outer space, or other dimensions. We get a taste of the bird’s eye view, what the world looks like from up in the tower or the helicopter flying above where we can see a broader scope of all below.

It’s all about being objective, seeing more of the picture, removed from the subjective and personal realms where you are so close it’s hard to see everything going on beyond you.

Aquarius reminds us to let go of the past and make space for a whole new world of unknown potential and possibility because growth and progress are always leading us onward.

Tuesday, June 1

Moon in Pisces.

With the Moon in Pisces, on the day before the last quarter moon, we’ve come to the point of surrender, where Life, in all its grandness, may loom like a giant beast towering over us or perhaps an epic dream we have been taken upon the wings high in its glory.

Either way, it’s a wild ride and Pisces Moon days remind us to let go, flow with what is, embrace the unknown, and expect not to understand or be able to make sense of most of it!

So much love and blessings along the way,

Lunar Eclipse ~ Full Moon at 5º Sagittarius May 26, 2021

“Moving through an eclipse cycle changes us. As deeper, more significant aspects of our life are unearthed or even erupted from untapped, buried, hidden recessives of our psyche, we are revealed. Greater meaning and purpose become us, and we are moved to grow, surrender, and expand into more.Eclipses are widely known as being likened to that of a portal. They are moments in our lives where a gateway is presented for us to step into, an entryway to a course change. A redirection and a new direction that is powerful, consequential, and life-altering.” If we accept the notion of the eclipses being like a “portal,” it would make sense to grasp the concept of a time warp. Considering this cycle involves both Saturn and Mercury going retrograde, most of us will likely feel transported back into the past in some significant way or another, at some point over the next month or so. When the past arrives beckoning your attention, it’s gracious to grant it your vigilance, as often the past returns bearing gifts. And there is no… Continue reading

Eclipse Season

Moving through an eclipse cycle changes us. As deeper, more significant aspects of our life are unearthed or even erupted from untapped, buried, hidden recessives of our psyche, we are revealed. Greater meaning and purpose become us, and we are moved to grow, surrender, and expand into more.

By their nature, all New and Full Moons usher in a peak moment of significant closure and new beginnings. However, there is an incredibly potent statement brought in with the timing of the eclipses. It is the message of READINESS. You are READY.

It’s a time in the year where we have arrived. If we can imagine our lives as the journey that we are walking, dancing, running, crawling through (wherever you may be in this moment), then the eclipse cycle is when we have arrived at the next doorway to step through, or destiny path to go forth upon.

Eclipses are widely known as being likened to that of a portal. They are moments in our lives where a gateway is presented for us to step into, an entryway to a course change—A redirection and a new direction that is powerful, consequential, and life-altering.

For those usually tuned into the Full and New Moon times, the Eclipse Season can feel like a very intense Full or New Moon that lasts much longer. Rather than just the typical few days we experience every month, the Eclipses can have lingering effects for weeks on either side of the Moons.

It’s like that portal we arrive at, as we step into it, we are taken on a journey through another important realm in our life’s story, an alternate dimension, if you will, to eventually come out on the other side into a whole new world. And then we are returned home, but we are profoundly different, and so are our lives.

This will likely be a chapter where the impressive saga element comes alive in the chronicle of your life! Where you are challenged to become the hero or the heroine of your life. And slay, conquer and attain victory in some form or another.

May 19
First Quarter Moon 

As we are now a week out from the New Moon that kicked off this powerful cycle and a week away from the wonders of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, today at the First Quarter Moon, we would be wise to pay close attention to where we stand on the path of our lives. What is beckoning for your attention? What is calling you forward? What is begging to be put to rest? Who are you with? Who are you being?

One way or another, you will arrive at the “portal.” However, how prepared and how “ready” you feel at the moment will be significantly determined by your actions this week. Quarter Moon times test us to rise and implement change where needed or redirect our focus where necessary. Looking up to the half-moon in the sky, we are reminded of the power of being centered and balanced, even within the enormity of the paradox and duality that we exist within.

May 21 – June 21
Sun ingresses into Gemini.

We’ve just come through a solar month where we were learning through Taurus about what is meaningful and valuable to us and lessons around grace, beauty, pleasure, and comfort. Hopefully, a deeper understanding has been acquired around what’s important and needed to feel good and secure in your life. As we get ready to move into the solar month of Gemini, the Taurus intention was to succeed in grounding deeper into your center and sense of self with greater purpose and meaning fulfilling your life.

From out of the stillness and quiet space of the “inner cave” that is the Taurus realm, in Gemini, we come out into the world and embrace the environment around us in all its activity, stimuli, commotion, chaos, and movement. Life moves fast, and Gemini is here to remind us of that!

With the Sun, the North Node of the Moon, Venus, and Mercury all in Gemini this month, it is about opening up and engaging with the world around you. Allowing, to some degree, to be affected by your surroundings. To be influenced, inspired, provoked, intrigued, and lead on a journey. To follow the story being told and be amused, entertained, and everything that happens when we embrace an experience of others and the multitude of perspectives, concepts, expressions, ideas, and colorful ways of looking and exploring life.

We get a taste of it all and experience the delight and sometimes the agitation of contrast. We get to expand into more or decide, “no, thank you, I’ve seen enough of that.”

Prepare also to be annoyed, bothered by, and perhaps even enraged as we see that this world we live in is a place where anything is possible and what is normal and natural to some is entirely alien and foreign to another.

Indeed, we can never fully understand another human being, even after attempting to walk a mile in their shoes. There is a great mystery so profound and beyond us, and it is here in Gemini that we get to dip a toe into the vastness of the nature of that Sea.

Astro Daily ~ May 4th – May 10th, Last Quarter Moon – Dark Moon Phase

Tuesday, May 4

Moon in Aquarius conjunct Jupiter.
Mercury ingress into Gemini.

The last quarter’s waning cycle brings clarity as closure is near. With the Moon in Aquarius, we can gain perspective upon the past, present, and future simultaneously and how they are all one and the same in this now moment.

Today Mercury ingresses into its home sign of Gemini, and we can expect to witness an enormous outpouring of information streaming in over the next nine weeks. As Mercury will go retrograde during this cycle, we can also prepare to see many reveals, disclosures, and new “truths” coming out around the state of the world and everything we’ve been going through over the past year.

On a personal level, the itch to know, learn, study, and adventure may also be flooding our senses as the mind is overactive and eager to interact with Mercury in Gemini.

Wednesday & Thursday, May 5-6

Moon in Pisces.

Moon in Pisces days can feel dreamy and chaotic, yet inspired and touched by the Divine. No one can make sense of this world these days, and everyone has to surrender on many levels. The information age is peaking, and we are beneath the avalanche doing our best to survive!

One thing Mercury in Gemini teaches is to learn to take it with stride and not to take it all so seriously. Like the Jester, we must laugh at ourselves and even at the King sometimes!

Friday-Sunday, May 7-9

This weekend moves us through the Dark Moon in Aries. The last days of this lunar cycle before the next New Moon on Tuesday.

Here we are brought back to where we began; full circle from the start of the last New Moon to the closure. Culmination and climax are the potent energies, and in Aries, the sign of ambition and force, we may feel like getting up and taking care of business and tying up those last loose ends. It’s always good to clear space and feel free when we’re about to start something new.

Venus moves through the final degrees of Taurus this weekend, supporting us to indulge the senses, relax, or just do what we love! As we’re soon about to move into Gemini Season, by the end of this weekend we’re already bound to begin to feel the pace pick up and life about to start feeling even more busy, hectic, and rapid, as Venus ingresses into Gemini by Sunday.

With Mars in Cancer squaring Chiron in Aries, no one said it better than the Rolling Stones “You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you’ll find, you get what you need.”

Monday, May 10

Moon in Taurus.

As the Moon moves into Taurus today on the day before the New Moon, we are encouraged on this Dark Moon day to find calm, stillness, and to listen deeply within. Taurus is about going inward and secluding oneself from the distractions and the influences outside of the self. Today is a day to try to silence the noise and attempt to hear what your heart and soul have to share with you.

With Mercury conjunct the North Node of the Moon today in Gemini, it is very likely the Messenger of the Gods will show up to deliver a powerful message about your Destiny and where and how your future is unfolding.

Jessica Dawn

Waning Moon 13º Aquarius May 3-10, 2021

Monday, May 3
Last Quarter Moon in Aquarius 13, Conjunct Saturn 13

At this point, we are coming deeper into this Taurus Season, where we are being guided to ground into creating stability and finding peace within. Taurus teaches us to trust ourselves and to know what it takes to achieve such a virtuous feat—showing up for thyself with consistency, reliability, honesty, authenticity, and unwavering certainty that you will be there FOR yourself. Generally speaking, Taurus really love themselves!

They teach that we deserve pleasure and comfort and the finer things in life. They can’t have it any other way! They must surround themselves with as many things that feel good to them as they can get their hands on! Taurus teaches us the value of taking time with the self – for the good of the self.

To get still, return to silence, and find peace within is essential to everyone’s well-being. To nurture, support, and develop the self so to then be able to reap the benefits warranted is a crucial aspect of growth and being alive.

Rewards such as impeccable groundedness, admirable self-sufficiency, and earned talent and skill. They are the self-reliant giants of the zodiac. Self-contained by nature and holding within themselves an abundance of gifts. During Taurus season, we have so much to learn about the importance of cultivating personal values and following your heart’s desires.

Yet, even in times when it’s all about grounding, committing, and stabilizing, the “future” nonetheless still powerfully calls. The impulse to create and move forward, coupled with the need to let go of the past and liberate, is a force to be reckoned with these days.   

Raising us, inspiring, even shocking some of us out of our comfort zones as still, we reach lazily for our safety nets. It takes work to grow, to step forward, and into the unknown. To embrace more of the self and take on more responsibility for living in the realized self. It can be painful to live out of alignment and purpose, yet it’s not easy to fully embrace the task of living life and doing what it takes to stay in alignment with a world so out of whack with itself.

The Last Quarter Moon phase offers a moment of contemplation, often through bumping up against an internal conflict of understanding.

It’s the “Crisis in Consciousness” phase where we often must adjust our perspective in some vital way to help close this cycle off optimally.

Especially now, in Aquarius, with Saturn and Jupiter, the stakes are higher as we’re being called to access our best selves and manifest our highest potentials. Chances are all the significant changes, and unexpected events and offers of late have challenged your more profound sense of values and personal beliefs around what is good or not so good for your life.

It’s an important time where the resource of our energy reserves is coming into focus. Where are you putting your energy? Who is in your life? Who is not? What is the quality of your relationships? Are you showing up fully, sincerely, honestly, in love, in frustration, in exhaustion? It’s time to get clear with what you have and what you have not and make the appropriate adjustments to find the peace you need.

Foundations are being rocked, and this isn’t likely to change anytime soon as it’s the “2021 theme” with Uranus and Saturn squaring all this year. Think radical destabilization meets reformulation and reconstruction of foundations for future sustainability. We’re on an old crumbling bridge working hard to make it to the other side so we can successfully rebuild it for those behind us.

Can you see where in your own life some perspective you have may be hindering your path or limiting your options moving forward? Usually, our view is so deeply embedded to the point of becoming a belief or a truth. And this is where we may have to look very deeply at ourselves and ask, “Is this belief I’m holding onto really serving me?” We often limit ourselves and others by how we choose to see.

“Change your perspective, change the world.”

Taurus also teaches about getting too comfortable, stuck, and stagnant in one’s own values, beliefs, and preferences.

Now is a time to take a step back and see with eyes wide open. We are all in a rapid process of expansion, taking on an immense amount of pressure to get focused within all that is crumbling around us. Life is never going to be how it was, and we are letting go of so much daily. And amidst it all, like the pearl, many of us can see and feel deep within a grand new world is being created!

Astro Daily April 27th – May 2nd

Tuesday, April 27

Full Moon

Scorpio Full Moon Blessings! On days like these, it’s nice to have a good friend to lean on… and if all you have is yourself, show up for yourself as the best version you have to offer to yourself!

Full Moons tend to highlight bigger issues and events. With the alignments of this moment, whatever the sea you are swimming in, the big sets are coming in! As we get submerged into the depths, it’s often dark down there in the unknown realms. Trust you will surface soon again into the light where clarity and stability return.

Full Moons are a time to celebrate. In Scorpio, we celebrate death and rebirth and the cycle of life, soul and soulmates, heart and heartbreaks. The deep mystery where for every treasure received, you must give something in return.

Wednesday, April 28

Moon in Scorpio

The day after the Full Moon, we can often wake to a relieving exhale as the peak in the Lunar Cycle has broken us to the other side. The buildup phase is now dispersed, and we can begin to gain perspective around what just happened!

We’ve been in powerful revolutionary energy over the past two weeks, with Uranus in a strong alignment with the Sun, Venus, Mercury, as well as the Moon. This will continue throughout the cycle; however, the now present waning phase gradually beckons us towards the calm after the storm.

Thursday, April 29

Moon in Sagittarius conjunct the South Node of the Moon.

After the extreme depths of the Scorpio Moon, Sagittarius days can offer a light at the end of the tunnel and opportunities into grander horizons. However, with the Moon on the South Node, there can be the challenge of not falling back into old ways and patterns and rigid beliefs as we all reorient into new expressions of our own personal truth.

Friday, April 30

Moon in Sagittarius square Neptune. Sun Conjunct Uranus.

Today could be wild in all directions! Unlimited potential meets anything’s possible. Today is a day to have faith in the unseen and the divine possibilities. Incredible insights have been steaming in strong these days alongside radical changes and liberations from the past.

Life can come on strong sometimes with disruptions that feel ever so unsettling. This too shall pass.

Saturday & Sunday, May 1-2

Moon in Capricorn opposite Mars in Cancer, square Chiron. And Sunday, Moon in Capricorn conjuncts Pluto.

This weekend, Capricorn Moon offers to help us tap into more stability, more personal power, and more focus on what’s necessary to reconstruct strong foundations of support upon the newfound territory we’ve arrived to.

When the walls come tumbling down, Capricorn is the first one there to start picking up the pieces and brick by brick, reestablishing new boundaries and definition!

Pay attention to the responsibilities beckoning for your attention this weekend. When we can get accomplished the things we need to do, we can feel the true freedom in doing the things we would like to do.

As we arrive at the Last Quarter Moon tomorrow, a week into the waning phase of the cycle, it’s just about time to start consolidating our energy and take a pause to notice any adjustments that may be necessary on your path.

Now is the time to welcome a positive shift in your perspective to help initiate a clean slate for the upcoming New Moon phase.

Full Moon 07º Scorpio April 27-May 2, 2021

Mars has now left Gemini where it was for about seven weeks activating the North Node of the Moon – our Future and our Destiny. In Gemini, it is mostly about gathering and sharing information. It was a time for many of taking risks and opportunities to expand further out into the environment, make contacts and connections, and gain a deeper understanding of what it’s going to take for you to move more successfully into your future.

How well we are able to integrate into the world and people around us based on our perspectives and interpretations of life and how well we can communicate and relate to others are powerful experiences that carry lessons that are integral to personal growth for everyone.

Integration into our environment is a primal stage in the evolutionary journey – Gemini represents this.

In a world of social distancing where sickness is feared, and travel is cautioned, social awkwardness is more common in our awareness than ever before. Neuroses are becoming more and more regular, and many live with these conditions interfering with their relationships, work, and overall state of mind. Excessive fear, anxiousness, irritation, over-worry, over-thinking, depression, and sadness are all, to name a few, becoming widespread behavior in society as we see it. We are also living in a world where we recognize that many of us are highly sensitive and empathic people who are more vulnerable to the imbalances and toxicity in the world as we are experiencing it.

As Chiron – the Wounded Healer Archetype of the Zodiac, which represents that which is broken and in need of TLC, continues its 7-year journey through Aries, we can understand that the healing is currently focused largely on our broken concepts of “who am I” in relationship to others and the bigger picture. We have reached a pinnacle point on the journey where humanity is going through its identity crisis on a mass level. As a species, we are in deep need of healing and certainly a healthier identification with ourselves, each other, and this beautiful planet that we live on.

As we move into the Taurus Season (Sun in Taurus) with Mars now transiting in Cancer, it’s going to initiate the desire to come deeply inwards. Taurus is the Bear Cave and Cancer the Womb Space. It doesn’t get any more personal than that!

Self-focus is where we have come to in the evolutionary path—settling in, getting still, finding peace and comfort, finding support. Essentially, it is about creating a safe space to integrate all that you have gone through. To take the time to feel. To move through the emotions. To become more self-aware. To drop down from the busy overactive mind and into the body and the heart to gain some wisdom availed through processing the experience.

Self-care and self-love are a must this cycle. They are the keys to unlocking the support and the deeper levels of success you seek in your life. With Mars in Cancer, there’s a deep desire to have your needs met, be acknowledged and accepted for who you are, and be comfortable, secure, and safe. This is not always possible, and triggers and impulsive acts to self-protect will run high during this time. We must find compassion that many are processing through layers of sadness, fear, confusion, and disappointment in the ways of the world these days. Cancer is also the Divine Mother and Healer archetype, and we are being guided to hold loving space through it all, the glory and the pain.

As the Full Moon shines bright in Scorpio at the peak of what has been a powerful and revealing couple of weeks in the intimate-relationship realms, the most focused themes are all about communication of personal authenticity. Staying true to one’s own heart and values and having the courage to lead yourself from a place of personal power and integrity.

The Taurus/Scorpio axis is all about personal values and those of others, personal resources and those of others, and personal power and that in others. Taurus knows the power of standing in solitude, self-reliant and self-sufficient, undisturbed and unwavering in one’s truth and knowing. They are content and at peace in the inner cave of themselves.

Scorpio knows the power of merging with forces outside of themselves to essentially gain more power and go through the transformation and rebirth into another aspect of themselves. To change, grow, and expand into union and know the value of merging and sharing resources, space, and love with another. They are comfortable with the intensity of soulmate and soul joining experiences. They are prepared for the depth that occurs when we join forces with another.

Scorpio Full Moons highlight the intensities and depth of being alive with all our needs, desires, preferences, and fears. It’s the deep psyche and soul being illuminated and bursting into a peak moment of expression! It’s a time where loss, betrayal, and abandonment in all its various forms can rare its ugly face to haunt and taunt us. It’s a time where we can feel our immortality more profoundly and where our survival instincts can be on hyper-alert. It’s a time where what is most dear and near to you, you may want to grasp more tightly, commit to more deeply, and treasure like one of your most valuable possessions.

However, with Uranus in Taurus opposing the Full Moon, it is also a time where our values are being questioned. We are getting opportunities to shift into new ways of relating to ourselves and others and letting some old, tired bonds go—Uranus ushers in radical transformations, unexpected directions, and events, and mind-blowing awakenings and awareness. We have the opportunity to tap into immerse creative power and inspiration as well as divinely inspired ideas and cocreations.

Essentially, this combination leads to a greater degree of self-awareness and personal individuation through the process of separating from things that no longer serve and support you and upgrading into a higher degree of connection to true self – with yourself and others. We may witness throughout this time a pattern of many deep bonds severed as well as deep bonds sealed.

May you be blessed and inspired along the way.

1st Quarter Moon 00º Leo Apr 20-26, 2021

This past New Moon in Aries on April 11 was an invitation to continue courageously exploring into the uncharted territories beckoning in our own lives and psyches. “Go for it!” Is the mantra.

“It’s been hard to ignore the opportunities knocking on my door. It’s been hard to ignore the fear taunting me to stay right where I am and not push beyond my limitations and birth into more of myself. It’s been hard to ignore the Dragons in my mind requiring so much courage to confront. It’s been hard to ignore witnessing my loved ones going through their own rebirthing process. It’s been hard to ignore the call to be more authentic, to be more alive.”

Aries energy is all about making something happen, doing it! Aries “lights a fire under your ass!” It’s passion, drive, and courage. So, here we all are, confronting these aspects within our own natures. Easier for some than others.

It’s a time of new beginnings, birthing new identities, and essentially about experiencing a taste of freedom along the way. Freedom – the feeling of having choices, options, opportunities, and new horizons to expand into. The sense of doing what one wants and desires uninhibited with the ability to go for it.

We’ve been in this “Aries Season” for just about a month now, and I feel it’s safe to say we’ve all probably had our fair share right about now of the intensity of this ride we’ve been on!

Thankfully our lives, as does Nature, works within a cyclical rhythm. From one stage and phase to the next, we grow. “This too shall pass.” And there’s nothing that so beautifully depicts this process as powerfully and perfectly as the Zodiac! From one sign to the next, we see the evolution of consciousness unfold and develop. From birth to death and everything in between, it is an ebb and flow of awareness and energy. All we must simply do is try wholeheartedly to live it fully.

So then, what comes after birth and follows grand new beginnings and new directions and connections? INTEGRATION, and GROUNDING into the newfound sense of self and life direction.

Welcome, Taurus! In perfect timing, the Sun leaves Aries and enters Taurus on this First Quarter Moon day of April 20.

Not only has the Sun come to Taurus, but Mercury has also joined just days ago. And about a week ago, Venus left Aries and arrived here at one of her own home signs! That is to say, Venus is strong and powerful in Taurus, and we are up for some profound and personal revelations about ourselves and our partnerships this month.

We’ve got what’s called a “Taurus party” as the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Uranus travel together throughout the next month or so. With the Sun representing our purpose, Mercury our perspective, and Venus our values all meeting up with the Revolutionary of the Zodiac (peaking on the Full Moon), we can expect many of us will be coming out on the other side of this month having discovered much more of ourselves, shed necessary skins of the past, and boldly gone forth in directions we may have previously not dared!

As the saying goes, “Fortune favors the bold.” And this certainly feels like the flavor for this month!

Daily Astro. April 4th – April 10th

Sunday, April 4

Last Quarter Moon in Capricorn. Mercury enters Aries 0 degrees.

With the Moon in the last degrees of Capricorn meeting up with Pluto and square to the Sun and still Venus in Aries, today is an excellent day to ground into your power. Find some stability to stand on and then move! It’s a great day to get into your body. Find your strength and get physical with it.

Mercury’s ingress into Aries today is sure to bring some quickening of thoughts and ideas and very likely passionate conversations through this week.

Monday-Wednesday, April 5-7

Moon in Aquarius

As the Moon joins with Saturn and squares Uranus, this week could start with an element of unpredictability alongside some heavy reminders of the challenges we face and what it’s going to take to keep on keeping on.

However, by midweek as the Moon joins Jupiter in Aquarius and trines Mars, we may begin to feel that supportive push forward as opportunities present themselves in inspiring and perhaps unusual ways.

Thursday, April 8

Moon in Pisces.
Moon Squares the North and South Node of the Moon.

There are certainly days that we can feel the confrontation of Karma more than others. Our past creeps up, whispering louder as our destiny beckons us forward with voices that can sound like messages from the Gods. Listen carefully as it all has great purpose. Sometimes it’s necessary to take a few steps back in order to get where we want to go. Making peace is essential. As the saying goes, “wherever you go, there you are.”

Friday & Saturday, April 9-10

Moon in Pisces joins Neptune, then moves into Aries, joining Mercury conjunct Chiron.

These are the Dark Moon days. The darkest phase precedes the birth of the new crescent light promised by the next New Moon. The culmination of an entire cycle always requires a grand release of some kind.

As this Dark Moon moves through the very last degree of the entire zodiac – 29 Pisces and into the first degree – 0 Aries, we may feel some residual impact from these past months of epic release and letting go with the close of the Pisces season and the rebirth into the Equinox.

The last days of a cycle can involve an avalanche of reckoning and moments of great peace and calm as we enter into states that can feel like a void of nothingness and a stillness likened to that which comes only after the storm.

It’s the end before the beginning. It’s where we contend with it all and let it all go. It’s the bridge, the transition from being into becoming.

As the New Moon’s dawning in Aries comes in on Sunday, there is a spark of motivation igniting in the dark of night and quickly growing into the promise of victory. Grab hold and ride it like the wind! Next month’s cycle is sure to be a wild ride!

Waning Moon at 14º 51’ Capricorn Apr 4-10, 2021 Member’s Report

As we arrive at the 3rd Quarter Moon phase of the Waning Lunar Cycle, we meet at a crossroads on the journey. It is here at the mid-point between last week’s Full Moon and next week’s New Moon that we enter for a moment a pause in the timeline. Which way will you go? Which path will you choose?

Take a breath, be still, look around, reflect on where you are and what you see. Things are changing quickly these days. Life is moving steadily forward. For many new beginnings are rapidly evolving into new identities and new directions in our lives.

We have been unraveling self-images and old patterns, letting go of the past and making peace with the losses.

This coming next week is a time where you have the opportunity to shift perspective from out of all that was experienced over the past three weeks (in the building/waxing phase) and redirect your focus towards integrating the knowledge attained from what you have learned about yourself.
What seeds of wisdom have you gained? Sink in for a minute, ground, reflect, and allow the process to inform you.

By next weekend we will be entering the Dark Moon phase, and it’s there that we step into the void of the dark unknown as what will come with the following new cycle remains in the mystery. But it’s what we do now in this week that prepares us for how we will arrive at that new-seed moment. What will you bring to the table, so to speak? Or in other words, how fertile or nourishing will the soil that you plant your new seeds in next week be? The efforts of this week shall determine that.

Mercury moves into Aries today, moving at lightning speed as it will only remain in this sign for an unusually short duration of fifteen days.

I have a feeling these next two weeks are going to go by quickly, as Mercury is already the planet that represents our mind processes operating at a mile a minute!
Aries is fiery and ready to stand up and fight for what it believes in. We might not be able to hold our tongues these days and may come to regret some things that just seemed to fly right out of our mouths! Watch out for those flying word-daggers, and be careful not to cause irreparable damage! Mercury in Aries is like a medieval bar brawl where one wrong thing is said, and everyone jumps in swinging!


Monday, March 29

Moon in Libra trines Jupiter with Mercury conjunct Pisces.

The day after the Full Moon peak usually brings an energetic relief as the intensities begin to seek release. Our communications can be both uplifted to divine states as well as thrown into realms of bewilderment. As “logic” and “reason” are being overshadowed by a dreamier fantasy-like influence these days. Anything is possible, and our minds can both elevate as well as cast us into deep shadow.

Tuesday & Wednesday, March 30-31

Moon in Scorpio opposite Uranus then trine Neptune and Mercury.

Scorpio always submerges us into the deep psyche realms where passions run wild, fears are near, shadows lurk, and death and rebirth are never too far away.

Change and transformation on deep levels are seeking a space to birth. Hold on to what is dear to you, and let the rest go.

Thursday & Friday, April 1-2

Moon in Sagittarius conjunct the South Node of the Moon and Mars.

We have reached a pinnacle moment of Truth. A reckoning of the past and a resolution towards the future. It is time to go boldly forward with the scars and wounds carried like badges of honor as we have genuinely conquered and survived through so much!

There is still beauty on each new sunrise’s horizon, welcoming us to see and seek Joy in the new day.

Saturday, April 3

Moon in Capricorn trines Uranus, square Chiron.

This is a great weekend to ground and create some stability and support in your life and environment. We need to take the time to integrate all that we have been sifting through.

Allow time and space for the process to happen.

Full Moon at 08º 18’ Libra Mar 28, 2021

The Venusian Moon

In all its grandiose splendor, the Full Moon piques magic, mystery, and wonder in our hearts. To gaze upon her, bathe beneath her, and go out to get a glance, we can’t help to stare. We are touched. She provokes our psyche, riles our moods, tempts our instincts. We are moved. La Luna has the power to shift the tides and make waves not only on this Earth planet but within each one of us!

The Moon is a reminder that we, too, are shifting and changing through the cycles and seasons of our own lives each and every day. We ebb and flow, wax and wane, grow and let go, release and become more of ourselves. Many faces, dark and light, are we.

We live on the body of Mother EARTH. We are physical, embodied, having an earthly experience. And we are also so multidimensional – we have a physical body, an emotional body, a mental body, a spiritual body, an individualized self, a socialized self, an Ego, feminine attributes, and masculine aspects.  

In comes astrology! Astrology is the study of the human psyche and seeks to understand and explain all of these various aspects of the human experience. How else could we learn about the depths of who we are if not by observing ourselves and nature in relation to each other through the cycles of time?! 

The MOON represents the feminine, flowing, receptive, introspective, emotional depth of our psyche. In astrology, the Moon symbolizes the emotional body, and the Sun symbolizes an aspect of the egoic body. The SUN represents the masculine, purpose-driven, identity-focused aspect of our psyche. The Full Moon times are always when the Sun and the Moon stand in opposition – think polarization and external influences. During Full Moon times, we often learn lessons brought to us by other people or outside circumstances.

As we move through cycles and phases, we can see that we move through the various stages. Sometimes we can see that the theme playing out is about the mind, or sometimes it’s about the spiritual body. THIS TIME is about our most personal sense of self regarding our attractions and desires and what we want to do and have in life. It’s about our “identities” and our relationships. It’s a very “take things PERSONALLY” sort of time! We’re looking at how we are relating to ourselves and others on a very personal level. 

We want to have an experience of ourselves in the ways that we desire and prefer, and we want to have an experience of another in the ways that uniquely support and nourish us and the other. We have preferences, and instinctual desires, and sensitivities. We have boundaries.

It’s about getting in touch with the things that we want and need to feel good, feel free, enjoy life, be at peace, and live in harmony with our lives. How do we achieve this? By listening? By speaking? By acting? By observing? By being?
Otherwise, we experience tension, and conflict, and even war with ourselves and others, when we are not seen as or expressing what we are, but rather what we are not. Or perhaps we are met with that which we resist, or deny, or avoid. Either way, life shows us ourselves through one another and our relationship to self. 

This current cycle with the Sun in Aries opposite the Full Moon in Libra highlights the Masculine and the Feminine powerfully. These are the Mars and Venus-ruled signs.  

Here we find the attraction and repulsion instincts, how we relate to RECEIVING from life and others, and what we GIVE out and give back to life and others. We see our triggers. Libra speculates and intellectualizes about it, and Aries wants to have an embodied experience of it! These are energies that deal with extremes. Aries takes instinctual action, and Libra weighs out the consequences.  

She, Him, They, Them, however you relate, this is a time emphasizing the duality within our natures that speaks of being separate and individual vs. being in partnership and influenced by another/s. We are all living the paradoxes. Moments of extreme bewilderment and moments of grace and peace, moments of divine loving connection, and moments of hate can all overcome us. Living is a personal affair. 

How to be seen, heard, recognized for who you are and how to adjust, grow, and expand to share space with others harmoniously. It all takes time, understanding, patience, growth, knowing when to fight and when to give up. 

Essentially this time is about CONNECTION. Libra thrives in neutrality and knows that there is truth found in the middle way in all the diversity of perspectives. Aries knows that our own experiences powerfully inform us, and still others have so much to teach us about their own. 

What is so beautiful about this Full Moon is that the planet Venus joins up with the Sun finalizing a 1.6-year cycle, and begins again embarking on a renewed journey towards more LOVE and connection with self. This is a moment where we can let bygones be bygones and stake a claim to peace in our hearts. 

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” Lao Tzu

But as if this wasn’t already enough, Chiron, the Wounded Healer archetype, is also positioned right there at the same degrees where Venus and the Sun will meet in opposition to the illuminated Full Moon! The wounded masculine, the wounded feminine, the wounded human. We each have carried so much pain. We each have so much love to give.

Be gentle. Be brave. Be the Warrior and stand with and for love.

So much love and blessings to you on the way,
Jessica Dawn

Spring Equinox!


First Quarter Moon at 01º 39’ Cancer ♋︎ | Mar 21, 2021 

The Equinox has arrived, and a new season now ushers in a fresh new light and perspective.

Birth is the tone, and we are each in its hour—a dance between the old self and the new self in the Mystery of it all.  The pains, the glory, the fright, the exhilaration, the confrontation with Life & Death. We birth in the form of new projects, realized dreams, new relationships, greater awareness. We birth ourselves.

How many different people can we be in a lifetime? How many expressions of self? How many lives can we live? The beauty is that there’s no answer! We simply get to live in the mystery and attempt to glean some discovery.

༶The bittersweet let go of the child’s babyface, the lover’s hand, the home which stores the memories of a lifetime of love and heartbreak. If walls could talk, if chubby baby cheeks could last forever, if growth did not separate us…

The cycles and phases of death and rebirth are what give purpose to the process of living. Growth carries us with such determination for success! It can often feel like we are along for the ride! However, as Aries season comes around, we are reminded that we have the power. That we are the power, and we create. Aries has an insatiable instinct to experience one’s desires and interests.  Above all, Aries wants to have an experience of Self. That unique individual self within each one of us. Aries says, “I must do, and have, and experience.” Aries says, “I am.”

Today, tomorrow, the next day – change is the only true constant.༶Within all things born lives the memory of what has come before. Carried in the blood and bones, the Earth and Stars. The past, the present, the future it is all so alive in the moment. We are what we make of this life. We are life! Aries says, “Take the reins and go forth and experience life! “Take a risk. Be brave, find the courage. Face yourself. Face others. Aries is the Warrior, and in life, there is always a war to find peace with.

༶Now is a time for celebrating. The battles fought and won. The demons conquered. The love lost and gained. Life is not easy. As we go out on our own, we realize we are not alone. We share this world, and we are connected.༶The challenges await to strengthen you, and the victories are there to honor you. It is time to celebrate being alive!

Without recognition of our feats and accomplishments, without honoring the true rites of passage that we each experience as we move through the cycles and seasons of our own lives, we risk the imbalance and the toxicity that is born from an environment that is full of too much neglect and not enough appreciation.

Celebration is medicine! Honoring each other’s triumphant journeys is healing.༶Aries asks us to stop and physically and intentionally CONNECT with Life. 

Be loud, be bold, take action, leave a mark, and for goodness’ sake, make some amazing memories!

Week of the Waxing New Moon.

 We are in for a very catalytic week!

As we’re now moving through the first few days after the New Moon, heading towards the First Quarter Moon this coming weekend, the “new theme” that this cycle is very much about is RELEASING. I

n Pisces, it’s often about letting go of some of the oldest, deepest, and longest-held patterns (think – lifetimes and ancestors). This process naturally calls for SURRENDER, into the void, into the unknown, and into the possibilities of a new life on the other side.

Here in this Pisces cycle, we’ve reached a natural end – the end of the zodiac, the stage in our own psyches where we can sense we’ve outgrown certain aspects of ourselves and that soon there will be a (re)birth. Soon the Aries energy will burst through the dark womb and new life, fresh identity, and inspiration will be ripe and in active pursuit.

For now, the work is in the surrender. Surrendering to let go where you know in your heart it is necessary. Surrendering to enter into new territory that you know in your heart will serve and support you. Surrendering to release aspects of the “old self” no longer necessary to carry forward. Surrendering to allow the greater, truer, authentic self to come forth.

Over the next few days as the Moon joins the Game-changer Revolutionary Rebel of the sky (Uranus). Expect SHIFTS. Prepare for AWAKENED moments of recognition and insight. Uranus represents SEPARATION from all that is not in alignment with your most unique true self. This is a time to honor your genius and play with your creative self!

Amazing things are being born from out of the Dark Womb of Pisces. However, as it always is with birth, we must ALLOW the process to happen, beyond our understanding and in surrender to the unknown and the pure and powerful potential of life force energy herself that is in co-creation moving with us.

By the end of this week as Mars joins the “Destiny” symbol of the zodiac (once every two years) we shall certainly see some real changes being ushered into our lives and powerful future-oriented opportunities manifesting.

Many people are going through so much! Remember to be gentle, be kind, and be compassionate with yourself and others as we are all in this together.

Take the time to create supportive, warm, and nurturing space for your process to happen. The shedding takes so much strength and birth takes courage.


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🌗 Waning Moon at 15º 42’ Sagittarius ♐ | Mar 5-12, 2021

Kiss it Goodbye.  This next week’s cycle brings us through the Last Quarter Moon Phase, into the Dark Moon, leading to our next New Moon – in Pisces on March 13th. Culmination and closure. Where in your life is this occurring? The waning half-moon is the last week of the lunar cycle before we begin anew once again, and it always signifies the “Crisis in Consciousness” stage. It is here that we meet at the crossroads within our psyche. It is a place of inevitable division between one path or another, and we must choose which to move forward on. We’re getting ready to clear the stage for the next act (New Moon on the 13th), so now is the time (this last week) to decide what is staying for more of the show and what needs to be left in the past. “Crisis in Consciousness” implies a need to look at one’s way of seeing, perceiving, interpreting, and understanding what is going on in one’s life. It’s about awareness and what could potentially be adjusted or shifted to reshape the… Continue reading

Pisces Season, Full Moon February 27th

With Venus and the Sun now in the sweet and wondrous energies of Pisces, a whole other realm of infinite potential has opened to us! Here we can soften a bit and surrender.  We can have faith that we will be held by seen or perhaps unseen forces.    

Pisces represents the womb space where dark and light are one. This is a solar month focused on releasing, letting go, and SURRENDERING into the Mystery. We are supported to soften the EGO and allow INNOCENSE and childlike wonder and inspiration to take the stage.

In Pisces, you are guided to cultivate Compassion, Acceptance, and Unconditional Love ~ for self & others.  Soon the Equinox will raise us into a fresh new beginning.  For now, we are in the closing cycle of the Zodiac and therefore releasing in our own lives as well.

The Virgo Full Moon (the sign opposite Pisces) is all about grounding, stabilizing, and materializing the spirit into form.  Virgo helps us to make real our intentions and dreams and realize the infinite potentials and the divinity that lives and breathes within each one of us.  Through our bodies and our ability to think and take action, we can manage and make something of all these possibilities. 

The Virgo Full Moon comes in with strong guidance around taking action to clear space, tidy up, and discriminate when necessary around what’s influencing your personal environment and what it may need to function at its most optimal for the best and healthiest outcome.  Self-care is a must for not only survival but success. 

Virgo and Pisces also very much represent the Victim archetype and the pain and suffering of the human experience.  Try as you might to find your own center of peace as we are each in the eye of the storm in our own lives as we work to confront and resolve where we are in the epic chaos of this life experience.

The weekend of February 27th and the 28th, 2021 ~ Full Moon in Virgo

With the Virgo Full Moon opposite Venus on Saturday and then Neptune on Sunday, we have the opportunity to tap into some very delicious expansive deep and sensual energies within our relationships (either to self-and/or other).  Full Moon’s always represent a peak energy and potential experience so this weekend could go big in some way!

Be careful not to indulge to the point of no return in the pain body as our sensitivities will certainly be heightened under the rays of the Full Moon.  Rather seek to see the love beyond the pain and the light eager to shine through the cracks into the dark. 

Virgo and Pisces remind us that there is strength in vulnerability and the humility.  It takes courage to allow ourselves to be held in a compassionate embrace of innocence and childlike wonder as we try to make sense of so much that is just simply confusing and out of our control in many ways these days.

Virgo wants results and learns in the process that sometimes the best way to get there is to let down one’s guard and step out of the way so that the miracles awaiting to be witnessed can have the space to show up.   It’s about that fine balance of knowing when to do and when to stop and rest in the stillness (or chaos) and wait as life continues to happen and perhaps someone else does something in return.  

Todays Current Transits

This past two weeks New Moon cycle moved us through an incredible pile-up of Aquarian energy – the archetype of the Gamechanger, the Truth Sayer, the bold cold mic-drop.  Aquarius initiates the impulse to break free from the past at all cost and with five planets there, including the Mercury Retrograde cycle (now direct,) moving forward, beyond, and even up up and away has been the momentum.   

Essentially this time is all about enhancing the quality of our lives, by clearing away all the things possible that may be in the way of that bigger and better life experience. 

Mercury retrograde is infamous for throwing a monkey wrench into our plans and this time around joining forces with Venus in her own tension (square) with Mars, it’s been accentuating (or over exaggerating) the need for all kinds of confrontational conversations within our relationships to self and the other.

The need to separate from or the need to commit to… which one is it?  This is a cycle of life-changing decisions with so much potential to open up unknown possibilities for the future.

Mars and Venus represent our most personal instinctual desires and what we want and need to feel good and alive from day to day.  With Venus in a last quarter square closing in to culminate her cycle with Mars the potential for our wounds, pains, shadows and unmet desires and needs have been seeking a space to surface and to be seen and resolved.  Their complete cycle will come to a final conclusion this July so there is still plenty of time to realize and remedy what has been coming up these days to become aware of in regard to the deep song of your heart. 

As Mercury now edges within two degrees to join Jupiter by the end of this week, in the uber brainy sign of Aquarius, our neurons are being hyper-stimulated, and the synapses are firing! This is to say that there is a heavy influence on the mind right now.  It can manifest as clarity, insight, awakening, higher perspective or knowing, and for some also nervous breakdown, mental breakdown, overstimulation with symptoms like insomnia and anxiety. 

It’s a very electrical energy like a thunder and lightning storm and can be both unnerving and enthralling all at once.

With the power of the Saturn square Uranus transit that is defining the theme of the entire year of “2021”, in its first of three joining moments during this month and into next, it is like the two Generals are standing firmly in the background of each of our lives overlooking every move and decision we make.  Yikes!  Not so fun, however necessary in the seeming impasse we have arrived to.  But it is more of a standoff than a dead-end.  We have options and possibilities and that is what the Generals are there to remind us.  We must each choose and take action in some way to forward our lives to create the changes we are all dreaming of for this world.

They are like guides holding us accountable in this moment because it’s time and they are asking simply “What’s going to stay and what’s going to go? Choose wisely.”

What will we leave behind?  What will remain as a foundation of support?  What will we take a chance to let go of in hopes of a brighter future to come?  What will we risk to step into the unknown and embrace a new life and new self yet unrealized?   

No one says it louder than Aquarius ~ “Be the Change.”

Daily Aspects & Transits

Tuesday, December 29
Full Moon in CancerFull Moons always represents a peak of energy. What can often be observed in our lives as a moment of culmination and even revelation, as the dark night is illuminated for all to see. There is cause for celebration at the Full Moons. We have arrived at the phase where growth has peaked and will begin breaking into the letting go stage.

With the Cancer Full Moon in a tight square with Chiron today, we are indeed meeting with the struggles and strengths around our most personal relationships (with self and others) and the intimate realms of what it takes to be in partnership as well as family relations.

Venus is in close council with the South Node of the Moon (the Past) this week, and all things “karmic” will undoubtedly be taking the stage. What I mean by “karmic” is all things unresolved, ripe to be resolved, as well as the fruits of our labors showing up. Karma is neither “good” nor “bad” merely the results of our actions.

Full Moon in Cancer

Full Moon at 08º 20” Cancer | Dec 29, 2020

As it is now in the Cosmic Sky, la Luna (in Cancer) stands opposite the Sun (in Capricorn). It could be imagined as a dance between the Masculine and Feminine seen in the highest expression. The Divine Father (Capricorn) and the Sacred Mother (Cancer) are held in space and supported by the gravitational pull of balance between the opposites. Here it is all about the archetypes of the Provider, the Nurturer, the Leader, the Wise Guide – Crone or Wizard Sage, the Divine Parent.

Cancer and Capricorn’s axis teaches us that matters of the Heart are hard work and can be incredibly rewarding and/or devastating to our sensitivities! It takes strength, devotion, loyalty, commitment, and an immense amount of courage to love and be loved, live with an open heart, and allow oneself to be seen and touched by love, by another, and essentially by oneself. Here it is all about the depths of feeling and letting the waves of vulnerability carry you home into the heart.

To be a Leader in life by being led by the Heart ~ this is the balance of Cancer and Capricorn. And to be bonded and committed (to whatever it is that you choose) is the lifeblood that gives us meaning throughout our lives.

We all come from out of a Spiritual Family Tree – of one kind or another. Whether it be bloodlines or Soul Family, we are joined together by karmic ties and heartstrings. We are reflecting, mirroring, guiding, creating obstacles and challenges for one another as we each traverse the territories of ourselves in the maze of each other.

The past, the present, the future ~ a beautiful marriage of Unity forever linked in Harmony.

Cancer say’s “This is what I need to feel secure, safe, comfortable. “This is what makes me vulnerable.” “These are my needs.” “These are my fears.”Cancer say’s “I feel your pain. Come, let me embrace it. Let me hold you in the warm hearth of my nurturing presence, and we can feel the love that is near.”We are bonded and bound to our pain, to each other, to our patterns, to our hopes and dreams. Strands as powerful as the umbilical cord feeding us with life, and as determined as friendship knots binding us to vows we’ve said in gest or perhaps in desperation or even in pure love.

Our foundations vary, our shoulders to lean on come and go, and we learn to adjust to the winds of change and make way for the promise given each new day of hope, and more time to live it all out, to right our wrongs, and to leave something of value behind.

We plant seeds and grow into ourselves by and through each other. Strengthened by the nurturing or weakened by neglect or lack of light, we become who we are. Struggles and birth pains worn like a wound on our Nature and, if we are lucky, like a source of strength in our Spirit. Being Alive is Warriors Work.

We are all here fighting the good fight. In faith that we shall be redeemed for our efforts and forgiven for our faults as we stay steadfast on the path. Hopeful to be blessed with an opportunity to be witnessed, appreciated, held, and shared in the experience of who we are and all that we have to give. How beautiful it is to lay down our swords for a moment and stake a peace flag in the internal battles and rest in the reprieve of being loved.

Life gets lonely. One thing for sure that we can count on is the light of love, that no matter what, no matter where, eternally shines like a beacon in each of our hearts, like an old friend always there to connect with us.

No man is an island, and I am nothing without you.

New Moon in Scorpio November 14th, Mercury is currently in Scorpio, and Venus will enter Scorpio in a little over a week.

Scorpio offers us a chance at self-mastery by stepping in with courageous willingness to do what it takes to confront and stand in the face of radical uncompromising truth.
For Scorpio, Truth is the Path and the Lifeblood to God. There is no map for the realms of the Underworld. We can only hope for at least a guide to accompany us.

It’s Scorpio Season! I’ll tell you my vice if you tell me yours!


 Scorpio pushes into our boundaries enticing us to open and enter into the darker (hidden) side of life. The more intimate, more personal, more private realms that we would ordinarily rather keep close to the heart or even sequestered away. The spaces where the light of TRUTH shines so bright it can be blinding leaving us with no other choice but to SEE lest we remain in the dark.

Scorpio energy often makes us uncomfortable with the nudges and the prodding into our secrets and hidden valleys of our past experiences and our desires unmanifested. The Scorpio realms are said to be not for the “faint of heart”. For it takes courage and often “grit” to go below the surface of the superficialities of our personalities and to embrace and be embraced by another.

Scorpio follows Libra in the evolutionary journey of the zodiac. In Libra, we learn to listen to others and to speak our minds, to toss around perspective, opinion, ideas, and concepts, to pay attention to thought. In Libra, we cross the bridge from Self to the Other and gain the experience of Relationship.

It is largely motivated by the desire to know the mind of the other, to understand the dualities, polarities, and the diversity of perspectives – to compare and contrast for the sake of the knowledge of oneself. Libra likes to “keep it light”, harmonious, predictable, non-confrontational (unless they know they can win the argument!)

Scorpio then, takes RELATIONSHIP to the next level into the depths of emotion. It’s about the UNION of the Souls and the mysteries found therein. It’s about the alchemical process that is unique always to the ones involved and can never be predicted beforehand. It’s about the merging of the Two that creates the Third and the perception, devotion, commitment, and honesty needed to realize what that creation has to offer.

From one moment to the next it is raw and ripe with an honesty that pierces into our vulnerabilities. And threatens our fragility. Libra says “I want to please you. Tell me something pleasing.” Scorpio says, “I don’t care if I like it or not, just tell me the truth.”

Scorpio offers us a chance at self-mastery by stepping in with courageous willingness to do what it takes to confront and stand in the face of radical uncompromising truth.

For Scorpio, Truth is the Path and the Lifeblood to God. There is no map for the realms of the Underworld. We can only hope for at least a guide to accompany us.



LIBRA ~ beckons us to find the Grace, Balance, and Serenity in the Giving AND the Receiving within our relationships. We are called to make peace with the extremes we find in our own nature and the ways in which those extremes are expressed, and to have understanding and compassion for that in others as we move towards the awareness needed to create balance within and out in our lives. Libra teaches us of the Art of Listening and Giving – as an Act of Love. Here we learn about the Relativity of Truth. Through the exposure to other’s opinions, thoughts, desires, and needs we come to understand that there is no one way – various lifestyles equal various truths. Libra is the Mirror. In reflection with others, we come to know ourselves. By embracing the reflection of self that we receive from another we can come to understand our own value as it is experienced out in the world. Not everyone will see you as you are. Some will see you as more, some will see you as less. How do you see yourself? 

Libra’s shadow is wanting to become something for someone else; to fulfill someone else’s desire at the expense of their own, simply for the sake of pleasing the other. To lose oneself in another for the other. And there are people who want another to become what they want them to be without regard for that person’s own truth. Projection onto another creates an imbalance in the equality between the two.

Libra’s polarity is Aries. Aries informs Libra of the importance of learning to speak one’s own needs, desires, and truth. And to take Initiative for what YOU want in YOUR life. To learn how to listen to your own self and inner knowing and be guided by not only your powerful intellect but by your own instinctual nature guiding you towards your own truth.

Happy Birthday, Taurus!

April 20th ~ May 20th 

Taurus calls us to Stillness.  It is Fixed Earth.  Solid, consistent, grounded, stability.  

Where Aries is about finding one’s Identity through experience, Taurus is about finding one’s Self through withdrawing and going within.  

Taurus teaches us about being deeply rooted in oneself.  Coming in from the storm and being the calm after the storm.  

It is the Inner Sanctuary and the Bear Cave, representing comfort, safety, security, and pleasure.  

Taurus is a Venus-ruled sign and here we come very in touch with the senses, the physical, the body, the material. 

New Moon in Taurus awakens us to the beauty, peace, and harmony that can be found in the space of sacred solitude.  To the value in tapping into your own resources held deep within as a source to your own happiness, joy, and pleasure.  Taurus knows the power harnessed in Self-reliance and Self-sufficiency, in Sovereignty. 

Equinox ~ Sun in Aries

Aries stokes the FIRES of PASSION and DESIRE and gives us permission to BE an INDIVIDUAL with an IDENTITY.  For it is within the realization of our Desires and the actualization of our Identity that we may come to KNOW THYSELF.  

Aries reminds us to TAKE ACTION because we are ALIVE and we have the POWER to CREATE  and to CHOOSE the DIRECTION we would like our life to be going.  

In Aries, we meet the Ego face to face and may ponder the question “friend or foe?”

Ares is pure INSTINCT.  Without forethought, jumping into experience for the experience, because “I simply wanted to.”  Because “I AM.” 

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Full Moon Eclipse Blessings!! ✨🌕🌹

As we come into this Full Moon peak of one of the most emotionally powerful and challenging cycles of our lifetime, we are being called to show up for ourselves more than ever with more love, more compassion, more forgiveness, and on the most basic level – more tender loving care. Take care of yourself!

Our compulsion to look outside of ourselves for what we need rather than into ourselves is getting confronted much like as if we’re standing on trial. For there is a council of major planetary alignments happening in Capricorn (the law & order) that has the judgments being handed out with no mercy! But it’s not a panel of anyone looking upon us, it’s about ourselves taking into account our own choices, how we have shown up, and what is required to go forth successfully.

It’s really just about taking a straight-on look at oneself and making the necessary adjustments into more self-responsibility to choose more love for Self.

These days, deep wounds, deep fears, and shadow patterns are surfacing into the light of consciousness cradled by a sea of the deepest emotions.

This Eclipse Full Moon is in Cancer opposing the Sun in Capricorn ~ Cancer beckons us to be open in our vulnerability and our deep feelings while Capricorn creates the supportive container where we can be held and supported in the raw expression that flows mysteriously through us.

Emotions are a wild thing! They move us and paralyze us, enliven Joy and stun us into Fear. They are our Teachers, our Guides, our Medicine, and our path home to know thy self.

This is as apt a time as ever to take heart in the message “Go With the Flow”!

We are currently culminating major cycles within our own personal stories and in the collective.

We are in the birth canal. Moving through and letting go of the past and embracing the new Self; new Life, on the horizon.

Blessings 💜

In Between Eclipses

This week not only ushers in the end of a decade as we enter the New Year of 2020, but also holds the potency of being the Mid-point of the TwoEclipses ~ at the “crossroads” we are.  The New Moon Solar Eclipse occurred on December 25thand the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse will come on January 10th, and the half (Quarter) Waxing Moon occurs on January 2nd, the mid-point. The power of the Waxing Moon (the mid-point) holds lessons about bringing our attention toward making adjustments and corrections in our lives. It is often a time where we may experience a “crisis in action”; a confrontation around how we are or are not acting or taking action in regard to the issues in our lives. Usually, there is an important choice at hand. Although obstacles, challenges, and detours may present, it’s best to view them this week as opportunities and make the necessary shifts in awareness and action.  Rest assured, the successful outcomes will come in direct proportion to the attention given to the endeavors and intentions that… Continue reading

May ~ New Moon, Full Moon, Saturn Retrograde…

Last Months New Moon, we had Mercury and Venus with Neptune in Pisces – the chaos, the overwhelm, the helplessness, the victimization, these were some of the themes coming up to be released. And, what Pisces brings into the light to be harnessed are the energies of the Divine Loving Abundance, Miraculous Guidance and Synchronistic Alignment that is ours to tap into and to create with. The New Moon (April 5th) was in Aries with Chiron – the Wounded Healer. This past cycle moved us through meeting with the next level of what remains within, of each our own pain and suffering. Aries wants to move on and move forward, but first, we must deal with what stands in our way. With Chiron (for the next seven years) now in Aries, we are called to take a good look at how we have been identified with ourselves, each other, and all of life. Therein is where we see the greatest suffering. Aries embodies the Archetype of the “I AM.” Our separation from our own sovereign… Continue reading

Uranus Transiting Taurus

The “Taurus Suns” have entered a very special chapter of their lives. Where Uranus – the “Game Changer” “Awakener” “Revolutionary” – is going to be in a direct merging with your Sun – the “Identity” and the sense of drive that guides us seamlessly toward our purpose.

A healthy identity with Self is crucial to our vitality and capacity to thrive in life.

When Uranus comes to the Sun in your chart, it’s an Initiation into activating your True Self, and an alignment with your Soul Purpose and Creative Expression.

This is the process and the Rite of Passage that is serving the Taurus Souls at this time.

Uranus works through the mechanisms of “shedding the skins of the past” letting go of the “known” and stepping into the “unknown” and embracing a Revolution of Self. 
Rebellion is a powerful archetype of Uranus. To be free, liberated, and deconditioned from societal norms and standards that are suppressive or oppressive to the true individual essence of Self.

During this transit, the Taurus Souls will be some of the most powerful forces in leading this movement of the Rising of the Feminine. 
As they deepen and own their own connection with the Venus/Goddess energies within, and stand courageously in their voices to be a part of the Revolution of the Divine Feminine Awakening in consciousness that is happening.

This cycle of Uranus transiting through Taurus goes from May 2018 – April 2026. During this 8 year period, there will be one particular year for you, where the essence of this transit will be at its peak of influence, depending on what degree is your Sun in Taurus.

Look to your chart to find out your Sun degree in Taurus or consult and astrologer. 

Testimonials ~ Love for the Soul Map Book!

Hi Jessica,
I am writing to let you know that I received my Soul Map. Thank you!! I love it!
I have been studying Astrology for more than 30 years. I follow Kaypacha’s YouTube channel and saw your advertisement on his website.  I was so attracted to order the Soul Map! Glad I did, your work is wonderful! It is a beautiful and profound guide! Much love to you.
Thanks again! Sincerely, Sandra Richer Soares

“I just wanted to let you know that my Soul Map arrived yesterday and I’m already pouring through it, enjoying every word!
Thanks again for this beautiful creation!”
~ Tracy T.
“The books have arrived and they are amazing!
I’ve read just the first couple of sections and it resonated a lot, giving me insight into my own understanding.
I just want to thank you from the deep of my heart.
Much love and gratitude,”
~ Alex S. 
“I ordered a Soul Map from you a couple of months ago as an anniversary gift for my husband. We have truly loved poring through it and delving into all of the fantastic information you’ve included. 
We have enjoyed learning about astrology (and each other!) together and are thankful to have Temples of the Moon as a resource.” 
~ Marisa M.

New Moon in Pisces

Piscean/Neptune ~ Magical New Moon energies today! It’s the watery deep sea realms. It’s the Deep Mystery, where there are no answers to the questions we ask.

We live in a world of infinite potentiality. We are each so much greater than we know and even allow ourselves to be! We are walking energy generators plugged into the source energy of the Cosmos, with the most intelligent technology operating within our very own biology system!

Okay, here goes, a question with no answer – when are we going to wake up to this as a collective?!?

We are creators and each new moment comes out of the center of who we are being now! It takes a lot of conscious awareness to stay present and aligned with a higher frequency like that found in – Celebration, Compassion, Appreciation, Gratitude, and Joy, where the output of what comes from those spaces are just miraculous, healing, and expansive.

Such is the task; to not get swallowed up in the mix of it all, but rather to stand up and dance in the orchestration and co-creation of it all. Harness the light and feed it to your own heart and watch it radiate out for miles. Wow, that!

We are being guided to EXPAND and DARE TO GO BEYOND WHAT’S COZY! (Uranus just entered Taurus today (for 7 years) ruffling up our feathered pillows a bit.)

A new cycle begins today. Toss your seed intentions and desires into the river and trust the current will carry them to exactly the right place at the right time.

We are ending the Astrological Year around the entire Zodiac with this New Moon in Pisces (the last sign.)

It’s a time for CELEBRATION! To recognize how far we have come through the Spiral of Life. Be present in the acknowledgment of all that you have already achieved and today in these Pisces energies, allow your cup to flow over in celebration for all the million little successes that you already are!

Pisces is about BEING the LOVE that we ARE.

New Moon in Aquarius

Aquarius is a revolutionary energy that ushers in radical change and asks us to be TRUE TO OURSELVES and teaches that when we are centered in the heart it will always be for the good of all. 
We need to lead by example that it is our right to be self-expressed as we choose to show up in our own divine individuality.

As we say Yes to ourselves and make choices in support of our own greatest vision and dream, as we go forward, we’re cultivating more love within and experiencing the impact of what more love in this world can create.

This is the mission of Aquarius – through each of us honoring and harnessing the inspiration of our own unique spark of light within, we become a healed, divinely expressed humanity as a whole.

Don’t underestimate the power of a loving heart! We know that the heart field radiates several feet beyond our body and has the potential to go even miles (through distance healing work and prayer.) 
We have the power to create the change we want in our world/s but it must first begin with a vision. We must see it and feel it into reality.

This is a month to envision and dream big! Go beyond everyone’s (and even your own) judgment, expectation, conditioning, disbelief, and critisism because Aquarius doesn’t give a fu**!! It has a revolution to lead!

*What in you is ready for a change? Asking to be released? 
*What new seed ideas or opportunities are birthing you into your future?
*Where are you being asked to take a stand and lead the revolution within your own life? To be brave, and bold, committed and focused on the vision so that you can see it through into manifestation?

“I Believe In the Good Things Coming”

Midpoint of Two Eclipses!

We’re in the Mid-point of the Two Eclipses! On this coming Monday is the First Quarter Moon.

✨We are in such a very important and potent time of taking a good look at our “Truths” and what it is that has given meaning to our lives – and how and what we need to shift and change as we move forward. Jupiter and Neptune are Squaring off at this time (one of three times this year so this will be a running theme) to bring in the expansiveness around attaining our Dreams by looking at what we believe. Are WE holding our selves back?

✨The Quarter Moon times – or the “Midpoint” are always a time of adjustment. It’s a “crossroads” where crucial decisions need to be addressed about what you need to do to continue to nurture and support the “seeds” planted on the New Moon a week ago.

What has come in for you over this past week? What new beginnings? What endings?

The New Moon Eclipse of January 5th was an “Eclipse of the Past.” Meaning – A time of recognizing and releasing what was. In combination with powerful energies focused on our “Truth & Beliefs” – many of us are coming clear with revelations around long time patterns that we are now ready to let go of. 
It’s time to move more freely into our future with this upcoming Full Moon Eclipse! 🦅🌕✨🌬

The Full Moon will bring us to a pinnacle point of growth and expansion ~ A moment of Celebration of all that we have accomplished in the prior two weeks.

Now is the time to weed the garden and tend to the new life that has sprouted up in your life.

A dear friend of mine, Abi Levine, gifted me in the mail a book this week! “Home Coming” by John Bradshaw. It is such a powerful book that feels so perfect for these immense times of shifting and healing the foundations and family/relationship structures of our lives. So many adults are walking around with the “wounded child” acting itself out… Part of my work this week has been around recognizing this in myself and taking another step towards embracing and supporting the inner child within me. 💗

It is all very much in alignment with this past CANCER New Moon Eclipse and the upcoming LEO Full Moon Eclipse. 🙏💗

I’ve only been reading it for a day and it is completely rocking my world and is exactly the medicine I’ve needed to help release and move more freely forward.

Love & Blessings, 🤩

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New Moon Solar Eclipse

This coming Saturday is a New Moon Solar Eclipse ~ in Capricorn. 🌙✨ So, we are currently in the last days of this current Lunar Cycle. The light is waning and it is a stage of release in preparation for renewal with the upcoming New Moon Phase. This week is ideal energies for letting go and getting very clear with what you do not want to carry forward into the new cycle.

Eclipses intensify and magnify the already potent energies of New and Full Moons. They are considered PORTALS in time where the magnification of planetary energies can serve to seriously “amp” things up in our own lives! They represent “doorways” or openings where powerful shifts can take place in our lives. Opportunities, breakthroughs, awakenings, new directions, etc. 💚💜

To work with the energies it’s always optimal to be willing to release what needs to be let go of and to be open to welcome in the new opportunities and experiences. Viewing them like doorways I like to imagine what is leaving and what I’m welcoming through.

We’ve entered the School of Capricorn.

In Capricorn, there is a strong emphasis on SUPPORT. What is not supporting you? What do you need to feel supported? How are you supporting (or not) yourself? Capricorn is the sign of Leadership and self-empowerment, self-discipline, self-motivation, and integrity. 
We need to know how to establish strong boundaries to achieve our goals and dreams in life.

Blessings on your journey ✨

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Soul Map ~ Personalized Astrological Soul Journal

What People Are LOVING About The “SOUL MAP ~ Astrological Guide-Book”

Kaypacha Lescher I have been a student of astrology for over 40 years.  During that time, I have read countless interpretations of my chart by a countless number of astrologers.  Bearing that in mind, I am absolutely blown away by not only the interpretations, but the wisdom teachings shared, new insights, and most importantly, aspects of myself to both consciously work on AND be proud of, all shared with gentleness and deep understanding.  The “Personal Symbols” section of my book held an immense amount of value but my “Soul Story” took me to a whole new level of awareness!  How Jessica explained the evolutionary intention of my soul was both profound and exquisite.  This is by far the most personal and revealing interpretation of my chart, written clearly so that I can return to it again and again and still find new aspects of myself each time that all I can say is thank you!

Christine O’Connor ~ Jessica’s “Soul Map” is both a comprehensive but succinct tutorial on astrology in general as well as a specific guide for a particular birth chart. I consult mine regularly in a spiritual practice of learning to trust and to live with faith. The ancient Delphic oracle prescribed “Know Thyself” – astrology offers us a way to do this and Jessica’s “Soul Map” is a powerful tool.

Denise Fitch ~
5 out of 5 stars Apr 11, 2017 (on Etsy Store)
I purchased this book as a gift to my nephew not knowing quite what to expect. My book arrived yesterday, and I was blown away. You can see the time, effort, energy and love that was poured into this project. I was so impressed that I look forward to giving these books as birthday gifts. Just make sure you put in your request in plenty of time as this is not a quick turnaround. Well Worth the Wait!!