What is RITUAL?


The Moon ~

The Moon (like all of the heavenly bodies) is a living breathing spirit; a Divine Embodiment of the great Cosmic Intelligence. 

The vibration of her movement through space reverberates throughout all of the cosmos and within each and every being of this creation, breathing life into our world and guiding us in, with her magnetic pull, towards ever deepening our own connection with ourselves and Nature.   

When we listen and look towards Nature to show us the way, we find that she teaches us the very language of the Spirit of Creation. 

Symbolizing the feminine, the Moon is an ever constant reflection of the masculine; the Sun.  Together they move in harmonic phases in relation to each other and all of Nature, above and below.  It is the Great Ritualistic Dance.

What is Ritual?

Ritual is an archaic sacred practice that brings us into our bodies and souls. It is the act of using the heart, mind, body, and in some cases, voice in harmony to express a sacred intention one wishes to align with.

What makes ritual so powerful and personal to an individual is the focus and strength of intention originating from the heart and given like an offering out in connection to the spirit and in union with the spirit within. 

Creating sacred space is the first step in starting to prepare for a ritual. 

This is itself the beginning of the ritual. 

Some suggestions for this are:

    • Lighting incense or burning herbs like sage or frankincense and using essential oils.  These are powerful ways to immediately clear and raise the vibrational energy of a space, as well as awaken the senses and heighten one’s sense of awareness or presence in the space. 
    • Lighting a candle or just by lighting the sage helps us to become aware of the power of Fire; the creative essence of Spirit.
  • Another suggestion is to use sound, music or “words of power” and intention – “decrees” to create the sacred space. For example, calling in the four directions to be present and to assist in holding the power of the ritual.

Within the ritual space, one may become aware of the mind being active or busy and it is important not to be hard on oneself as this is the human condition and it is what the mind naturally does.

As we create the intention for the ritual we focus on emitting the passion, gratitude, and focus from our heart. This is where the strongest electromagnetic pulse resides within our bodies so it’s ok if the mind is busy, while just filling your heart with love and gratitude.

Using our hands to touch and work with our ritual space can bring focus in the body and heart; the true seat of creation. Shaking a rattle or beating a drum for example.  

You may choose to dance, sing, or shake your body to cultivate some strong sensations to move through you or conversely choose to just sit perhaps upon a special cloth or blanket placed down and begin to connect with stillness. 

Usually, within ritual, we work with a particular element of ~ water, air, earth or fire. Bring awareness and gratitude to the element you are working with and feel and imagine what the element represents to you.

For example, working with water you may feel the gratitude for all the water within your body hydrating you, you may feel the symbolism of the water gifting you with the ever-present flow of emotions. You may then expand your awareness to the oceans and all the life that is cared for and nurtured by them.

Ritual is a very personal exercise of intent.  There are countless ways to create and participate in a ritual.  Most importantly,y is the awareness of the creative power we hold within and our ability to harness it in union with the forces of Nature and the Spirit of Life. 

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