Midpoint of Two Eclipses!

We’re in the Mid-point of the Two Eclipses! On this coming Monday is the First Quarter Moon.

✨We are in such a very important and potent time of taking a good look at our “Truths” and what it is that has given meaning to our lives – and how and what we need to shift and change as we move forward. Jupiter and Neptune are Squaring off at this time (one of three times this year so this will be a running theme) to bring in the expansiveness around attaining our Dreams by looking at what we believe. Are WE holding our selves back?

✨The Quarter Moon times – or the “Midpoint” are always a time of adjustment. It’s a “crossroads” where crucial decisions need to be addressed about what you need to do to continue to nurture and support the “seeds” planted on the New Moon a week ago.

What has come in for you over this past week? What new beginnings? What endings?

The New Moon Eclipse of January 5th was an “Eclipse of the Past.” Meaning – A time of recognizing and releasing what was. In combination with powerful energies focused on our “Truth & Beliefs” – many of us are coming clear with revelations around long time patterns that we are now ready to let go of. 
It’s time to move more freely into our future with this upcoming Full Moon Eclipse! 🦅🌕✨🌬

The Full Moon will bring us to a pinnacle point of growth and expansion ~ A moment of Celebration of all that we have accomplished in the prior two weeks.

Now is the time to weed the garden and tend to the new life that has sprouted up in your life.

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, Abi Levine, gifted me in the mail a book this week! “Home Coming” by John Bradshaw. It is such a powerful book that feels so perfect for these immense times of shifting and healing the foundations and family/relationship structures of our lives. So many adults are walking around with the “wounded child” acting itself out… Part of my work this week has been around recognizing this in myself and taking another step towards embracing and supporting the inner child within me. 💗

It is all very much in alignment with this past CANCER New Moon Eclipse and the upcoming LEO Full Moon Eclipse. 🙏💗

I’ve only been reading it for a day and it is completely rocking my world and is exactly the medicine I’ve needed to help release and move more freely forward.

Love & Blessings, 🤩

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