Mercury Retrograde + Uranus in Taurus

+ New Moon in Pisces ~ 3/6
+ Mercury Retrograde in Pisces ~ 3/5 – 4/17
+ Uranus begins 7 years in Taurus ~ 3/6 – 2026

As the Lunar Cycle comes to a close today, we are releasing months (and even lifetimes) of deep soul purging. Since the Eclipses in January we have been working through dismantling deeply engrained patterns and structures in our lives; bulldozing through the unconscious takes plenty of energy and a whole lot of effort! Whew, has the pressure been on!

As the saying goes “the only way out of it is through it.” The times now of 2019 – 2020 are very much about clearing the way to build up the new, and through each Lunar Cycle, we are shown a new lesson about how to go about accomplishing the journey of making it through to the success we wish for.

This month teaches us through Pisces that there are greater forces in co-creation with us and that we must learn to surrender and flow with the tides of life. Infinite potential is ours to tap into, miracles do happen, and dreams do come true! The compassionate heart lives in the abundance of life and experiences the world through love. Pisces reminds us that we are vulnerable, sensitive, all connected, and possess simultaneously an innocent and wise heart.

There is a beginning and an end to all things. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, and thus this is a lunar cycle defined by letting go, surrendering, and releasing the past. For next month, Aries will usher us into a fresh new start with a spark of fire to initiate in the season of New Beginnings and New Adventures. 
So, far now, lets go with the flow of Pisces and JUST BE in the present with what’s coming to a close in your life and make space for what is soon to be blossoming.

+ Mercury Retrograde
With this influence over the next 6 weeks, (three weeks retrograde, three weeks in the shadow) we should expect to experience a peak in the evidence of the CHAOS that is a way of life. Pisces represents the chaos of nature; the “ALL THAT IS” reality that we exist within. It is all happening all at once and sometimes we can be consumed by it and feel it all! 
This will be a month where we will see that “anything can happen” and if we can imagine it we can live it. 
I would suggest taking it very easy during this cycle, because as it is with all Mercury Retrograde’s, communication, transportation, and interpretation can get a bit misunderstood. What is normally our predictable patterns and mechanisms goes a bit Coyote on us and things get a bit tricky. During Mercury Retrograde we can find ourselves slowed down (by transportation, communication, electronic mishaps) to experience life from a different perspective than the normal autopilot way of operating.

It is a way of the Universe assisting us to break through the mundane and stop and consider for a moment another perspective.

If possible, it’s best to hold off on signing any big contracts or making any big commitments during this time. With the Planet of Logic in the Sign of the total illogical mystery of life and non-linear imagination, we are certainly stepping into a field of possibility that may at times feel quite confusing, mind-boggling, and even miraculous at times.

What comes to mind for me when I think of Mercury Retrograde in Pisces is Alice in Wonderland – anything goes in the realms of infinite potential.

+ Uranus begins 7 years in Taurus ~ 3/6 – 2026
Uranus teaches us about the journey of individuation and accessing the unique self within. It works through the mechanisms of quickening, enhancing, and progressing us forward. These last 8 years in Aries has been about deconditioning our identities and reclaiming our unique-self back into our identities. We have been finding out about “who am I and what do I really want to do with my life.” 
Now in Taurus we will begin to take that process deeper into the roots of our selves and into the core values and foundations of who we are. It is about releasing the outdated value systems and innovating new ways and resources to support and nurture ourselves and each other from a place of understanding our connection to the body, the physical, and the Earth herself.

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