May ~ New Moon, Full Moon, Saturn Retrograde…

Last Months New Moon

, we had Mercury and Venus with Neptune in Pisces – the chaos, the overwhelm
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, the helplessness, the victimization, these were some of the themes coming up to be released. And, what Pisces brings into the light to be harnessed are the energies of the Divine Loving Abundance, Miraculous Guidance and Synchronistic Alignment that is ours to tap into and to create with.

The New Moon (April 5th) was in Aries with Chiron – the Wounded Healer. This past cycle moved us through meeting with the next level of what remains within, of each our own pain and suffering. Aries wants to move on and move forward, but first, we must deal with what stands in our way.

With Chiron (for the next seven years) now in Aries, we are called to take a good look at how we have been identified with ourselves, each other, and all of life. Therein is where we see the greatest suffering. Aries embodies the Archetype of the “I AM.”

Our separation from our own sovereign divinity and connection to the sacredness of life is the disease of this world. Chiron in Aries is teaching us to stand up for ourselves in the truth that we come from Source Light and Love and that our individual expression of this is perfect and needed in the Oneness of all that is.

As we now move through the last three days of this cycle into the Dark Moon Phase

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, Mercury and Venus have now moved into Aries and they are Squaring our Capricorn Planets – Pluto, Saturn, and the South Node of the Moon.

This week Mercury and next week with Venus moving into position we are being brought into the next phase of what we were powerfully facing during this past Mid-February Season (when Venus joined Saturn/Pluto). If you recall, that was for many a challenging time that brought up our own personal relationships within the current collective breakdown, purging, death, and rebirth transformation that is well underway.

What is it in our own lives that is under reconstruction? This week and next’ phase are all about making a shift; corrections to the path and actions taken. It’s personal. And, each move we make affects the whole.

Saturn has just begun (last week) it’s 5-month Retrograde Cycle. So, from May – December 2019, Saturn will go over once again the same degrees it passed through during the months of January – April 2019. In essence, Saturn will spend the rest of this year, taking us back on a journey through where our consciousness was focused during the beginning of this year.

As we all live through what may just be the Grandest Culmination Phase in hundreds of years (Saturn joining to Pluto with the South Node of the Moon in January of 2020) we are all experiencing our own confrontation of what is no longer working in our own lives and what is needing to be released, let go of, and healed.

This is the End of an Era. We are Dawning into the Aquarian Age of Unity

, Love, Creative Expression, and Miracles! Consciousness is Ascending and many mental/physical constructs, definitions, and programs are being demolished! 
We are witnessing and participating in the end of a Patriarchal System that has been going on for thousands of years, and the Rise of the Feminine in balance with the Divine Masculine (that has been seeded within the hearts of all since the beginning.)

This is no small feat and no-one is spared!! As we connect deeper with our Hearts and our Sacred Divinity as Humans, we are culminating and healing lifetimes and centuries of conditioning and ancestral patterning in our carbon-based DNA, and we are activating the Divine Light Codes that are our true heritage. We are awakening.

The New Moon on May 5th guides us deep into the Taurean Soils of the Earth Medicine. GROUND, go to the Earth ~ get rooted in what you truly value and desire. Go into the Inner Cave and seek guidance from within and listen to the wisdom upon your own breath. Breathe. Connect. Find your happy place and nurture it!

New Moon in Taurus passes by Uranus in Taurus, and with this, we can expect a Uranian Lightening Bolt of Change, Insight, Inspiration, and Awakening into a new aspect of Self to accompany this New Moon time. Over the following weeks, Mercury will enter Taurus joining Uranus, and then Venus will follow (by May 15 – 18th.)

This month’s Full Moon will be ripe with major personal breakthroughs and relationship transformations! When Uranus and Venus come together we see a Revolution go down in our personal lives with how and what we are relating to.

Radical upgrading into personal responsibility and authenticity is the calling this time around.

Blessings <3

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