Mars Retrograde ~ beginning June 26 through October 10th

Mars typically travels through a sign in about seven weeks, giving us that much time to navigate “the impulse to act” within the expression of whatever the given sign it is in (or whatever house it is in our own charts).

So, when in Retrograde (slowing down and moving backward – every two years) it will stay in one area for nearly six months.


How that translates into our life experience looks a lot like ~ the Universe is playing with the pause button on the level of our motivations to act and to respond outwardly to life

, particularly within the frame of the sign it is in.

In this case, we are talking about Aquarius (with a month back into Capricorn).  With the emphasis on these two signs, there is a lot going on around readdressing how we have been focused in life, what kind of foundations and “structures of reality” have we been creating, and what needs to change (or perhaps be demolished) as we go forward?

Many walls are tumbling down around and within our own lives.


It does not mean that nothing is going to happen out in our worlds or that we won’t be able to create anything or to implement change (don’t panic). On the contrary, it is a time of profound inner retrospection where so much can happen on the inner planes to get in touch with and clarify where the motivation and action need to be focused in your life.


It does imply a six-month slowdown period with a very intimate look into –

  • Our own personal desires, including sexuality (the creative impulse).
  • How we partner.
  • Where we “run away” in life and resist to take action or to initiate change.
  • How we express and stand up for our own individuality and the right to be separate and different.
  • The natural instinct to rebel and to be free.
  • Our ability to choose.

“It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it.” ~ Benjamin Franklin


It is a phase highly focused on reassessing and perhaps revisiting past relationship issues involving where and how we exercised our power or lack thereof.

Our Warrior Instincts are being highlighted, and we are being asked to look at how we “show up” in life.


What is at the heart of your motivations?  What motivates you?  What do you genuinely desire?

These are very significant questions to ask because it is from this source that your instincts and impulse to act are instigated.


Question – “Why did I do that?”  Answer – “Because you are motivated by what you deeply desire.”

Whether it be money, fame, security, safety, comfort, respect, acknowledgment, Love, connection, family, freedom, success, power, whatever IT be, our deepest desires are always at the root of everything we do.


It pays to get in touch with and to know what it is you really want in life.

“A tree is known by its fruit; a man by his deeds.”


Mars Retrograde grants us the opportunity to come to a greater level of Self-Awareness, which is one of the most powerful tools of the Warrior.


All things “masculine” related will be emphasized during this cycle.


I see it like the Freedom Train has reached the station.

In some areas of life, there is an aspect of you that needs to hop aboard and set yourself free from the patterns now grown old and limiting.  And, in other areas, you must get off and once and for all be done with that trip.


Where in your life do you need to “get off the ride” and stop distancing yourself from the very thing that you actually need to “come home to?”
What aspect of your own self have you been running from?

These are some of the areas of focus we will see on the table over the next six months.


There are many aspects of ourselves that we have denied or pushed away that are eager to be reclaimed.

Have you been living without the love you desire, creative inspiration, motivation to change or to become the greatest expression of You?


This is the time.  We are ready to confront our strengths and our weaknesses and to stop condemning ourselves to a life in contempt, held captive by the distorted expressions of unlived potentials.


The Oak Tree lives within the Seed, whether it is allowed to grow or not.  We have support to reach our potential if we DO what is necessary to receive it.

Blessings on your journey.



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  1. What a positive and poetic text about the solstice..!!
    And according to mars .. I have sun, mercury and mars involved in square to my four house – so I think there will be some ‘cleaning up’ bouth inside and outside – hope I can control my aggression..
    But thank you I am new here..
    Love and pease ( I hope)
    Mukta from dk..

    • Thank you, Mukta! Yes, it looks like this Mars Retrograde time will be assisting a big “cleaning-house” for us all! Will be interesting to see how we each deal with the Mars “aggression”, “anger”, “run”, tendencies… Blessings

  2. Oh so beautiful Love this, Jessica. It really does feel like life pulling at all the strings of the energetic cobweb connecting us to all our relations, pulling us into our very center. Some things for sure gotta go, blindspots are revealed and embraced, forgotten territories reclaimed. Re-membering our beauty and wholeness with ease and gratitude. Thank you

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