Mars ~ from Pisces to Aries

Warrior poseFinally coming to Mars, we can see that Mars was the first to join Neptune and Chiron in Pisces on February 3rd and will be the first to leave Pisces on March 12th. Mars has truly been in the expression of the Spiritual Warrior guiding us with motivation and determination to tackle our self-defeating obstacles to health. As well as assisting us with courage to charge through and fight the inner (and outer) battles, to face the looming fears, and the people, ideas, beliefs, and circumstances that have been syphoning life force and vitality from deep within our hearts, leaving us hungry for an experience of more spiritual substance. Mars has ushered us with bravery through the purifying waters of our hearts and souls, plunging us deep into the toxicity of our own self-intoxication with denial and addictive behaviors, and breathlessly initiating us back up to breathe in another chance at life. Resurrected, we have the opportunity to create from out of the experience and observation of hell – a new Heaven on Earth.

As Mars enters Aries on March13, with the Moon in its new seed empowering phase, this mission begins in full force. The Warrior in the sign of “The Warrior” is fierce and furious with power and intention to experience itself as a separate individual force capable of harnessing all that is necessary to realize its goal. Uncompromised by limitation, there is the power of single-mindedness that is the strength and the shadow, of Mars in Aries. The self-determination is impressively unwavering, however the sensitivity to others lack of equal strength, courage and ambition can be non-existent, thus the risk of steamrolling over others, or just simply leaving them behind. The practice during this time over the next month and weeks as we traverse the land of Aries will be to find the balance in individually defining and experiencing your desires, your abilities of leadership, and self-initiative, and to be sensitive to others also on this same course. From the initiation through water we now enter: purification through Fire – to detoxify, cleanse and ignite the passion in our Hearts.

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