The Astrological Birth Chart


“We are born at a given moment in a given place and like vintage years of wine we have the qualities of the year and of the season in which we are born.” C.G. Jung

Your ASTROLOGICAL BIRTH CHART is literally a snapshot of the sky capturing the precise positions of each planet at the moment of your birth.

As we choose this exact moment, and these exact conditions to come through, we take on and embody the energetic qualities of the Cosmos and Earth.  From that moment and from that place we grow…

Not one moment is alike in its energetic quality, as each one of us is an entirely unique expression of Life. This matrix of energy becomes our most personal course and blueprint to experience life through.

This is the Fate of our design, and our Destiny is born from out of the freedom we have to choose how to express ourselves in this creative potential.


In Astrology the Planets are symbolical representations of the psychological dynamics within the human consciousness ~ our psyche.


  • They represent the Psycho/Spiritual processes of our human experience.
  • They embody each and every archetype operating within the psyche of humanity.
  • They are majestic celestial bodies with a powerful energetic force influencing our Planet Earth and all life within our Universe and perhaps beyond.

As they move in space from each moment to moment through different positions and relationships with each other, and through various cycles, so too do we move in space in each moment through various cycles and shifting relationships with Life.

The Astrological Birth Chart contains an endless wealth of information about the development and life path of an individual.

Astrologers use Birth Charts to continuously and endlessly gather more information and insight through our ever-evolving life experiences.  

The Birth Chart itself is an Evolving Force reflecting the individual.   The symbols speak, and it is the job of the interpreter to listen.  Like any perspective in life, the interpretation is always a reflection of the consciousness of the interpreter.


Astrology is the Study of Cycles.

As we are continuously moving and cycling through time our life experiences are also continuously changing and being affected in ever-shifting ways, as mirrored and reflected in the constant motion and cycling of the planets.

As the planets move through space, their effects on us shift and change in their influence upon us.  The Birth Chart reveals the course as they move through the various signs, and as they move through various angular relationships between each other.

We can witness this movement in relation to our own lives by observing where in our life any particular planet is directing its energy upon us, as shown in the Birth Chart.


Self Awareness is the greatest offering of the Birth Chart.     


As we all contain our own mini-universe within, the microcosm reflecting the macrocosm, we can see that it is not just life on Earth being influenced by the Planets. We too have an effect and influence upon the lives of all life around us from the minute to the grand.

As we can see so clearly how we have influenced our Planet Earth, so also are we affecting beyond where just our visual perception can take us.

As we breathe in we inhale and absorb the influence of every aspect of the totality of our environment; the energetic food of life. And in turn, as we exhale WE GIVE LIFE  from the environment of our inner-world, out to the cosmos.

One big shared co-creation is this experience of Life.


“You are a function of what the whole universe is doing in the same way that a wave is a function of what the whole ocean is doing.” 

― Alan Wilson Watts


Blessed is the Dance of Nature…May we all move in Harmony to the beat of our One Heart.


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