Join Me Live for the New Moon in Pisces Live Forecast!


Pisces New Moon

Join me this Friday on a (free) Live Zoom call to explore further into these current energies, this weekend’s powerful New Moon, and what’s up for the next month’s astrological weather!

At 12:00 pm Pacific Time on March 12th. 

Time: Mar 12

, 2021 10:00 AM Hawaii

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Replay link will be posted here after the call. 

This will be the first of five events I will host this month as I lead everyone through a full lunar cycle and the astrology of the month.

This is a free event as an introduction to my monthly membership course – 

Psyche ~ The Lunar Cycles Course – An Essential Guide to Moon Mapping and the Lunar Cycle.


* Friday, March 12th New Moon Forecast – Live 90-minute Zoom call with participant interactive Q & A (12:00 pm Pacific)
* Friday, March 19th – First Quarter Moon Facebook Live (12:00 pm Pacific) 
* Friday, March 26th – Full Moon Zoom call with participant interactive Q & A (12:00 pm Pacific)
* Friday, April 2nd – Last Quarter Moon Facebook Live (12:00 pm Pacific)
* Friday, April 9th – Dark Moon Facebook Live (12:00 pm Pacific) 

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In this course, we will be discussing and essentially exploring a live journey through the full 29-day lunar cycle.
• Emphasis will be on the understanding of the 5 primary phases of the Moon – New Moon, First and Last Quarter Moon, Full Moon, and the Dark Moon phase. We will explore the main energetics and archetypal signature within these phases and how we can tap into the energies in relation to our own life and psyche.
• Understanding how to locate the Moon cycle in your own birth chart each month to discover what area of your life is being most activated for growth during that cycle.
• Highlights on the key signature planetary transits for the month.
• A full exploration of Solar and Lunar Eclipses and how they are powerful portals for release and grand opportunities unfolding in our lives every six-months as they occur.

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