Join Me for a Lunar Cycle Course! Starts February 24th


A 4-week Online Group Workshop Through the Lunar Cycle.

Monday 24th February 2020 – Monday 23rd March 2020

Join Jessica Bourque, Shamanic Evolutionary Astrologer and Nicola Lucie, Shamanic Practitioner & Shadow & Soul Integration Coach, on a journey through a Full Lunar Cycle.

We will explore the potency and the power of aligning with the Moon’s Cycle and particularly the phases of the New Moon, the Full Moon, the Dark Moon, and the Quarter Moon’s.

Through this experiential process, you will feel and learn how you can benefit and use these times as powerful portals into your own psyche and personal growth process to become more aware of and in greater harmony with your own personal Rites of Passage.

In exploration with the Lunar Cycle, from one month to the next, we find that it initiates an ongoing unravelling of the psyche. From the unconscious and subconscious realms to the conscious, we are revealed into more of ourselves.

From the deep inner realms of the Dark Moon to the new impulses seeded in consciousness during the New Moon, to the fruition and revelations unearthed and revealed to the surface during the Full Moon, and meeting with important decisions at the crossroads during the Quarter Moons. It is a full cycle of growth ~ Birth, Death into Rebirth.

We are currently living through some of the most profound astrological alignments of our lifetime! 2020 is ushering in an era of a massive revolution for humanity. It has been building for many years now in all of our lives as an incredible intensity to become more aware in consciousness on a global scale and make serious changes in life for the good of all and our Earth.

Please join us on a voyage through the heart and soul of the feminine in alignment with our most natural rhythm and cycle.


* 5 x LIVE Ceremonies via Zoom – New Moon / First Quarter / Full Moon / Last Quarter / Dark Moon

* Private Facebook Community

* Full Support from Jessica Dawn Bourque & Nicola Lucie from within the community

* Guidance on the astrology during the lunar cycle

* Shamanic Practices to bring more awareness into your life


Access to Workshop $200

Workshop + Astrology Chart Reading (with Jessica) – $310

Workshop + Shadow & Soul Integration Session (with Nicola) – $310

Workshop + Astrology Chart Reading + Shadow & Soul Integration Session – $420


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