In Between Two Eclipses

November 26th – December 3rd 

This week’s astrology leads us into the pinnacle midpoint between two eclipses.  Eclipses come in pairs usually (and sometimes we even get three in a row.)

Last week at the Full Moon Lunar eclipse

, many of us experienced life peaking out with some of our most personal issues coming into the light.  We’ve reached a critical point in the wheel of time where we are realizing

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, recognizing, resolving, and releasing deeper aspects of the self so that we can finally move on and be free to create from a clear space.

We are in transition. From one stage to the next

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, from one state of being to the next. We are birthing and, in every birth, there is a conclusion to that which will no longer be.  What are you releasing these days? What are you saying goodbye to?  What are you laying to rest?

Next week as we arrive upon the New Moon Solar Eclipse, that very potent lunar cycle will begin to reveal what the next new phase of each of our journeys is going to look like.   This current lunar cycle has been the closure, that next one will be the opening.

As we edge closer to that powerful new beginning, this week moves us through the final week of the Waning Moon. Here we must confront and contend with that which is ready to be fully realized and integrated and that which is ready to be released.  The week prior to a new moon (the Dark Moon phase) is always a period where we are being asked to take the time and space to assimilate and understand fully what has happened.

This is like the composting phase after the bounty of the harvest.  It’s here that we are full after having received (realized, experienced, witnessed) so much over the past weeks and now overflowing with it all, we must take the time and space to allow it to integrate within (to reap the nutrients and clean up the waste.)  And finally, before the new cycle begins, to let go of what is no longer necessary to carry forward on your path.

The most significant aspects occurring this week are Mercury having ingressed into Sagittarius and out of Scorpio, which will also be coming to join with the Sun now in Sagittarius.  The Sun and Mercury have spent this past week passing over the South Node of the Moon at one degree of Sagittarius.  The South Node has to do with the karmic past and these symbols powerfully represent information, truth, and our beliefs. 

The exposing and revealing (and even the possibility of revelations) around our deep truths, needs, and beliefs have powerfully been coloring our outlook these days.  As we move deeper into the Sagittarius Season, with Mercury now here, there is a collective need to move into a broader landscape of opportunity and freedom and to go beyond what has thus far been the “normal”. 

After we have spent the past couple of months so deeply immersed in the watery Scorpio depths of the dark psyche ~ the shadow, the pain-body, the fears, the power struggles, the little and not so little deaths… now in Sagittarius, there is a collective vibe of wanting to broaden our horizons and reach into more expansive territory.  To take all that was gained from the depths of the underworld and rise into the light like the phoenix anew, enlivened, inspired, and with faith that it was all so worth it. 

As I spoke of last week, soon we will be entering the 40-days of Venus Retrograde.  This week she edges closer to Pluto in Capricorn giving us a stronger taste of the powerful “love initiations” still yet to come! Retrogrades always bring us back to reevaluate, revisit, reconsider, reconnect, revise… it’s a sort of symbolic and energetic return.  In the case of Venus, it can feel like the “deja vu” stage of the Venus Cycle.

During Venus Retrograde cycles, we often witness what can feel like very karmic meetings and reunions, a rekindling of old loves and friendships, and a reigniting of passions where old (maybe even ancient) matters of the heart are concerned. 

The infamous caution with this cycle is unburying what had already been laid to rest.  Like returning to an old lover that you know is best left alone or repeating the same old relationship patterns that you have already learned and moved on from the lessons of

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, or meeting that someone that you can feel you’ve known “forever” only to find by the end of the 40-days that the relationship is not meant to go any further.  People from the past commonly show up in our lives during this time.

In Capricorn

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, personal power, boundaries, security, commitments, contracts, and just being a genuine responsible authentic integral human being.  Ultimately, it’s about personal growth and success. We each have our own relationship with how we take on the “mountains” in our lives – the duties and responsibilities, the places where ultimate growth and success are warranted.

Honor, loyalty, and success are qualities gained through great personal effort and victory is never given only ever earned.  These are the Capricorn lessons.

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