In Between Eclipses

This weekends Scorpio Moon is sure to surface some deep emotions, especially with the Sun coming into the last, very potent, emotional degrees of Cancer through Saturday.  For many, this current Eclipse Season is proving to be the most intense transition we have experienced.  With Mars Retrograde on the South Node of the Moon, “Karma” is setting the tone and speaking loud and clear these days that “dealing with our past so that we can move forward is absolutely necessary.”

Mars is the planet of “action & energy,” and when in retrograde (especially when it’s hand in hand with all the skeletons in our closets of the past) we can feel TIERD, set-back, and possible physical issues flaring up.  The energies are high and many people are having difficulty sleeping and overwhelmed with the “to do” list each day.

As with all things – “This Too Shall Pass.”  The Sun moves out of Cancer and into Leo this Sunday, ushering in a fiery, playful energy to enliven the body and lift the spirit. Let it in.  Next week as we build into the coming Full Moon Eclipse, Venus and Neptune will come into opposition, offering us an opportunity to tap into a higher vision of what is possible and what is necessary to ground it into reality.  Now is not the time to take on more than you can handle!  Take it easy, and honor and support yourself through this hugely transitional time.

By the end of August, we will have all gone through a transformation of a lifetime and for many, the “Story” of our lives will be rewritten.

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