In Between Eclipses

This week not only ushers in the end of a decade as we enter the New Year of 2020, but also holds the potency of being the Mid-point of the TwoEclipses ~ at the “crossroads” we are. 

The New Moon Solar Eclipse occurred on December 25thand the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse will come on January 10th, and the half (Quarter) Waxing Moon occurs on January 2nd, the mid-point.

The power of the Waxing Moon (the mid-point) holds lessons about bringing our attention toward making adjustments and corrections in our lives.

It is often a time where we may experience a “crisis in action”; a confrontation around how we are or are not acting or taking action in regard to the issues in our lives. Usually

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, there is an important choice at hand.

Although obstacles, challenges, and detours may present, it’s best to view them this week as opportunities and make the necessary shifts in awareness and action.  Rest assured

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, the successful outcomes will come in direct proportion to the attention given to the endeavors and intentions that you’ve planted during these past weeks.  

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, and this means lessons around responsibility, integrity, effort, self-accountability, maturity, authenticity, and personal authority are a few of what is currently being highlighted into our awareness. 

But this is no ordinary “Capricorn Season”.  No, this one has been anticipated as one of the most significant transitions of our lifetime.  Not only because of the influence of the Eclipses straddling the end of a decade into the next one but because of the power of the positions of the particular planets involved. 

We are just days away from on January 12th Saturn is closing in on Pluto (in Capricorn)

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, culminating a thirty-five-year cycle.  This has been building in Capricorn for two and a half years!

We are all in a major culmination phase within our own lives and in this process, we are facing an immense amount of pressure to take responsibility for where we have given our power away and how far we have allowed ourselves to come from our own personal power and sense of sovereignty. 

The cries of Mother Earth are heard by all.  We are clearly at a critical point in humanity and on this Earth.

Saturn has to do with structure, permanence, man-made laws, institutions, religions, governments, the pressures and responsibilities of the physical world and what it takes to maintain it and survive within it. 

Pluto has to do with power, transformation, the death and rebirth process and the constant perpetual force for growth.

It’s a Time of Reckoning.  A time of major confrontation and the settling of “karma” and facing where our efforts and power have been directed or misdirected.  

With so much Capricorn influence it’s all about seeing the payoff from our efforts, whether grand or not enough, we are reaping the gain from what we have given.

Next week’s powerful Full Moon will give rise to a fruition that for many will feel like a long-awaited revelation that has been for a long time gestating in your heart.   

It is a Cancer Moon ~ Full and Eclipsed by the Earth coming in between and blocking the Sun’s rays from lighting up the Moon.  

Symbolically it is a pause to the Ego Construct

, where the veils are thinned and the walk between worlds is more accessible (if you are willing.) 

Eclipses are like a “reset button”, openings for jumping timelines, shaking up the routine of our lives, shifting patterns, redirecting the trajectory.

Cancer softens us and opens our hearts.  Beckons us to FEEL MORE LOVE. To heal and to embrace the tenderness in nurturing moments

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, acts, and expressions. 

It teaches us about how to be in unconditional love and presence with each other and ourselves amidst the pain and suffering; the tears and heartache.

Full Moons are a time of bounty and the illumination of that which is ripe and ready to be seen into the light. 

Often that which has been germinating within our consciousness blooms into full awareness to be realized, shared, and experienced out in the world and with others.  

Pay attention to what is blossoming around you.

This coming Full Moon Eclipse will be asking us to show ourselves.  To be open and to be present with your most intimate self – your feelings, needs, wants, desires, hurts, and essentially what you want to do, give and make of your life. 

This is truly an extreme time emphasizing the importance of taking positive action towards your heart’s desire and standing up in your own ability to initiate positive change in your life.

As this cycle culminates into the next new phase, we are being called to release so much of the past and to be ready to begin anew.  As much as possible, to stand within our own affirmed sense of personal strength and ability to create positive change and to give nurturing support to life.

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