Harvest Moon ~ September 24th, 2018

image by: aziz-acharki

Full Moon in Aries ~  Peaceful Warrior Moon

Chiron and Saturn are making powerful aspects during this Full Moon time.  Shining light on the necessity to face the wounds and heal, and to continue on the quest to regain more Love, Honor, and Well-being within our relationships and our overall connection to life.

We are in a powerfully “Karmic Cycle” through September and October as Mars, Venus, and Uranus are all involved in a Grand Cross with the Moons Nodes.

Radical Change, Personal Confrontation, and Revelation are the themes during this time as we prepare for the closing of 2018 where a major “Changing of the Guards” will occur with Jupiter beginning its new one year journey in November (in Sagittarius) and the Moon’s Nodes beginning their new eighteen-month cycle also in November (in Cancer/Capricorn) .


Over the next two weeks, as the Moon journeys through its waning cycle, we are guided to release and clear space for inspired new ways of being in relationship ~ with Life.


The New Moon in Libra will arrive next on October 8th, ushering in a wave of fresh perspective to ground our seed intentions of Balance and Harmony into.

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