Happy Birthday, Taurus!

April 20th ~ May 20th 

Taurus calls us to Stillness.  It is Fixed Earth.  Solid

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, consistent, grounded, stability.  

Where Aries is about finding one’s Identity through experience, Taurus is about finding one’s Self through withdrawing and going within.  

Taurus teaches us about being deeply rooted in oneself.  Coming in from the storm and being the calm after the storm.  

It is the Inner Sanctuary and the Bear Cave

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, representing comfort, safety, security, and pleasure.  

Taurus is a Venus-ruled sign and here we come very in touch with the senses

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New Moon in Taurus awakens us to the beauty, peace, and harmony that can be found in the space of sacred solitude.  To the value in tapping into your own resources held deep within as a source to your own happiness, joy, and pleasure.  Taurus knows the power harnessed in Self-reliance and Self-sufficiency

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