Goddess Aphrodite & Queen Persephone


Sisters of The Pomegranate

The Goddesses of Vision & The Alchemist of Love

Both Aphrodite and Persephone are linked in their mythologies by the Pomegranate ~ the aphrodisiac fruit of sublime pleasure.  Aphrodite is said to be the mature aspect of Persephone and Persephone the immature shadow of Aphrodite.  Aphrodite is very much of The World and the material pleasures of it. However, she taps into a depth of power, perhaps from the very source of her counterpart ~ Queen of the Underworld – Persephone, to bring forth the inspiration of the muse which powerfully inspires, captivates and enchants all she touches.  This is Aphrodite’s gift; her medicine, to imbue all she looks upon with beauty.  To be in~love with the object of her attention.  Her love is unmistakably felt and trailing about her wherever she goes.  This also is the very poison which leaves a trail of broken hearts in the wake of her return and her own addiction to Love & Beauty can be her own shadow and downfall.

She is not attached and like the muse can come and go with out warning like a cloud of smoke that has magically appeared intoxicating and then vanishing like a mirage leaving the bitter taste of what was lingering.

Aphrodite is not considered a vulnerable Goddess.  She is very much in control and her own empowerment.  She chooses who she wants to be with and when she will leave.  She honors connection and union but she is not attached to it.  She involves herself but does not become utterly vulnerable by the connection.  She wants and desires the transformative and creative power’s of Love found in the exchange of Emotions.  She values the emotional exchanges and experiences with others far more than permanent bonds.   She is not interested in “forever” or “death do us part”.  She lives in the moment where the magic is and is deeply passionate and focused upon that which is personally meaningful to her.  She will give all of herself wholeheartedly as if each lover and object of her attention was the only one and when it is time for her to go – she goes whole with all of herself confidently intact.  She leaves her essence but always walks completely in her independence and sexual maturity.  She has a powerfully erotic nature.   In the mythologies she is linked to male deities and having children, but she did not suffer and was not victimized like the other vulnerable Goddesses ~ Demeter – The Mother, Hera – The Wife, and Persephone – The Mother’s Daughter.

Aphrodite represents relationship – to relate, to be known and to know the other.  Sexuality is the direct channel to this knowing.

She enjoys being the muse as her offering.  To inspire man’s dream, shape it into form, believe in it and bless it with her love, inspiration and magic. She carries the Power of Vision and positive expectation… 

When the Aphrodite woman (or Man) can not say No to her appetite or particular susceptibility of desire in the moment she risks falling into the addiction to love and then loses her independence to be in control of her own life course; she risks falling into her shadow, where like Persephone she will go into the underworld and reveal the shadow of obsession, compulsion and possession to others.  Usually not in her own self but directed towards her by the other. 

Aphrodite possessed great compassion and humility even amidst her independence and infidelities.  The one she married was Hephaestus, the hunched backed clubfooted rejected son of Zeus and Hera.  He was a creative genius with great impressive skills and he manage to win her as his wife.  She was not however loyal to him as her only sexual consort because as the story goes Hephaestus was a creative genius with deep tumultuous emotions stirring within, however he was incapable of acquiring the skills to express them and was not able to hold the love and attention of such a feminine creature.

In the birth chart strong Aphrodite and Venus symbols will express dynamics of this nature. 

The combination of Persephone and Aphrodite seen as one entity of two shades is an expression of the feminine that is powerfully Tantric in its nature.  It is the mature sexual independent Goddess centered in herself,  and the powerful Shamaness of the most vulnerable and intimate of emotions, provoked from deep within the depth of the heart and soul within oneself – united.   

The Mythology of Persephone is the story of the young and naive maiden carefree in a field of flowers when suddenly the Earth splits open and up comes Hades.  He abducts her down to the Underworld to become his wife, which she eventually earns her own power as the rightful Queen of the Darkness, the Hell’s and the Neuroses of the psyche.  He rapes her, initiates her virgin sexuality into the raw instinctual trespasses of desire and claims her as her own.  Although she remains immature in the innocence and naivety of her youth, she eventually becomes wizened through the deep power that is innately within her.  She is the daughter that is claimed and remains to be taken care of. 

Though she becomes the Guide of the Underworld she is forever bound to the vulnerabilities of partnership and cannot escape into her own independence.  First the Mother’s daughter then the abducted wife.  As the story goes she was instructed not to eat of anything while in the Underworld otherwise she could never return, however when offered the aphrodisiac pomegranate seed she willingly accepted and ate it.  This shows her own natural desire to taste of that which was forbidden and to commit herself to the abduction of the underworld ~ going deep within.  When she returned to her Mother, which was later granted in partial time through out the year, she lied to her Mother and said Hades had forced her to eat of the fruit.  Her lie to her Mother shows her immaturity to take responsibility for herself and to claim her own identity and independent power. 

Persephone is the Kore.   She symbolizes that aspect of ourselves that is innocent or naive, the eternal child.  The area where we struggle to “grow up” and face the authority standing confident in our own maturity.  It is the place where we are susceptible to become “abducted” and taken down into the shadows of that particular underworld which is represented by her placing in your chart.     This is where we may become the victim to the neuroses of that particular shadow dynamic and remain the immature victimized powerless child. 

Persephone is not independent, self-centered and in-control like Aphrodite.  She is extremely vulnerable, irresponsible, complacent, and extremely feminine in her nature.  She is highly susceptible to the human neurosis of the psyche created by the extreme overwhelm of emotion like; depression, anxiety, and emotional/mental/nervous breakdowns. In her apparent helplessness to take responsibility she can appear selfish, however she is actually selfless in her nature as she gives all of herself and allows herself to be taken; to be taken down in the underworld of herself and the other.  There is an egoless-ness in her self-centeredness as she provides herself as the the body, or the container for transmutation to happen. 

The risk in her willingness is becoming completely overwhelmed by the intensity of the depth of this emotional realm that is her territory.  She is the ultimate receptacle and the expression of humble sacrifice of oneself for allowing herself to be a conduit for ones transformation to occur through her.  She uses her receptivity and ultra-sensitivity to guide others into those realms within themselves.

She risks losing all sense of her self and becoming like Hestia/Vesta

, completely undefined.  But unlike the independent and self-centered Hestia, Persephone can become desperate in her loss of self and need to connect to someone to be the vessel.  A Persephone woman (or man) can lose touch with knowing how to maturely support themselves, as their identification is so deeply involved in serving another as the “processor of the inner realms”.

She is extremely powerful as the Shamaness that she is; the alchemisor of powerful energies ~ the Queen of the Underworld and Wife of Hades – Pluto.  She holds space with the Demons and Ghost of our psyche and is the Queen over them. 

Persephone is the Queen Alchemist and in her true essence and power she is naturally attracted to the Powerful transformational quality of the Dark of the Shadow and at home in the underworld. 

Like Chiron who when finally we are no longer victimized by the deep personal wound and we are able to clear aside the oppression of our pain, we are then free to allow the experience to be the medicine and the wisdom inherent in our own soul. 

So it is with Persephone.  When we have finally come to a place of seeing through our own naivety and self victimization we come to recognize that source of inherent power we have in this territory of of psyche,  we become like the Queen Guide through its shadow to usher our own spirit through the journey of reclaiming our own inheritance within of where within we have stored our own alchemical power. 

Persephone in the birth chart shows where we are susceptible to be abducted into our own  helplessness and shadow, where we can give up our own power and remain immature.  When the shadow is honored and the inherent alchemical power of this area ( shown in the chart) is allowed to be publicly claimed we can see where a great wealth of deep wisdom as the Guide of this terrain exist. 



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