Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

May 15th, 2022

Full Moon Lunar Eclipses are astounding to witness. If you’ve ever had the opportunity to view one

Eclipses tend to amplify the energies of the moment. It’s a period where bigger events, opportunities, and life changes can and will occur. Full Moons have a way of illuminating deeper aspects of our lives, shadows, patterns, and what’s hidden or ready to be exposed. External confrontations can come to an intense peak as the light shines upon the unconscious and reveals what is now in perfect timing to face.

As this Full Moon is in Scorpio opposite the Sun in Taurus

It’s a time to get very centered on the strength and personal values of oneself and one’s allies. And to create distance once and for all with the vampiric relationships that hold you back. Because the power that we have and its use is everything, the “right” use of power or the “wrong” use of power makes all the difference.

The shadow archetype of Scorpio has a lot to do with loss, betrayal, and abandonment. The highest expression of Scorpio is about joining forces and creating immense value and wealth out of the union. Deep soul contracts and transformations alter the very nature of who we are. It is death and rebirth and the need for change and growth to eventually return to stillness in the calm and peace of stability… gained.

With Venus teaming with Chiron in Aries and Mars and Neptune currently joining up in Pisces this week. On the other side of the spectrum of Taurus/Scorpio potentials, there are the possibilities of outstanding everlasting bonds of love, commitments, personal successes, and partnership victories!

Ultimately Scorpio and Taurus are about harnessing the power within and manifesting it into the physical. To make something of yourself from the sanctuary within and join forces and enhance another or be assisted in your own victory. For we are nothing without the love and support of one another. Look around, the power that we hold is great and even more remarkable when combined.

Blessings on your path.

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