+ Full Moon in Libra + Mercury moving out of “shadow” @ 29 Pisces

The New Moons journey us INward into the dark depths of the self

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, while the Full Moons lead us OUT – into the light of what is all around us.

As we move into the midpoint of this powerful Lunar Cycle with the upcoming Full Moon at the very last degree of Libra, RELATIONSHIPS are the highlighted emphasis.

Particularly around how do you find your Center of Peace within the extremes of it all? At this time in the world, relationships, in general, are at a high peaking point of crisis. It’s time for a change and we are the ones to create it. I’m talking relationship to all things: Life, each other, self, Earth, Spirit, Money, Family, you name it – we are working on it!

We’ve moved now over the past two weeks, from the New Moon in Aries to crossing the bridge to its polar counterpart – Libra for the Full Moon. From Self to Other.

So it is the emphasized lesson of this Lunar Phase ~ Partnership.

Whether it be with self or other, how you are doing it is up for question? 
How are you coming to terms with the crisis point of imbalance we presently find ourselves living through on this planet?

Libra seeks harmony

, peace, and resolution from imbalance, where Love can flow to create connection where separation has divided us. 
Anxiety, stress, & trauma are a normal constant state for many. So, it’s imperative to do and create a state of being through our actions, our practices, our day to day habits, that can counteract and counterbalance this crucial moment of Healing that Humanity is going through.

We’re moving through the reckoning into reconciliation. As we each come to understand our own part in this current reality we are living and choose to move responsibly into CHOOSING the higher way ~ the Path of Love.

There is no time left anymore for waiting around for others to make the first move or for any “outer authority” to give us permission! Our personal power and inner authority have been given away (and stolen) for a few thousand years too long! 
In this New Age, we are wakening up in mass consciousness to our sovereignty and the power that we do have as creative beings tapped into source energy.

We are the ones creating this reality so let’s be the change we want to see in the world!

Libra carries the lesson of understanding that even making NO CHOICE is still a choice. Taking NO ACTION is still an action. Libra reaches towards Aries to tap into the Willingness and the Power to Act – to take a stand, while Libra holds the Power of Perspective – to see, hear, and receive the insights on how to move with Grace and Respect for others.

Together they are the Peaceful Warrior. This is what the Full Moon is illuminating. This potential that lives within us.

It’s time now to pick up your shield (personal power), declare your mission (choice) – what you stand for and desire to make of this (your) life, and go forth (create it) – with Grace & Respect for all.

More LOVE is all we need.

+ Mercury moving out of “shadow” @ 29 Pisces

During this week before the Full Moon, we have Mercury moving out of its “Retrograde Shadow” over the last degree of Pisces which is the last degree of the entire zodiac. It’s a big last hurrah of the major housecleaning of the soul we have all been going through since the beginning of this 2019 year! 
This last degree of Pisces is about total surrender and letting go. Releasing the old, dissolving into the unknown, and getting ready for the New. 
Mercury, the planet of logic in this completely non-linear, dreamy, without definition kind of energy, has brought in a bit of a mentally/emotionally confusing phase over the last couple months! The kind of energy that dreams and miracles are made of, but not exactly understood!

With this Full Moon time

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, we can expect big changes coming much more clear on the horizon as we journey forward much lighter and freed up from the heaviness we have been carrying from the past.

We’ve arrived. We’ve done a lot of work. This stage of the “Culmination Phase” that has been upon us is nearly complete. By our next New Moon on May 4th

Koupit Lioresal v Praze

, the feeling of being really on the other side of what was a big chapter in each of our lives should begin to feel rooted. From there will come the sprouting of new seeds and the blossoming to follow.

For now

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, this Full Moon takes us into the “Celebration Phase.” The fullness of Light. Take time to celebrate! To cultivate peace and Love within and without. For that is the soil that will truly nurture good things into Life.

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