Full Moon in Capricorn ~ June 27th

The majestic glow of the Full Moon has a way of pulling us outwards, but even for just a moment, to catch a glimpse and bask in the Lunar magnetism and Mystery.   Like the feminine essence itself, we are drawn to it,  compelled by the depth and beauty of it.

However, in this Capricorn Full Moon Time, in the Season of Cancer, we are being called particularly to go INward.


Saturn, the Grand Elder, Sage, and Hermit of the Zodiac; Teacher of Mastery, stands in the exact position as the Moon.  They have come to the same place within the 360-degree journey around the Zodiac and now with the Moon in her Full Phase, their counsel is being illuminated.

Picture the Great Grandmother and the Great Grandfather standing hand in hand in all their pearly wisdom!

The message is about success, accomplishment, achievement, and the course of personal victory.  What does it take to experience it; to know it? To Live Life Fully and in connection with what is most meaningful to us?

We are all learning the teachings in our own ways, but what is at the core of the lessons we are coming to understand is that Life requires of us a deep level of personal connection and intimacy with ourselves and others if we are to truly succeed.


“The fact that television, tourism, and social media have made the whole world accessible has created the illusion that we enjoy intimate knowledge of other places and people, when we barely scratch their surface.”


Cancer beckons us deep into the heart and soul of the matter, and Capricorn holds us in integrity to take responsibility for it all.  Essentially, it is about the emotions; about honoring the feelings and the deep needs, and about yielding to the intelligence of the heart.

People need to stop pretending as if the cry of the baby has no meaning – “just let’em cry it out, they’ll get over it!”

Emotions are a lot like children; they want to be recognized and given attention to and they carry the intelligence and wisdom of all the generations past.

Just look at what this “turn a blind eye” mentality of denial has gotten us – sick bodies, sick minds, sick hearts.  It’s a plague on the planet.

Political agenda in the minds of man has become a sickness and the denial of true heartfelt connection, the disease.

Cancer & Capricorn represent the Archetypes of the Parents.  We are being asked to take a look at how we are holding up to the task of taking care of ourselves, of others, of the children, the animals, the Earth.  We are in the position to be stewards of the world, but in many instances, we are failing and the hour is upon us.

There is a thing about Karma – in every moment we have the power to create, but we can never erase what has already come to be.  However, there is a magic within the Power of Healing, which is like a ripple effect that can reach out into the fabric of all that is connected to it.

We are all related in Life.


“You are a link in a chain of causation that stretches before and after your life for a thousand generations.” 


So, as the light of this Moon shines upon us, may we see with eyes of love where in our own lives we can take responsibility to better care for and nurture ourselves and those around us.  



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