First Quarter Moon ~ March 10 – 19th 2022

The first quarter Moon phase is a time of building and growing into greater awareness and into the waxing light of the soon coming Full Moon. As this is the building stage, it represents a time to pay attention to your actions and how you are participating in life. The waning Moon is about integration and gathering one’s energy back inward, and in contrast, the waxing phase (currently) is all about the active externalized expression of oneself. The question becomes, “What are you DOING, and how are you doing it?”

Over this next week, building up to the Full Moon, it’s a perfect time to reassess and redirect your intentions and actions regarding the most important focuses in your current life. Get centered. Get aligned. Get your life in order because the Full Moon in Virgo is coming to shine a light upon exactly where there’s work to be done. And as it’s said, “The ball is in your court, make your move.”

Particularly, as we have had Venus and Mars traveling together (now in Aquarius), this time has a powerful emphasis on relationship and partnership dynamics as well as our most personal identifications around our own identity, desires, needs, and wants. Aquarius is always about refining one’s identity as closest to the center of individual uniqueness and genius possible by being the most genuine expression of yourself and showing up fully expressed and confident in your authenticity and expression. Aquarius declares, “Let go of the shackles.”

This current phasal relationship dance between Mars and Venus represents a major culmination cycle and a brand-new cycle beginning. So, in our personal lives and our psyches, we can be feeling and experiencing the end of cycles in our relationship dynamics and in the patterns and ways we have been relating to ourselves and others. Now, as we step into the new cycle, we are navigating fresh new ground and uncharted territory.

Over the next month, as Venus and Mars continue through Aquarius, we should all expect the theme of change, sudden insight, and unexpected events to continue to unfold and shape our lives. Aquarius invites revelation, rebellion, and revolutions, which is likely precisely the mark Venus and Mars will leave upon our lives for March 2022!

Pisces/Virgo reminds us that we are indeed infinite spiritual beings all containing phenomenal genius and potential, while in this reality, we are also limited in a body, in a space-time reality, on Earth. We are limited while amid so much capacity and opportunity for expansion. We must have reverence for the process and wear our hearts on our sleeves if we are to see a better world.

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