First Quarter Moon ~ Half Moon in Cancer – Change –

flybWe are currently at the mid-point; the crossroads between last weeks New Moon, which was also an Eclipse, and next weeks Full Moon, which will also be an Eclipse.

This March/April 2015 marks the twice yearly “Eclipse Season” always separated by 6 months.  Eclipses are grand openings, new beginnings, and where we can observe great releases, endings, and big changes occurring in our lives. 

This is where we are now and this particular New Moon/Full Moon time is particularly potent and powerful in regards to ushering in powerful new life changing events, circumstances and shifts, as Im sure we can all observe in our own lives and all around us. 

The event that we are building up to of the upcoming Full Moon Eclipse on April 4th involves and alignment of planets in a Grand Cross made up of the four cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. 

These are the “initiators” of new beginnings, the “game starters” and really the “back bone” of what its about to be a “human being”.  These four archetypes are essentially about the “Me – You” dynamic and the “inner world – outer world” dynamic. This is the heart beat of what pumps the life blood through the system of all our lives, in some way, shape or form unique to each of us.

So the major transformations underway for all of us are involving the real heart of the matter issues, the core desires, needs and wants for our lives, the roots of where we come from and where we want to go. 

It has much to do with looking at and into how we have constructed our lives up to this point and how well that has served and nurtured ourselves, our relationships, and our environment – inner and outer.  And now what adjustments need to be made and where do we need to take ourselves to come into a greater sense of nurturing, support and alignment with what we truly feel we are here living for? 

These are the questions of the hour now. 

At the first quarter Moon (which is tomorrow on March 27th) we are always asked to look to where potential adjustment towards the initial “goal” or intention set around the New Moon time (one week ago) can be made.  What actions need to be taken to further or initiate progress or forward momentum towards your desires or creative projects? 

This is the phase where the Light is growing and we are in the opportunity now to feed into and enrich the growth of our lives with our creative participation

, inspiration and devotion as we build into the energies of the Fullness of the Light ~ of the soon coming Full Moon. 

Remembering to breathe with this great breath of Life we are in is one of the easiest and most supportive ways to be in the flow of creativity, inspiration, nurturing and healing…

~ with love


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