Eclipse Season! October/Scorpio

Today as we move through the last week of this lunar cycle, within the waning (release) phase into the dark moon (integration) stage, we are being led to an epic culmination point as the Eclipse Season has arrived!  

The week of the last quarter moon is a call to make an adjustment in some way in regards to how you are perceiving something important in your life.  Change the way that you are thinking.  Try to see it from another’s perspective and expand your mind.  This will set the stage for greater success throughout the next new cycle.  

Eclipses are celebrated for ushering in monumental shifts and changes in our personal lives and consciousness.  It’s time for an upgrade!  And to all that old baggage and accumulated weight, metaphorically and literally, it’s time to let go!  A whole new life cycle is ready to be born to you! 

It is said, “Seize the day!”  Eclipses offer us the opportunity to harness the light and the power availed to us and to seize the moment now and make it a time that is marked by when you courageously stepped away from that which holds you back and triumphantly claimed your highest potential!  

We are talking about the Scorpio/Taurus archetypes, and they are all about self-mastery and the ability to hold a great deal of personal power. Next week at the gates of a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio, the lessons over the next month will concentrate around power and limitation, where you have it and where you do not.  

The more we have the greater the loss. The less we have the deeper the hunger.  Greater success comes with greater responsibility.  We earn our place in life, whether we realize it or not, with each deed and desire we create our story.  We pay the tolls, the fees, the price, and in Scorpio, we are taught that the currency is always one way or another in blood, sweat, and tears!  Sounds intense, and it is, but there is also so much love in there!  This life, from the Taurus perspective, is meant to be thoroughly enjoyed.  It’s all about loving it, feeling it, tasting it, and indulging in a way that is fully satisfying to you and where contentment and peace can be realized.  

As far as the astrological influences for this week, we have some very sweet and positive combinations with Mars in Gemini trining both the Sun and Venus in Libra, lending to potentially smooth connections and conversations in relationships, alongside some wilder more unpredictable energy with the on-going Mars square Neptune in Pisces. 

At the end of this week, as the Moon comes full circle into the dark moon completing its lunar cycle, we can trust, that on the eve of a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio, whatever is incubating deep within each one of us, will birth profound change that will be a catalyst for immense growth and the truth therein will be revealed.  And in the revelations, there will be love.  

Let’s make the best of it! See you on the other side! 

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