Eclipse Season

We are in the last week of the lunar cycle before a New Moon Solar Eclipse. This is the waning dark moon phase, where we digest what we have experienced, assimilate what we have learned, let go of the unnecessary, and clear space for the new on its way.

Eclipses have a way of ushering in ripe new opportunities and boldly releasing the old. Through an astrological lens, eclipses are not a singular event. They are a “season”. The eclipse season encompasses an entire lunar cycle and then some. There are the weeks preceding the event

, there is the eclipse which is followed by a second eclipse two weeks later, and then there is the dwindling off from the potency of the events through the following couple of weeks. Here we are.

As we move through this next week with the waning moon

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, increasingly we can observe in our lives the overdue change is perfecting. The readiness of the hour harkens “It’s time.” We have arrived. Eclipse Season brings the shift.

How this may look for you is personal. But the grander themes playing out now speak to our deepest survival instincts (Taurus), our most personal values, and our sense of powerlessness up against the vastness of it all, up against our ignorance, innocence, and inadequacy (Pisces). We are, after all, only human.

For many, it has a lot to do with changing ourselves regarding what we have previously needed or depended on to feel secure in life, as well as shifting values to match a new emerging identity that is very different from who you have known yourself to be.

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, the astrology reflects a time when people are going through deeply transformational personal shifts and identity reorientations. Consider it as a transitional stage of an identity crisis! The awkward beginning gives way to the rebellious stage, leading to a greater sense of self, which inevitably humbles us to how far we still must go, and then the surrender as we accept the process of becoming.

Two major aspects will accompany this week’s Waning Dark Moon. The first on (Saturday, April 23rd, on the day of the Last Quarter Moon), Mercury will join with the North Node of the Moon in Taurus. For a few days, the Archetype of the Messenger dances with the symbol of the “Future,” or our destiny. Messages from the future, perhaps?! Or insights into our own purpose and destiny may come clearer. It’s a good week to open to possibilities and potential (unexpected) doors opening that point you forward on your path!

The second big event of the week is Venus

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, the Goddess of Beauty and Love coming together (on Wednesday, April 27th) with Neptune, the Divine, and Omnipotent potential (in Pisces).
 This could manifest in as many ways as there are expressions of love and beauty! It’s a day to tap into the power of creative manifestation – to dream life into being and participate in the dance of love, the creation of beauty, and the enjoyment of this worldly experience and all it has to offer.

It’s a time when boundaries can seem blurred (for better or worse), and the unimaginable can come true (for better or worse). The Pisces archetype wants to set us free from ego limitations and the confines of the physical. However

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, the downside can look a lot like escapism and a lack of self-care or even love for the sake of “getting out of this place.” Wherever you may be, make the best of it and seek the beauty if only from within.

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