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, December 29Full Moon in CancerFull Moons always represents a peak of energy. What can often be observed in our lives as a moment of culmination and even revelation
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, as the dark night is illuminated for all to see. There is cause for celebration at the Full Moons. We have arrived at the phase where growth has peaked and will begin breaking into the letting go stage.

With the Cancer Full Moon in a tight square with Chiron today, we are indeed meeting with the struggles and strengths around our most personal relationships (with self and others) and the intimate realms of what it takes to be in partnership as well as family relations.

Venus is in close council with the South Node of the Moon (the Past) this week

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 and all things “karmic” will undoubtedly be taking the stage. What I mean by “karmic” is all things unresolved, ripe to be resolved, as well as the fruits of our labors showing up. Karma is neither “good” nor “bad” merely the results of our actions.

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