Crossroads In Between Two Eclipses ~ March 15th


We are currently in the time between two Eclipses.

On Tuesday March 15th it will be the Waxing First Quarter Moon.  Last week we had a New Moon Solar Eclipse and next week a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse follows.

It’s almost half-moon time and this is The Crossroads; the threshold where we must meet with something we are doing (or not doing) that needs or requires adjustment.  It’s the nature of the phase.  It’s an opportunity.  It can manifest like a road block or an obstacle thrown on your path, but really it’s about tending to the seed so it will flourish by the light that is coming.

On the Full Moon (next week) all that we are and have been working through, or creating (in this cycle) will be fully illuminated.  For many the circumstances and “issues” are BIG.  Issues that have been working in us for the past 6 months (or longer) coming to a peak now. 

That’s what Eclipses are ~ peak moments highlighting the necessary transitional periods in our lives.  They reveal and expose huge releases and openings into the next chapter of our lives. 

Many of us have been going through major initiations.  Huge test of will and spirit readying us to take on what has been for many the greatest losses, as well as the greatest gains.  Life is full on!

This week is our time now to prepare the stage for the Full Moon Eclipse on March 23rd.  The emphasis is on the extremes in our lives and where we need to establish greater balance in our relationships and our relationship to ourselves, and Life wer verkauft mir viagra.  We’ve clearly reached a critical mass on a global scale and it’s reflected in each one of our individual lives. 

  • We currently have 6 planets in Pisces,
  • and Jupiter powering up the Destiny Symbol in Virgo,
  • with Saturn in Sagittarius holding the tension in between. 

The momentum towards forward growth is powerfully propelling us into “the future”.  We must go forward.  Yet we must face, resolve and release “the past” so we can walk, come what may, into our destiny.

We must expand beyond the limited perspectives we have been exposed to and operating from.  We must use our creative vision and DO the necessary effort and work needed to bring our lives, and the World out of crisis and back into balance.   

None of this is simple or easy.  The time clearly calls for hard work, determination, dedication and Faith in what could be.  Imagine a World where we are ALL living inspired lives in harmony with Nature…

We may still not be nearly there, but while we are here – it’s one day at a time, one deed at a time.  The shift will come.

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