Evolutionary Astrology Mentorship ~ 3 -12 months

This process is tailored toward each individual’s needs and desires involved. If you are interested in a mentorship with me please email me at templesofthemoon@gmail.com for further information.

3 – 12 Month Astrological Mentoring

This process is tailored toward each individual’s needs and desires involved. Whether we meet for 3, 6, or up to 12 months is up to you. The process involves meeting about once a week (on Zoom) to dive deeply into the soul of your life experience through the medium of your own birth chart ~ your soul map.

• For those who want to learn astrology and learn how to read and interpret birth charts I will give emphasis on explaining the “how to’s” of navigating the birth chart and reading the transiting cycles through the Evolutionary Astrology Method of Chart Interpretation.  This is in-depth Evolutionary Astrology Training.

• For those who do not wish to learn the tools of astrology, but solely want to dive deeply into your own soul journey, we will focus purely on coming into a deeper level of self-awareness, and understanding the timing and cycles of your life, and what the personal themes of those cycles are about through the study of your own birth-chart.

• In all cases, the focus is on how to successfully integrate and process life’s transitions and how to access your inner tools, innate gifts, and capacities through the lens of astrology and the birth chart.

Please email me if you are interested to begin or for further information. 



Jessica was trained directly under the mentorship of Evolutionary Astrology founders Jeffery Wolf Green and Steven Forrest. She has also studied with Maurice Fernandez and is currently a faculty member with Kaypacha’s New Paradigm School of Astrology.

We each have our own nature. When balanced and centered in the true nature of who we are we have the potential to thrive as a being in alignment with oneself and the nature of life.

• We each have our own very specific “themes” characterizing the journey of our life. For example, some may carry the theme of a heavy focus on work, or creativity, or education, or family/relationship trauma, or power, judgment, control issues, or mental/emotional blocks, or the realms of healing, Spirituality or addiction, etc.

• Within these themes are the patterns, habits, and shadows playing out within our character and asking essentially to be recognized resolved, and released into a state of balance and harmony. This I would say is the growth process or the psycho/spiritual evolution of our soul; the returning to the undefended center of self.

The astrological birth-chart is one of the fastest and most profound ways of identifying not only what the patterns, habits, and potential shadows may be, but clearly pointing the way to what the keys are for opening the doors to freedom or peace in our own mind, body, heart, and spirit.

• The cycles or “seasons” of our lives clearly define “what time it is” in regards to what the most pertinent lessons of self-awareness are as well as what is up “on the table” asking to be clearly looked at and addressed. Some of these cycles last a week or two, others a couple of years, and some still a lifetime.

To have access to your own soul map is an invaluable gift to behold.

We each contain a great degree of creative potential and our own innate genius within to be accessed, developed, and inspired by.

This is what I love to discover and cultivate in people. The innate gifts we carry which I believe when held in recognition, honor, and love are the keys to resolving the imbalances that can distort our true perception and lead us into the downward spiral of separation from our true self and heart.

It is quite possible to leave your home for a walk in the early morning air and return a different person –beguiled & enchanted. ~ Mary Chase


Abi Levine abi@lovehypnotherapy.com
“What can I possibly say about this program that would begin to do it justice?!
Working with Jess over such an extended period, not only brought unbelievable clarity, peace of mind, and heart relief, but it also gave me incredible confirmation about my soul path.
There were things that Jess was able to tell me about my past and future, and my destiny, that cut through the noise of doubt in my mind and allowed me to focus effort on moving forward in the direction of my purpose.
There is absolutely NO WAY that you can get everything you need from her in a session or two. I want her on retainer for the rest of my life! Not only for my soul mission purposes but also because she is able to use her intuition and knowledge of the planets and stars, to bring you comfort and clarity about what’s happening in the Cosmos that might be undoing the fabric of your reality. Sometimes, you just need someone who knows what’s up to tell you that everything is going to be okay.
Also, her accuracy is unparalleled. She has told me things that were going to happen, that she had NO WAY of knowing, that I couldn’t see coming in a million years, that came to pass exactly as she predicted. DO IT DO IT DO IT! You will be so happy you did, and then you’ll do it again!”

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