During consultations, I use the Astrological Birth Chart as a tool to look deeply into the heart, mind and soul journey of an individual (and between individuals).  This takes us through a deeply healing and revelatory process of receiving insight into the past and circumstances affecting current conditions and the overall Evolutionary Intention of the Soul. 

The readings can offer a powerful awakening experience and often are a catalyst into deep transformation.   

I approach the readings with sensitivity, understanding, and honor towards the healing and evolving process of Self that Life guides us through.  

All readings are recorded, done in person, over the phone, or by video (using Skype).  I will use your astrological birth chart to answer questions that you have regarding any aspect of your life.  Your chart is a virtual blueprint of your soul journey.

Please refer to the drop-down Menu under “Consultations” to decide which reading is best for you at this time.

Thank you.


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