Bring offerings. Venus Conjunct Saturn

January 22, 2023

     Every year when Venus returns to Saturn we get a reset in the aspect of our psyche that is connected to how we are being in regard to love and relating. This reset is specifically focused on how honest, responsible, and mature we are in the dealings of such matters – love and relating. A return of a planet to another is an end of an entire cycle and the beginning of a new one. Now, it’s not as if a reset button is pushed and all is done. No, there is work to be done. Saturn holds us to this.

     Imagine Venus in council with the Great Elder after returning back from a long personal Hero’s Journey of the heart. Mistakes have been made. Victories have been won. The heart has hurt and the heart has grown.

     It’s a time where constructive judgment and true assessment of what is and what has been is valued. It’s a time where facing reality and ourselves and accepting corrections is what will assure strength for the new journey ahead that is about to begin once she leaves this meeting of reckoning.
Saturn always grants us exactly what we have earned. There are no shortcuts on the path of integrity and honor. Only effort, discipline, devotion. Saturn is here now to remind us of this.

     Venus makes her yearly conjunction with Saturn on January 22nd ~ the Grandfather Karma archetype and the Lover of Life come for a brief reset of responsibility, and their meeting proposes big questions. “Are you being the change you want to see in this world?” “Are you being in your potential to the best of your ability?” “Are you putting all of your heart and soul into it?”
A few weeks later, right around St. Valentines Day, Venus will spend a few nights in the embrace of Neptune and the answers to these questions may be revealed in all kinds of unimaginable and even magical ways. As there are few symbols that expose what’s truly in the heart like a meeting of Venus and Neptune.

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