Moon Rituals

by Jessica & Bradley McKenzie  The Moon ~ The Moon (like all of the heavenly bodies) is a living breathing Spirit; a Divine Embodiment of the great Cosmic Intelligence.  The vibration of her movement through space reverberates throughout all of the cosmos and within each and every being of this creation breathing life into our world and guiding us in with her magnetic pull towards deepening our own connection with ourselves and Nature.    When we listen and look towards Nature to show us the way we find that she feeds us from and teaches of the very language of the Spirit of Creation.  Symbolizing the Feminine, The Moon is in ever constant reflection with the Masculine; The Sun.  Together they move in harmonic phases in relationship to each other and all of Nature, above and below.  This is the voice by which she ~ The Moon, speaks to us; the voice of the Great Mother.   What is Ritual? Ritual is an archaic sacred practice that brings us into our bodies and souls. It… Continue reading