Astrological Perspective for 12/12/12 by Jessica Vikara Bourque

spaceAn Astrological Perspective for This Time, 12/12/12, and the end of this Lunar Cycle By: Jessica Vikara Bourque

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There is a prayer being whispered, called out, sang, and cried to the Spirit of Life; a genuine heart song created by the purity of Love and inspiration to be alive, born out of the anguish of all that separates us from our true selves.

We have been in the most extreme of confrontations with the ego constructions, behaviors, and attitudes that have been eating away at our hearts for far too long now. For some to a lesser degree, while for many others this time has been a crucifying rite of passage into the core essence of Surrender. To let go so that change can happen. We are always in movement, and we must remember to not resist the ebb and flow, the waxing and waning of the natural cycles by which we are governed. The dark moon phase we are now so potently defined in is about the severing of attachments to the old, preparing for rebirth, and renewal of the energies being transformed, transmuted, and adjusted to the new order of existence underway.

Here we stand in the final dark nights of this lunar cycle. The last slivers of light fade to be completely overcome by the darkest hour, where the dream of hope lives and the promise of the return of light. This is also the last dark night – New Moon of this year – 2012, and many believe, in accordance with the Mayan Calendar, this to be on December 13th, the New Moon of the “New World”.

As we approach December 21st, we are in the final days of operating within the “4th dimension” and the transition into the “5th dimension”, or “The New World”, where it is believed to be a new stage in consciousness, where higher levels of perception, sensitivity, and emotional awareness, and higher degrees of heart expansion exist. These days leading up to Now have been, for many, a phenomenal experience of life’s creation with the emphasis being on re-creating life.

The initiation process involves transitions through stages of purification, processing, sacrifice, isolation in the darkness wherein vision can occur, and then the final awakening into light. There has been no way out, no way around the confrontation with Self, only one way left to go – inward to meet with the real master of our reality – One Self.

Through the corridor of Death, we find the secrets of rebirth and eventually the Sacred Marriage with one’s own divided heart within. However the journey has unfolded individually for each,  for all there have surely been mind-blowing experiences of the unmistakable presence of the great magic, mystery, power and joy of the Divine Heart within and without. For this also is largely upon us.

As we each seek for our purpose and our gifts, know that our real gift is to know ourselves. To be free from the imprisonment of the game is where the real play of life begins. This has been the process life has been guiding us through; the process into ourselves.

The weeks and months leading up to now have been a process of being brought down, some to their knees, some plummeting into the depths of their own hell, through the corridors of their own grief, fear, rage and denial. We have been being stripped bare of many of our worldly attachments in an attempt, through purification, to reveal our true selves. Like the Goddess Innana, who came adorned in her worldly possessions (symbolizing our attachments which we must release in order to meet with our core selves), and was required by the keepers of the Under World, upon entering, to cast aside one adornment at each of the 7 Gates leading in, until at last, she stood naked, bowed down in her humbleness to meet with Death.

We are being cleansed in this process of psychic and emotional disintegration of our normal boundaries of consciousness, awareness, and understanding. We have been in the shamanic vision quest ~ a shattering of rational conception as we have known it, preparing us for the awakening, like the snake venom that brings such an intensity of transformation through death- like energy, birthing us into greater available dimensions to be experienced.

“Beautiful indeed is the darkest hour given by the Gods.”

We have just moved through the conclusion of a 14-month Venus/Saturn cycle (9/2011 – 11/2012) and thus have just begun a new cycle of Venus/Saturn. The Venus/Saturn conjunction in Scorpio is about the closure of one cycle of maturity of the Feminine and relationship/partnership dynamics, and the beginning of a new cycle of Feminine Wisdom, which includes a restructuring of the relationship to ourselves, and each other. It is a call and an expression of the Mature Feminine power upon us to be reclaimed, integrated, and given a rightful place as a supreme authority, as the great Divine Mother Earth herself is. The regenerative principle of the Dark Goddess, symbolized by Scorpio ruled by Pluto, The Lord of the Underworld, will continue throughout the next couple years (as Saturn remains in Scorpio) to have a strong influence on our daily lives and showing up as continuous opportunities to shed the old skins of the past and let go. The Kundalini energy in the womb of the Great Mother herself is rising, and we are all being moved and transformed by this awakening.

Just two days prior to the Venus/Saturn transit, we completed a 2-year Mars/Pluto cycle (12/2010 – 11/2012), thus beginning another one. (You can look back on these beginning dates to reflect upon what was beginning around that time that is now being transformed). The Mars conjunct Pluto transit is the masculine principle meeting with its own death, transformation, renewal, and eventual rebirth into a more powerfully true and authentic expression of the Divine Masculine. Die must the false powers of manipulation, control, and suppression we have all witnessed throughout this patriarchal era we have been living through.

On a collective level both the Masculine and Feminine within and without is going through a major regenerative process; birthing into a greater quality of expression of the true beingness of what always was, but was buried deep within our unconscious beneath an avalanche of false notions, beliefs and ideas, alongside toxic agendas.

Individually, both Men and Women are each going through very personal and individual processes of reclaiming their own lost aspects of self.  Facing the illusions of the disillusionment humanity has been going through is certainly not an easy process, and requires a summoning into the deepest reserves of our strength. We are coming up standing braver and more triumphant than ever before, as we pass through this great test of time. There is a power and a sweetness being awakened in the feminine, and in the masculine, there is an innocence, a strength, and a beauty being discovered.

The Venus/Saturn and Mars/Pluto transits also mark manifesting lessons in respect to money. Money is another of the elemental energies we are realigning ourselves to in order to meet with the true essence. Many are aware that the true energy of money is of the essence of love. Money has undergone such a gross subjugation of distortion from the purity of its initial purpose in creation. We will begin to see and feel, more and more, a “coming clean” concerning our relationship to money from the place of how “dirty” it has become. There is an invitation to examine deeply within your real relationship to money. Does it control you? Are you afraid of it? Do you use it consciously, wastefully, regretfully? Does it not come to you? Do you push it away, throw it away, lose it? Or, do you care for it? Do you consider it? Are you at peace with it? Do you like to share it, experience it, play with it? Do you love it?

Money is a participation in the great act of the Sacred Give Away. To give is to support; to support the process and the progress of creativity, of Creation. Money as an intentional offering allows us each to choose the most appropriate use for the highest gain for our lives. Money is an expression of one way the heart can unite with the physical world by creating a channel from a material form to be experienced. The more freely we give of our hearts, the more freedom of Love abounds and surrounds us.

On 12/12/12, as we move through the final hours of darkness before the dawning of the New Moon sets us free once again, listen to the sound of the stillness in the dark, and listen to the voice of your own darkness. Move with it, dance with it, find your freedom in it. You alone hold the keys…to doors that are never locked. Release and be free…

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