The Mythological Gods & Goddesses of The Zodiac

Following is a list of Feminine and Masculine Archetypes that we can find are powerfully activated and alive in the Human Psyche.  We can see the expressions of them all around us in both their distorted shadow expression as well as their mature wise form.  The “Myths” and their Archetypes are metaphors for Life and they are a living narrative of the human psyche.

They are the ‘Human Story’ and there are traces of all of them within the minds of us all.

Like seeds which contain a patterning within, these primordial archetypal stories are a seed in consciousness and when evoked just by a name alone can reveal a whole pattern of conditioning within the mind and heart.

To become aware of our conditioning and patterns is essential to the discovery of who we each truly are as individuals and to potentially free ourselves from the confines of the ‘collectively inherited unconscious patterns of thought, universally present in the individual psyche’ – these are the archetypes.


All of these Archetypes listed can also be found and identified as Asteroid symbols in the Birth Chart for interpretation.


The intention of using the Asteroids in an astrological chart interpretation is for the purpose of seeking and discovering greater detail and depth into the psyche of the individual. They add quality and nuance to the soul dynamic and life experience and if they are found to be very prominently and powerful placed in the birth chart they will reveal very powerful soul aspects and often hidden or unconscious aspects of the individual.  When one has the opportunity to become aware of these unconscious aspects of ones psyche a great offering is availed to become aware of the Shadow, to then come into potential acceptance, leading to profound transformation into the gift of the shadow or the medicine therein; the Power inherent in one’s Shadow.


  • Apollo~Sun
  • Hermes~Mercury
  • Ares~Mars
  • Saturn
  • Zeus~Jupiter
  • Poseidon~Neptune
  • Hades~Pluto
  • Hephaestus
  • Dionysus
  • Chiron


“What we see in these Goddesses is a loneliness searching to be made complete through connection and union and in the Masculine an emptiness always searching for more to attach to itself to make itself bigger.  But actually it is the Feminine that is empty.  She is the vessel waiting to be filled up.  And it is He who is lonely with out lasting union and connection and bonding outside of himself.”  ~ Jean Shinoda Bolen


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