Full Moon & The Light Chasers


The Full Moon is like a Sun that shines in the night. Its illumination captures what is in the dark with a soft hue of mystery and reveals to us the darker side of Life, and if you are still enough – the darker side of yourself.

It gives us a veiled look and requires us to peer a little closer if we want a clearer focus, otherwise we are presented with a diffused image and left to play in the shadows of our imagination, filling in the blank spaces ourselves…like when we are children and still innocent to the conditioning and we know not even what “things” are, let alone how to label them.

We can say there is “innocents” in the air on the nights of the Full Moon. At least most could agree that there is a palpable Mystery emanating from the mere existence of that bright spherical light shining so large down upon us. How does it do that?! Really, how does it do that? Some may say “God” while others can explain it through science. Why even bother asking? When I look around I see this everywhere in people – a negligence to ask questions about what is going on around us and to question our very own thoughts.

Personally I feel like the Light of day by the Sun can be shockingly harsh in its exposure of all the illusions we have created by this Illusory “Master of light” that so many seem to focus upon as some Deity or God that is going to save us from the darkness.

How many thousands of years does man need to be alive to realize that the dark of night will always come and follow the light of day?! That the majestic beauty of the Full Moon can only be glimpsed in the night sky? There is no abolishing it away with “positive thinking” mantras, meditation, Goddess workshops, Man Warrior Retreats, and so many other illusions and scams being bought and sold to us in expensive packages with pretty bows, in the name of “Spiritual Ascension” or in the case of Religion – “Salvation”.

How many breathing classes do we need to take because we have supposedly forgotten to breath? If you are breathing you have not forgotten how! But we have been so programed to doubt ourselves and believe in something someone else is telling us is “The way” that we have become like robots reaching from one thing to the next gobbling it up.

Ive come to find that none of it really works and I for one know that Ive tried enough of the search outside myself to say so. Its not because I was not doing it right, it is because the root of our own suffering is within our own minds, and it is only there that when free from others opinions, beliefs and conditionings can we truly be free and at Peace within both the Light and the Darkness.

This is the message of Taurus ~ to come back to the basics, back to Nature and stillness. Not in meditation or any kind of technique but just by being present with our own Self, without belief and identification with any of it.

Like the Bull in the field content with itself as itself.

We have been robbed of the nature of the innocent mind by adopting beliefs that we must be and become something other than what we are. It is a trick to keep us constantly hungry and seeking to be fed. We have been eating it up like the next sugar cookie being fed to us until now we find ourselves sick and fat with confusion…and worse is what the confusion has created.

Why are we so addicted to worshipping that which can not be attained?! There are so many different God’s that people are worshipping and to each the other is not real or true! Such ridiculousness! We choose confusion and illusion instead of the freedom available by choosing to be the authority over our own thoughts.

From all the confused and delusional minds I’ve seen within the “movement” of hundreds of thousands of “light chaser and light workers” chasing the light doesn’t appear to be such a pretty passage or “home sweet home” finale, when one finally arrives at the supposed promise of the light at the end of the tunnel…has anyone really been there? Do you know anyone who has reached the light and rest solely in peace and love? The History of Mankind is not a peaceful one. The Stories of even the supposed God’s are not Peaceful ones. And the reality of even Nature and what some “New Age” minds may call the “Divine” or “Cosmic Consciousness” or “The Source” is in itself not peaceful in its asteroid collisions and Solar flares. So why is Love, Light and Peace so revered in its supremacy to the darkness? We are told and taught a multitude of techniques to support the elimination and avoidance of our depressions, our pain and sadness. When what all this does is serve as heat from the friction to incubate it into more of a presence until eventually deep despair and suffering is born and takes over – like we can see upon this planet.

We are taught to run from the dark and by some to not even contain within ourselves an ounce of it! I suppose those people who can come to that eventual elimination of all darkness within themselves will be the one’s who glow in the dark at night!

Taurus’s message speaks of going within, withdrawing away from the experiences of others, the values, beLIEfs and desires of others and seeking within ~ for nothing… which is actually not seeking at all, just being without needing to be anything.

Reflecting on this Full Moon I am caught in a revery about the classic story of Dorothy and the Wizard of OZ. It is really a powerful example and depiction of how our sleepy illusive state of existence is just a dream…or in the case of the state of the world right now – a nightmare. What Dorothy did on her long journey down the golden road was to clear her perspective. All the searching and seeking outside of ourselves to finally return to the conclusion that theres no place like home – where we come from which is simply ourselves – there is no place like ourselves.

There is a voice behind the curtain but we act as though we do not see the curtain and we listen blindly, fixated upon the Hope being offered as a promise to stop the tireless searching and endless seeking. We are being fooled to believing that we do not have what we already do have – ourselves! Dorothy’s friends represent that aspect of her that is tricked into believing – one without courage, the other with no heart, and the other without a mind. The Witch and her crew represent the Authority outside of her that wants to steal her freedom and her ticket home, which was always hers though she was unaware of that! She never needed to do anything to attain it! That was all part of the illusion! The poppy field is like the massive opiate illusion of all these beliefs of Man that are putting us to sleep.
Of course this story is still one of many that portrays how her helper was the “light witch” while her nemesis was the “dark witch”… once again we see a distorted conditioning towards rejecting the dark and ugly. And also there again is the emphasis on the Ruby Slippers which is essentially outside of her and not of her – which were really portrayed as the mechanics that got her home.
What grand stories we can create from our imaginations of fancy sparkly tools that will leads us back home to the warm bed of love. But actually in the end there were not even any Ruby Slippers or any of it. It was all a dream; an illusion sprung from out of the amnesia of her unconscious brain from being taken down by the chaos of the storm in her own mind.

In the Light of the Taurus Full Moon I like the way the poet Rumi put it:

“Everything in the Universe is within you. Ask all from yourself.”

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  1. In the words or Tom Robbins
    “Be your own spaceship!”

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