Asteroids ~ The Light of our Shadow

The intention of using the Asteroids in an astrological chart interpretation is for the purpose of seeking and discovering greater detail and depth into the psyche of the individual.  For a list of asteroids click here. 

They add quality and nuance to understaning the soul dynamic and life experience and if they are found to be very prominently and powerfully placed in the birth chart they will reveal very powerful soul aspects and often hidden or unconscious aspects of the individual.  When one has the opportunity to become aware of these unconscious aspects of the psyche a great offering is availed.  To become aware of the shadow, to eventually come into acceptance, leading to profound transformation into the gift of the shadow and the Power inherent in one’s shadow.

It is like the great Joseph Campbell so masterfully expressed it as “The Hero’s Journey”. 

The Mythological Stories of Humanity are all our stories. In all cultures throughout the world, the same stories are found in different languages, yet the same patterns exist throughout. The common theme of:

Separation ~ Initiation ~ Return

The call to change or to go, the obstacles or challenges that bring opportunities to find deep powers within us ~ The Slaying of the Dragon, magical helpers along the way, the opportunity to stretch ourselves to find and see parts of our self that we did not know was there, and the return to self and the bringing it back to the service of the community.

Nietzsche also expresses the great cyclical nature of human transformation and evolution of consciousness through his parable of “The Three Metamorphoses of Spirit”, where the Camel ~ The Beast of Burden, becomes the Lion ~ The Will for Power and Freedom. 

The Lion must slay a greater beast to win its strength of willpower to create new realities.  It conquers the mighty Dragon named “Thou Shalt” – the spirit of commandments.

The Dragon believes itself supreme because it believes itself to possess the One Truth concerning all existence.  It sparkles with gold – “the values of a thousand years” shine on its scales.  The Dragon says “There will be no “I will”, but the mighty Lion says “I will”. 

And the will to Power – the Lion, slays conformity and external laws and is now alone to bear this great burden of no more laws or duty.  So now the Lion finds itself incapable of moving beyond its warrior nature to destroy and must transcend once again to learn how to create. 

It then becomes The Child.  The child knows not a heavy burden, duty, or the longing for freedom.  It is innocent in each moment. 

This is the story of the journey through our own distance from ourselves, journeying through the wilderness of our shadow, claiming the strength therein, and returning once again to the innocence and freedom of the child within.

My hope with the work I do unearthing both the shadow and the light present within the heart and mind of us al, is that through our awareness of our identification with the Human Stories we share, we can learn to take responsibility for recognizing our shadows, confronting our own Dragons within, which are the mirrors reflecting the wholeness of our souls journey through this human experience, and eventually coming to a place of honoring and loving the totality of who we are and our human experience. with love, Jessica 

“The Snake that cannot shed its skin must perish,” ~ Nietzsche


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