Astro Daily ~ May 26th – June 1st

Wednesday & Thursday, May 26-27

Sagittarius Moon – Full Lunar Eclipse

Treading Full Moon Eclipse waters can be an epic ride through deep feelings and intensities wrought with revelations and illuminations! Sagittarius Moons are infamous for bigger-than-life experiences and mind-blowing “reveals.” I imagine many unexpected and potentially much-welcomed events are going to highlight these days of the full moon. 

Sagittarius, by nature, is inspired, abundant, questing for more fulfilling and satisfying knowledge and experience while following one’s heart and being led by wisdom. So stay awake to witness the Wizard

, the Sage, the Jester, or the Divine Fool showing up in your life, carrying a special message just for you!

Friday & Saturday, May 28-29

Moon in Capricorn.
Moon in Capricorn opposite Mars in Cancer conjunct Pluto.

This weekend’s Capricorn vibe could assist in bringing awareness towards what is needed to further support and implement necessary efforts in the success of your unfolding plans. It’s good to ground, find stability, and figure out what more is needed to create that structure that will offer you the strength and support you need going forward.

Tap into your own leadership and what you can provide for yourself and recognize the support systems and people that are already there for you. So much is changing, and our integrity and generosity towards ourselves and others are needed.

Sunday & Monday, May 30-31

Moon in Aquarius.

Moon in Aquarius days lift us and take us into the higher mind, outer space, or other dimensions. We get a taste of the bird’s eye view, what the world looks like from up in the tower or the helicopter flying above where we can see a broader scope of all below.

It’s all about being objective, seeing more of the picture, removed from the subjective and personal realms where you are so close it’s hard to see everything going on beyond you.

Aquarius reminds us to let go of the past and make space for a whole new world of unknown potential and possibility because growth and progress are always leading us onward.

Tuesday, June 1

Moon in Pisces.

With the Moon in Pisces

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, it’s a wild ride and Pisces Moon days remind us to let go, flow with what is, embrace the unknown, and expect not to understand or be able to make sense of most of it!

So much love and blessings along the way,

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  1. Jenny Mundigian

    Thank you so much for your forecast of the present energies. I really appreciate receiving your emails dear Jessica. Many thanks.

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