Aries Full Moon ~ October 9th

     A Full Moon in Aries comes when the Sun is in Libra, and the two represent a polarized dance between the self and the other.  This is a peak moment in the cycle where our relationship dynamics come into the light for greater clarity and recognition.  

     The Full Moon point in the cycle illuminates and reveals that which is ripe and ready to be seen and in Libra/Aries, the spotlight is focused on how you are in relationship with yourself and therefore with others.  

     October and November are the Libra and Scorpio solar months.  At this point in the zodiac, we have reached the archetypes that are specifically all about our partnerships and the desires and needs that live therein. What do “they” want, what do they need, what do they have, versus what do I need, desire, want, and have?           We all need a certain degree of independence, freedom, and solitude, and in turn, we each require a certain amount of companionship, physical touch, and connection.  It’s all a natural part of the human experience, and now here, we embark to understand it.   

     Here now, we have arrived to the season where it’s time to sort through it all!  The needs, the desires, the varying perspectives, the contrast, and the conflict that relating to others inevitably provokes.  We learn from others who we are beyond our own perceptions.  We learn how to do better, be better, and how to live better.  We learn how to improve our communication skills, how to adjust our behavior in regard to others well being, we learn how to listen, and then how to be courageous enough to speak our truths, our needs, and our feelings. 

     We learn how to be kinder, more considerate, and more aware beyond our own interpretations.  We learn the effect that we have on others and how others have the power to affect us.  No man is an island!  And who would we be without one another? 

     Though Libra often deals with the extremes of relating and the incessant journey of conflict resolution, the beauty that lives through Libra is all about Venus expressed!  It is the manifested muse, the inspiration found between people and the blessings of shared experiences.  Libra represents all the variations of Love’s expressions within relationships and partnerships.  This is a time for connection. 

     The planet Venus will spend the next couple of months traveling closely with the Sun in Libra and then in Scorpio, which serves only to energize further the Venusian qualities now triggering our psyches and activating our hearts.  By early November this focus on relationships will reach even deeper into our subconscious realms and “older” territories of our hearts, as Venus comes to join the South Node of the Moon, which is the symbol that represents our past karma and all that has come to be within our own personal consciousness.  

     It is a meeting of Fates and Destiny where your life direction can be altered as you confront aspects of who you’ve been or who you were in contrast to the future path that calls to you.  

     The past and the future collide with Venus, and the result is all about LOVE!  What love can do, what love can be, and what love can create.

This is what we are currently in preparation for and moving towards! I’m wishing you so many blessings on your path!  Sincerely, Jessica 

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