“We recently had a Family Reading created by Jessica Bourque and it was amazing.  Jessica is highly intuitive and the way she interprets your astrological charts is very unique. I now have a deeper & better understanding of myself, partner, and kids, and our special connection in this life to each other, also an understanding of our previous lives with each other 🙂   Its helped me see more clearly that the stars ( astrological positions of the planets in our charts ) are like a map to the self and by having a better understanding the planetary influences at the point of your birth can be extremely enlightening and helpful in regards to the relationship with yourself and others.

I would encourage everyone to have a reading with Jessica, she is gifted in her field.”

Lucy Bremner – Sunflower Retreats – Italy

“Thanks so much Jessica for your astrological reading.
It helped me on my path, reconnecting me to my soul purpose.
It gave me answers that I intuitively knew but that my ego always doubts about.
Thanks for your light!
You are a loving person and a beautiful soul.”

Gaaile Mi-Chat, France

“For my Valentines Day gift to myself, I received a reading from Jessica. Another profound progressive astrology reading from gifted and wise Jessica.   I am continually amazed at the depth and perspective she brings. Thank you, Jessica. You are such a blessing. ♥  Jessica is so fluent in the language of the heavenly bodies, how they support us and invite us to grow. With each reading, I have a greater understanding of how to best manifest my destiny. Exciting! Thank you, Jessica!”  

Elizabeth Reynolds, California

“Jessica’s readings are not just readings.  They are coded activations.  It felt like her particular way of focusing caused parts of the chart that was ready to be addressed to light up — as if they had been dormant until she applied her intuitive stencil overlay to the areas that were ready to launch.  It felt to me that the reading had been ‘scheduled’ and that what she was able to see only she could see at that particular moment in time — and, for me, it had the effect of a massive push forward.  If you’ve been guided to check into a reading with Jessica, then no doubt, you are ready for that push forward.   I had a follow-up transit reading from her a couple of weeks after the birth chart reading, and the results were the same — powerful, new, enlightening — activating.  I feel confident in saying that Jessica has a gift for providing information a soul has been waiting a lifetime (or more) ‘to be prepared’ to hear.

I found Jessica on another website when I wasn’t really looking to have an astrology reading.  There was something about her though, about the words she used to describe herself and her approach to interpreting the planets — so I just made note of her for the future.  Sure enough, the day came when her name came back around to me, and it felt right to contact her to arrange a reading.  Even though I’ve had my chart done many times by a variety of astrologers, I couldn’t shake the feeling that there was something that she could access that hadn’t yet been addressed in any of the previous readings.  And while I do realize that each astrologer has their own perspective on planetary analysis, I felt that Jessica had information for me that I was scheduled to receive at that precise moment in time.  I’m so glad I listened to that inner voice because even though Jessica was looking at the same chart many astrologers in the past had interpreted, she was able to — repeatedly — reveal major issues and structures that no one else had ever even mentioned.  It was as if an entirely new chart had been revealed by her unique perception.”

Tina Cypert, California

“After an accelerated and quite difficult and challenging time in my personal life (and I believe it is collective).  I decided to “cry out to the Gods” and have an astrological reading with Jessica Bourque., which I have followed since months ago in her beautiful Lunar Forecasts.She was the kindest and most generous person to schedule it as soon as she could. We were able to establish a good timing for both, even that we live in different parts of the world. And the Skype session worked perfectly.

So I received the grace and the blessing of Jessica´s reading a few days ago. It was a powerful experience on many levels and many dimensions. It was almost magical how the session developed. I have little and almost no words to express everything that went through. Her reading expressed through her words in a precise, spiritual and poetic way absolutely matched with my moment in the here and now and the whole encompassing past and future of this personal Self. It really did create an effect on my awareness and everything she was sharing was more like a huge confirmation from Source. It was like really taping into the big and perfect picture of the multidimensionality of our lives.  She pointed out details and delicate situations about my story that I have never shared but that was crucial to take them out again to be processed.

Something important that I learned is that Astrology is a very profound and sacred way to understand your own choices and your own responsibility in this lifetime and all lifespans.

I have no doubt she was guided by Spirit and her amazing Higher Self. It has given me the key to go back to self-love and self-worth, which I now understand is the most important thing a woman has to learn. And of course, for everybody.

I have to add that having the opportunity to get to know a woman, so complete, expanded, awakened and compassionate; it gave me the confirmation that we indeed are breathing the fresh new air of the change of times. I absolutely recommend that no matter what moment you are experiencing right now, it will bring you an expanded vision of your soul purpose and mission in this life and it will give you such clarity and help you build and create the Universe that you desire.

I have been listening to the audiotaped session, quite a few times, and every time I find something extra, something special and powerful.  I wrote Jessica a letter telling her about all the confirmations, synchronicities, and lessons I got from it and really had to synthesize it, but it is still coming so I am and would be infinitely grateful.”

Anna Liisa Aguilera Kontio:       asilana9@gmail..com              Guatemala, City – Central América

“I have much respect and admiration for Jessica’s powerful life-changing work! She has a way to bring such truth to your heart and wealth to your soul, and she does this with love and compassion with the greater good that holds its own responsibility. She accepts you for who you are with love and kindness, there are no judgments, offering a clear path to becoming a better human being and igniting that light within. Truthfully said Jessica’s healing abilities are out of this world!”

Jeremy Bloom – Australia

“Even though Jessica was looking at the same chart many astrologers in the past had interpreted, she was able to — repeatedly — reveal major issues and structures that no one else had ever even mentioned. It was as if an entirely new chart had been revealed by her unique perception.”

“You’re understanding of astrology combined with your spirituality is amazing…You certainly opened a new, important door for me and that means so much to me. Whenever I feel I need it I will come back.”

“So much love and gratitude to Jessica for the incredible Birth Chart reading, what a Blessing you are to this planet! If you want to explore your Soul’s path in this lifetime further I recommend Jessica and Temples of the Moon. Blessed Be!”

 Aly Bowkett Derby, UK


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