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For over twenty years I’ve lived in beautiful Hawaii, where the healing energy and nature are felt in profound ways.  The spirit of Hawaii lives in my heart and has nurtured much of my personal life experience and healing journey.

Astrology as a Profession

I have a unique story, from the instant I realized that astrology could be an actual profession (over twenty years ago) I began studying it from a professional perspective.  I didn’t dally in mere curiosity, I became consumed! It hit me like an awakening of what was already so deep within me.  I sought out the best teachers of the deepest soul astrology and when I found them I had an instinctive understanding of what they were teaching.

In my natal chart, I am a Virgo, with Chiron on my South Node of the Moon and Uranus on my North Node of the Moon, I felt deeply that I wanted to heal my soul and I wanted to help others heal.  At twenty-two I became a licensed massage therapist, opened a clinic that same year, and began studying everything I could find about the mind-body healing connection.  

After a few years, I was eventually drawn to go to Peru on yet another healing journey of the soul, this time to meet with a Peruvian Shaman deep in the Amazon jungle.  It is then the awakening occurred to my deep connection and destiny with astrology.  The details of that story are magical and possibly for another time in person! But what transpired is within weeks, I passionately began my dedicated studies. Sensing the depth of wisdom contained in astrology, and the inherent quality of being able to reveal the deep heart and soul of a person, I knew from the start that I desired to learn the deepest soul perspective of astrology that I could find.

I was first led to Kerala, India, where I studied with Vedic Astrologer and Author, Komilla Sutton.  Then again, I met with her in England, for an intensive on Rahu and Ketu – the Dragon’s Head and the Dragon’s Tail: the North and South Node of the Moon. Here we dove into the deep mysteries of the soul’s journey through many lifetimes and our destiny’s calling.

It was not long before I discovered how miraculous a birth chart is, as it can answer the most profound questions like: “Where am I coming from?” and “What is my purpose in this life?”  “What has been my soul’s focus and what is my soul’s evolutionary intention in this life?”

Jeff Wolf Green & Steven Forrest 2005

Soon after, I was introduced to two of my most extraordinary astrology and life teachers.  Jeffery Wolf Green and Steven Forrest,  two of the great pioneers of Evolutionary Astrology.

I began apprenticing under both of them simultaneously for the next many years, putting Vedic Astrology aside and fully embracing the world of Evolutionary Astrology, which naturally evolved into my own style of “Shamanic” Evolutionary Astrology by infusing my many years of experience with healing and medicine practices.  I have also been fortunate to have apprenticed with Astrologer – Maurice Fernandez.

My connection with Astrology has been a daily practice for two decades now and really I believe that I am just picking up where I left off from many lifetimes…

I have worked for over two decades in the field of body, mind, & soul healing through various modalities as a licensed massage therapist; energy work, Feng Shui, the Shamanic Path, Holistic Medicine, and astrological counseling and teaching.  I have trained in many forms of esoteric techniques and have traveled worldwide in my studies. 

With an international client base, and having spent time in over fifteen different countries, I have a strong connection with this beautiful Earth planet and a deep compassion for humanity.   My joy is helping people connect more with their own authentic selves, their natural gifts and genius, and awaken the spirit of their own inspired self within.

Now for the fun part! 😊 I am a Virgo Sun, Sagittarius Moon, and Cancer Rising.  In Human Design I am a Projector 4/6  ✨


Astrology is an ever-expanding path, that once embarked upon can lead to profoundly revelatory places of Cosmic Awareness, cycles of timelessness, and the rhythms of life…


So much gratitude for all of the many blessings and joyful moments of this miraculous life journey.  May we all know the deepest of love and happiness!

“Jessica is a highly sensitive empath and intuitive healer with an extraordinary ability to sense and tune into energy and to listen and receive insight to facilitate deeply soulful transformation.

Her genuine concern and kindness, along with her keen intuition and interpretation skills as a cosmic channel support an experience where individuals can connect with their own soul wisdom, intelligence, and healing, and unlock their own creative potential.” ~  J. Wright – writer@jwrite


  1. Vikara (Jessica) is a wonderful person! Her readings are profound and reach the depths of our soul. I learned so much about my life, about my path, and it helped me see what steps to take regarding important decisions I had to make. I would certainly recommend her work as a bridge into understanding more about oneself and as an aid to our spiritual growth. Besides her work, she is a caring, loving person and a joy to speak to!

  2. ~The first time I reached out to Jessica Dawn was during the Galactic shift of 2012 and in need of an Astrology reading for guidance. I felt strongly that I needed MORE than just “any” Astrologer. I needed one who had the wisdom to guide me back to my Soul Mission during these shifts, and to provide intuitive insight to my birth chart.

    Holy Holy Holy! I received all that and more from this evolutionary astrology reading with Jessica! Not only did she present her message of my ‘Soul Map’ with clarity, wisdom and truth…I felt her integrity and heart~felt message at my core.

    I received tremendous insight to ‘where’ my soul had been, my current life patterns and where that path was leading me. It wasn’t a reading based solely on the Sun and Moon…it was a much deeper dive into my own TRUTH! A discovery! She uncovered past dynamics with family, relationships, life patterns, and unveiled so much more for me to witness. The reading resonated with me in a way that left me feeling centered and with tools to allow me to forge ahead on my Soul Mission.

    I feel Infinite Gratitude for the wisdom found with this brilliant being as she continues to be a well of fresh waters for my Sacred Path~

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