photo (1)For over a decade now I have been working as an intuitive healer through various modalities of Massage Therapy/energy work and Astrological counseling and teaching. This has been my school, the path of healing on a deep soul and heart level.

Reaching in to touch where inside ourselves we find our truth; who we essentially are.  Breaking through the boundaries, the definitions, the conditioning’s, the limitations of life, into the spaces where healing can happen, where we can remember who we are.  In these moments of connection we feel our wholeness; our oneness, and our gift of existence: to become in harmony with UNITY, to experience this wholeness of Being, and freedom from the illusion of separateness ~ to unite with the whole of ourselves and meet everything else from this place. This has been and is for me the intention, the focus, the work, and the practice.

It was during a shamanic journey upon the precipice of Machu Pichu that I discovered my deep connection and destiny with astrology.  Through that awakening experience I passionately began my studies.  From the start I desired to learn the deepest soul perspective of astrology I could find; sensing the depth of the wisdom within astrology and the inherent quality of being able to reveal the deep heart and soul of a person.

I was first led to Kerala, India where I studied with Vedic Astrologer and author, Komilla Sutton.  I then met up again with her in England for an intensive on Rahu and Ketu; the Dragons head and tail- The North and South Nodes of the Moon. In a nut shell they are symbolically a piece of the puzzle containing answers to the questions- “where am I coming from” and “what is my purpose in this life”, or in other words: “what has been my soul’s focus and what is my soul’s evolutionary intention in this life”.

What I learned there was only a taste of what was coming next.  I soon discovered two of my greatest astrology and Life teachers:  Jeffery Wolf Green and Steven Forrest; two of the great pioneers of Evolutionary Astrology.  I began apprenticing under them both simultaneously for the next many years.  I have also been fortunate to apprentice with Astrologer Maurice Fernandez.

Astrology is an ever expanding path once embarked upon can lead into profoundly revelatory places of Cosmic Unity, Cycles of Time and the rhythm of life…


In addition to personal and relationship readings, I am particularly excited to help our children lead full, wholesome, spiritual lives.  It is an invaluable gift to know your child’s birth chart! This is one of the greatest tools available for parents and teachers to be able to see and guide one from an understanding of who one truly and uniquely is.

“The map of the soul”   An astrological birth chart, is a symbolic representation of the uniqueness of each and every individual. To approach child/personal development from this perspective sets the stage for truly supportive relationships.

Just being aware of one’s Moon sign alone (the emotional body- what one needs to feel safe, nurtured, happy and supported in one’s environment; one’s hearts’ desire, ) can provide a greater understanding as to how the child responds to, and receives life’s experiences.

Our children are one of life’s greatest teacher’s providing us with the opportunity of learning the most essential lesson of how to surrender and to let go. They are a pure example of the necessity to give our creative manifestations over to a life of their own. They come through us, or are attracted to us, and so their birth chart is not only an expression of their lives but also of the continuation of our own.  As we are bound to the bond of a lifetime together we not only see what shall color their path; where their enlightenment and struggles shall be found, but also where we through them optimally will find greater awareness and growth.   Through this connection and that within all our relationships we receive a glimpse into our own path’s unfolding dynamics.

Like the seeds of the tree- the DNA of the whole matrix lives’ within…It is a fascinating thing to view our lineage through the perspective of Astrological Birth Charts; to see the repeating themes and signatures; the karmic patterns past down from one generation to the next, the group Soul.  .


So much gratitude for all of the many blessings and joyful moments upon this miraculous life journey.  May we all know the deepest of love and happiness!


  1. Hi Jessica…
    So wonderful to be visiting your new website! Thank you for sharing your story and inspiring the world!
    May your beautiful heart carry you into the New Year!
    Blessings and Gratitude,

  2. Wonderful, thank you for sharing your story , great to read ! Namaste

  3. This is gorgeous, my lovely friend! I am so proud of you and so inspired by you. Your astrological readings have helped me so much through the last ten years and reading your site makes me realize that it’s time for another one soon!

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