March 31, 2013 ~ 11 11 11 11 11 11 11

receiveOn March 31, 2013, there are 7 planets all hitting the 11 degree point in their respective signs. This powerful configuration of Planets captures the essence of the Master number 11.  This is the energy of the day – that of VISION.

Duality is inborn in the number 11, much like the energies of Pisces with Aries – from out of no-ego is born the Ego.  We have all just come through The Season of the Otherworld – in Pisces, where we dissolved into a sea of personal revelation, and learned about the nature of disillusionment. Ever confronted with our perceptions of Duality.

And now, we are taking form in Aries, making real our desires Fierce-fully and passionately we are confronting ourselves, our duality, our contrast, our conflict.  Our desire’s are meeting with our resistance, and our limitation, and our inabilities.  The fires are blazing, the heat is on, and tempers are ignited.  We are hot with the friction of so much conflict within the very core structures of how we exist.  And we are steaming to break out, breakdown, and break free from the grand force of suppression we have built up around us. It is a Demolition.  We are the ones demolishing our old “Frame of Minds”.

Our perspectives are clearly expanding to fit all the magic, and all the wonder Life delivers daily.


This past Full Moon powerfully illuminated into the hallways of our deepest desires, and highlighted the conflicts of desire. We were made prepared over these past months in The Light of the Peaceful Spiritual Warrior.  Now it is our time to pick up the sword and to pierce through the veils of unconsciousness, to fight for self preservation, to preserve Life on Earth.

To manifest the Hearts Desire is the goal of the Warrior.

Today is a day to listen, to be receptive and sensitive, and allow insights, intuition, and a heightened perception to grace you. The number 11 is the psychic number.  Today we are all this. Harness it in.




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