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mindmistWelcome Spring Equinox! 

We are happy to announce the launch of the newest Lux Amare line, intentionally co-created with Lux Amare Founder Elizabeth Reynolds and Temples of The Moon Evolutionary Astrologer Jessica Vikara Bourque:
“Vikara Cosmic Synergy Blends”

Today marks our very first offering ~ “Divine Heart~Mind Mist”. The planetary alignment captured during the process of formulating this blend was a rare and powerful event, occurring approximately every 100 years; 7 planetary bodies all in the sign of Pisces ~ The Divine. This advanced formulation contains 14 different essential oils representing 8 heavenly bodies, placed under the night sky during the event.

There is a limited quantity available. This blend supports qualities of compassion, self-communication & alignment with heart & mind. Divine Heart~Mind Mist offers mental support and guidance in releasing mental programs, beliefs and ideas that no longer serve you. It will help you to align your mind with your higher mind/spiritual self and with your heart (Pisces/Mercury).

Use as a powerful tool to assist the mind to intentionally manifest your dreams (Pisces), and to be more fully in touch with your hearts desire. Divine Heart~Mind Mist embodies the essence of compassion, humility, strength, courage, and grace. Use during intentional meditation and during times of mental confusion. Mist around self and computer area during times of mental fatigue.

Divine Heart~Mind Mist is highly potent with cosmic energies and is powerfully supportive for any process of self-healing as well as clearing and activating all of the chakras.

For those interested, below is a more complete summary of the Astrological influences captured in the making of this blend, as well as the process of the making of it.

A few days preceding the creation of this formula we had the very powerful and auspicious New Moon in Pisces, which highlighted the potency of the 7 planetary bodies all in the sign of Pisces.
Neptune, Chiron, Mercury (retrograde), Venus, Sun, Moon and Mars.
We chose the last 24 hr. period of Mercury in the retrograde cycle to work with this blend (March 15th -16th, 2013). In those final hours of the Mercury Retrograde cycle, the energies of the whole cycle are concentrated, in preparation to soon be dispersed into the new phase. Much like a birth.
During the process of creation, we held powerful attention to the intention of harnessing the Light essence available through the Celestial Bodies unto our Earth.

Mercury was the big game player focused on for this blend. Mercury is “the mind” – how we logically interpret life around us – ie: in Libra like a diplomat, in Cancer – with nurturing in mind, and in PISCES – knowing that there is much more than what we see. This is “the school” where we have all been(for this past month).
The planetary positions have been an offering to assist us into opening (Pisces) our minds (Mercury) to expand, expand, and expand (Pisces). Also occurring are the 3 squares from Mercury to Jupiter (expansion) in (Gemini) our way of interpreting (Mercury), and our perception about our lives.
So how are we looking at life, and how do we need to change the way we have been looking at it – has been the testing ground and the lesson.
As it gave us 3 extra weeks in Pisces by going retrograde, and the retrograde itself helped us to take all the mental figuring inward and really focus it in on our SELVES, in relationship to all that’s going on.
An inward analyzing but very much with a “Spiritual essence” (Pisces) about it. As if actually we were (are) being guided through a process much greater than our selves. Much like a pregnancy, that is happening to us – it is such a grand mechanism that is happening through us, and we are participating.

As Mercury passed over each planet, it was as if the Mind was paying a personal visit to each of the psychological processes of our being (as symbolized by the planets). Like the feminine, the masculine, our wounds, our spiritual connection, our sense of purpose, and our deepest needs.

In Neptune, it got us in touch with our understanding of God/Spirit/Life/Union/Separation, our addictions, our denials, our illnesses, our delusions, and our ancestral shadow.

Chiron symbolizes our wounds. What do we “think” about them? How do we interpret them, rationalize, and express them? Where do they come from? Chiron is also the mental realm; it is our wounds, and our medicine to use the mind to provoke healing.

In Venus– our thoughts about love, relationship, money, connection what we WANT – the feminine. Venus has a lot to do with our body in relation to experiencing the senses through it – how do we FEEL

Mars– our anger, what we are motivated for, our desires, sex, the masculine. Mars has to do with our physical body in relation to how much power and energy we have in it/from it.

Sun – our power and ability and desire to create and have a meaningful role and purpose, our vitality, and inspiration.

And Jupiter – what is it all for? What is our/the truth? How can we expand beyond this?

So this has been (and still is) a very humbling process, and thus it has served to also get us in touch with the powers of Pisces; that of compassion, acceptance, understanding, surrender, release, let go, trust, have faith, have empathy. Our minds have been being “dissolved” of a lot of stuck, useless ideas, thoughts, beliefs. We have been learning to refocus our minds on what we dream of manifesting, and move away from the negative mind.

Now we are becoming more free and essentially with more courage – as symbolized now by Mars in Aries. We have succeeded and survived all that!!!
We have been learning how to communicate (Mercury). How do we communicate? How have we been communicating, and how do we want to communicate? Essentially, we have been getting tested to learn how to communicate with compassion (Pisces) and acceptance.

Mars is now in Aries and there is, and will be a whole lot of anger/rage released over the next few weeks while Mars remains in Aries. It is a bit of a test to see how much we learned about Peace and Acceptance, and how we are going to use that power now of Mars.

So this blend is also a remedy offering alignment with compassionate communication – MOST ESSENTIALLY WITH SELF – as concentrated in the Retrograde period. Basically, we got a good look at the voices in our heads, and what is the manner of speech and communication to oneself and therefore to the world…?



Vikara Cosmic Synergy Blends
1 oz Miron Glass Bottle

Heart Mind Mist
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