First Quarter Moon ~ March 19, 2013

218122_433085076728236_1269005057_nToday, the Moon and Lilith in Gemini are squaring the Sun and Venus in Pisces. Here we see the Goddesses are stirring it up, wild and free, with desire and curiosity to playfully plunge into the constraints of all these paper shackles that bind us. It seems we “know better” we “know how” and we have all that we need to be true and whole within ourselves, and yet we still fumble around with all our self-denial, self-suppression and self-resistance.

Today is a day to look in the mirror and have a good compassionate laugh at yourself!!  If we all did that it would be a magnificent wave of playful love, which as we know is essentially healing.

First quarter Moon today – the assessment phase. What seeds have you planted over this past week? And how are you nurturing the sprouts? We have one week until the Full Light of the Moon illuminates where we stand.

This time now is about putting all your efforts into your desire, so to come to reap the bounty in what you have sown. In one way or another on the Full Moon, in one week’s time, we will see what we have created. 

Life is rich, fertile, and abundant! HAPPY SPRING EQUINOX!

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  1. Thanks! Yesterday Venus was conj my Moon and Lilith… and though I feel a strong connection with the goddess within and women in general… the woman I love and whom I’ve been dating for a few months told me everything is over, even our friendship…

    I have a Pisces (4th House) stellium of Chiron conj Saturn very close to Moon conj Lilith who’s been affected heavily this month…

  2. sorry, I forgot to mention I’m a heterosexual man 🙂 but one with a strong connection to his feminine side and nothing but love and respect to women.

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