In Between Two Eclipses

At this current first quarter moon phase, we are at the mid-point between two eclipses. The stakes tend to feel a bit higher during the eclipse season as far as the events and confrontations playing out in our lives. Especially if you have natal planets at the same position as the eclipses

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, which are currently in the signs of Taurus and Scorpio.

Eclipses are famous for ushering in big changes and grand opportunities

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, and somehow on the other side of the eclipse season, we can experience feeling very different and living in a different way (the end of May.) It’s like a reset that comes every six months to clean house and propel you further towards your destiny (the house of your psyche, that is.)

The last eclipse season played out in November and December of 2021. Can you recall what major changes or events in your life soon followed to shift the direction of your life?

What’s different about this current cycle is that we have Uranus on the eclipses as well as Saturn squaring. With Uranus and Saturn strongly influencing the stage

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, we can expect the unexpected to be showing up in ways that represent our deepest survival instincts and our most primal needs and desires. These are Taurus/Scorpio matters.

Uranus is a force of revolution often preceded by shock and destruction of what has already been established to make way for the new. Saturn represents the institutions

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, what is law by man, and what is decreed. When the two come together, it is a force of intense tension between the established and progress, between the conventional and the revolutionary, and between old patterns and new ways of being. As we can see, what is going on with Roe vs. Wade is a clear example of this. In our own lives beyond how we are each impacted by that, there can be confrontations and the need for revelations and change impacting the deepest and core personal issues for each one of us.

The Taurus/Scorpio axis reminds us of our innate vulnerability as emotional beings and how utterly dependent we are on one another. We need

, and we have. We need what others may need, and they have what we may need. Things like resources – money, food, shelter, knowledge, physical contact, companionship, love, compassion, and care, and in times like these, I am reminded of the value of decency, generosity, consideration, respect, and honor. These are all essentially valuable resources that, when embodied, could serve to balance out many of humanity’s greatest struggles.

May the heart of humanity heal in a collective revolution of peace towards one another.

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