LIBRA ~ beckons us to find the Grace

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, Balance, and Serenity in the Giving AND the Receiving within our relationships. We are called to make peace with the extremes we find in our own nature and the ways in which those extremes are expressed, and to have understanding and compassion for that in others as we move towards the awareness needed to create balance within and out in our lives. Libra teaches us of the Art of Listening and Giving – as an Act of Love. Here we learn about the Relativity of Truth. Through the exposure to other’s opinions, thoughts, desires, and needs we come to understand that there is no one way – various lifestyles equal various truths. Libra is the Mirror. In reflection with others, we come to know ourselves. By embracing the reflection of self that we receive from another we can come to understand our own value as it is experienced out in the world. Not everyone will see you as you are. Some will see you as more, some will see you as less. How do you see yourself? 

Libra’s shadow is wanting to become something for someone else; to fulfill someone else’s desire at the expense of their own

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, simply for the sake of pleasing the other. To lose oneself in another for the other. And there are people who want another to become what they want them to be without regard for that person’s own truth. Projection onto another creates an imbalance in the equality between the two.

Libra’s polarity is Aries. Aries informs Libra of the importance of learning to speak one’s own needs


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, desires, and truth. And to take Initiative for what YOU want in YOUR life. To learn how to listen to your own self and inner knowing and be guided by not only your powerful intellect but by your own instinctual nature guiding you towards your own truth.

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