Full Moon Eclipse Blessings!! ✨🌕🌹

As we come into this Full Moon peak of one of the most emotionally powerful and challenging cycles of our lifetime, we are being called to show up for ourselves more than ever with more love, more compassion, more forgiveness, and on the most basic level – more tender loving care. Take care of yourself!

Our compulsion to look outside of ourselves for what we need rather than into ourselves is getting confronted much like as if we’re standing on trial. For there is a council of major planetary alignments happening in Capricorn (the law & order) that has the judgments being handed out with no mercy! But it’s not a panel of anyone looking upon us

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, it’s about ourselves taking into account our own choices, how we have shown up, and what is required to go forth successfully.

It’s really just about taking a straight-on look at oneself and making the necessary adjustments into more self-responsibility to choose more love for Self.

These days, deep wounds, deep fears, and shadow patterns are surfacing into the light of consciousness cradled by a sea of the deepest emotions.

This Eclipse Full Moon is in Cancer opposing the Sun in Capricorn ~ Cancer beckons us to be open in our vulnerability and our deep feelings while Capricorn creates the supportive container where we can be held and supported in the raw expression that flows mysteriously through us.

Emotions are a wild thing! They move us and paralyze us, enliven Joy and stun us into Fear. They are our Teachers, our Guides, our Medicine, and our path home to know thy self.

This is as apt a time as ever to take heart in the message “Go With the Flow”!

We are currently culminating major cycles within our own personal stories and in the collective.

We are in the birth canal. Moving through and letting go of the past and embracing the new Self; new Life

, on the horizon.

Blessings 💜

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