Forward Momentum ~ Retrogrades Be Gone!

Feeling so much forward momentum with these changing tides of now having the “heavy retrograde phase” behind us.
And on the other side now of the past few months Mars retrograde time, which initiated quite a bit of internal upheaval and focuses on how we are or are not championing our own lives.

That was a journey that required a lot of personal reflection and facing our self-sabotaging and victim-hood minds.
So much healing! 

This Virgo Solar Month is holding space on a well set stage for grounding the seeds that have come from out of that deep purging and soul work.
Last Thursday, Saturn ~ the Grand Commander in Chief, and representer of “Time & this Worldly Experience”, has gone direct after five months retrograde. 

Green Light! It’s now time to Manifest yourself and make real the visions & dreams.

We’ve got the force of Nature behind us, guiding us, inspiring us.

Stand up, speak up, and Bless Up your life!  It’s Time.

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