New Moon Solar Eclipse ~ July 12th

Photo – Fabrizio Verrecchia

Currently, we are in the last three days of the Dark Phase of the Moon.  Just days before the New Moon, the light is fading ever more each day and into the darkest hour, we near closer.

~ From the Compost Phase to the New Seed Phase ~


“Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before.” ~  Edgar Allan Poe


The “Darkest Hour” conjures many ideas in each our own perception, but here in the image of Luna herself, it is an invitation to release; to clear space for the new that IS COMING.

Crossing the Threshold 

Photo – Samuel Zeller

Eclipses are like a portal that we step into or through and instantly we have arrived.

But as with all cycles, there is a process in getting there; the steps we take, what must be faced, the actions required, etc.

Eclipses occur every six months and during that “Eclipse Season” it is like a catalyst moment in time where each of our own most intimate soul “issues” tend to get a bit louder, bigger, brighter, more intense, and in many circumstances, a climax is experienced.

It can be looked at like a biannual initiation upon the path of the Hero’s Journey ~ a Rite of Passage time, like a Birthday or Graduation.

I see it much like an offering of realignment granted to us by Nature.


Photo – Karl Magnuson

This New Moon Eclipse is the first of three in this “Eclipse Season,” from July 12th – August 11th (with the 2nd being on July 27th.)

The Entrance is Before Us

Photo – Alex Blajan

As we each move closer to these gateways into the next phase of our own life, from wherever we stand within our own life cycle, there are Keys to be found, discovered and earned.   We have reached the “Treasure Hunt” chapter in the “Game of Life” where the rules state that you must participate with self-responsibility and emotional presence (Cancer/Capricorn).  Claim your Key, and swiftly move forward to the next level, or if not, get stuck right where you are for another round.

What does your “Gateway” look like?  Have you come prepared to walk through; to embrace what is on the other side?  Is it a window easily opened for the Winds of Change to move through?  Will you be locked out perhaps until the next opportunity at the next Eclipse Season?

The Ancestors are Speaking – Through Us. 

Photo – Oumaima Ben Chebtit

Pluto is opposite the Sun (in Capricorn and Cancer) powerfully activating the “death and rebirth” energies of this New Moon Eclipse.  In many ways, it is like we are being escorted down, down, down . . .  Into the Underworlds of our own Ancestral History.

This entire Lunar Cycle has guided us through a heavier period of personal reflection, confrontation, and reconciliation particularly concerning our “history” and that which is deeply woven into the very blood and marrow of our being.

The World is Changing.  It is our world, our actions, our creations, our visions, our fears, our limitations – there are no boundaries or borders that can prevent the existence of all that is to find a place in each of our homes and hearts.  What is out there is in here.  What happens to you – happens to me.  What happens to me – happens to you.


One World, One Humanity, One Family.

Photo – Shalone Cason


“When you start about family, about lineage and ancestry, you are talking about every person on earth.” ~ Alex Haley



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