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What People Are LOVING About The “SOUL MAP ~ Astrological Guide-Book”

Kaypacha Lescher I have been a student of astrology for over 40 years.  During that time, I have read countless interpretations of my chart by a countless number of astrologers.  Bearing that in mind, I am absolutely blown away by not only the interpretations

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, but the wisdom teachings shared, new insights, and most importantly, aspects of myself to both consciously work on AND be proud of, all shared with gentleness and deep understanding.  The “Personal Symbols” section of my book held an immense amount of value but my “Soul Story” took me to a whole new level of awareness!  How Jessica explained the evolutionary intention of my soul was both profound and exquisite.  This is by far the most personal and revealing interpretation of my chart

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, written clearly so that I can return to it again and again and still find new aspects of myself each time that all I can say is thank you!

Christine O’Connor ~ Jessica’s “Soul Map” is both a comprehensive but succinct tutorial on astrology in general as well as a specific guide for a particular birth chart. I consult mine regularly in a spiritual practice of learning to trust and to live with faith. The ancient Delphic oracle prescribed “Know Thyself” – astrology offers us a way to do this and Jessica’s “Soul Map” is a powerful tool.

Denise Fitch ~
5 out of 5 stars Apr 11

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I purchased this book as a gift to my nephew not knowing quite what to expect. My book arrived yesterday

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, and I was blown away. You can see the time, effort, energy and love that was poured into this project. I was so impressed that I look forward to giving these books as birthday gifts. Just make sure you put in your request in plenty of time as this is not a quick turnaround. Well Worth the Wait!!

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