#20 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

As an entrepreneur and founder of an online business – the world of social media is part of the game.  Connecting ourselves with a social network is how our business works.  There are over 7 billion people in the world and more than 3 million of them are online!  That’s an amazing source of connection available to us and an incredible opportunity to expand our family of friends, clients and mentors.  The world is truly in the palm of our hands these days with access to just about anything we can think of in the click of a button.

Yes, it can be a great big distraction and an “ego addiction” for many, not to mention all the wi-fi lines covering the planet, that we are all swimming through all the time.  However, this is the new millennium, and with it we have also been granted information on advanced methods for healing and protecting ourselves, how to activate higher vibrations to live by, and through the internet – an accelerated process of awakening and awareness to what is.

It’s no surprise so many of us have found and developed such a soul family through online connections.  Some of the most significant and powerful friendships I have, I have developed from meetings on-line through Facebook and my website, and fostered through Skype.

However, although we can get very familiar with one another through this cyber forum, it can still be very non-personal.  “Who actually is this person behind the screen, the photos and the website?”

In heart of shedding some light on this mystery I’ve decided to share a bit more about myself.  Things that may only come up if I were sharing a good glass of wine or tea with you in the coziness of my living room.  These are some things only some of my closest friends know about, and things that have surely set the stage for the most defining aspects of my life.  For an introverted, normally very private person, this was a great process for me!  I suggest you try it yourself if you feel inspired.  And if you do please don’t hesitate to share with me the #20 things I didn’t know about you! 

  1. photo (9)

    Halloween ~ Mom dressed as a flapper with me holding a ghost lollypop! 1980

    I was an extremely shy and introverted child.  I hardly spoke much at all well into my teenage years, unless I was one-on-one with a friend.  My inner world was loud with activity and my imagination could run wild.  I spent many hours alone in my house or outside in the forest by the lakes in Massachusetts.   Colored pencils and crayons where my favorite!

  2. My brother is a completely opposite personality than I am!  He has always been super involved in sports, very socially oriented, and thinks nothing at all for anything metaphysical or “spiritually oriented”.   We actually get along very well with a lot of respect for one another.
  3. My Mother was a single mom raising two kids.  I started babysitting for her friends when I was 10 years old.  Being alone at night in the houses scared me, but I liked earning the money.
  4. I started waitressing in my best friend’s parents’ diner when I was 13 years old working for tips from 5:30am until 12:30pm on the weekends.   I waitressed for the next 13 years at many different places.
  5. image

    Visiting the Ghost Town of Salem Massachusetts

    I grew up next door to Salem, Massachusetts –  the “Witch Town”  where the history of the mass burning of witches took place as well as the massacre of the Native American Indians in North East America.  I could feel the heaviness in the air that still lingers.  My mother always believed our houses where haunted and would hear “them” around. She would invite a psychic to come to our house for a “psychic reading party” with her friends about every other year.  Much of what she was told manifested!

  6. I played my first ouija board at 9 years old – it worked!  Slamming doors and all!  I can often sense the presence of spirits around.  This openness lead me to explore Feng Shui and Space Clearing as a profession.
  7. We moved 7 times before I was the age of 17.
  8. I have always been psychically sensitive and receptive, powerfully intuitive and empathic, and deeply emotional.  Reading energy and tuning in to people’s thoughts and emotions comes second nature to me.  As a child I was overwhelmed by this.  I can delve into the deepest of feelings ranging from deep despair to total joy and bliss.  No wonder the Moon has been such a guiding force for me.  I truly know what it means to be like a lunatic under the Full Moon’s influence!
  9. My father suffered with sever drug addiction from a very young age as a pre-teen until he was about 50 years old.  He spent about 1/3 of those years in prison.  I saw him on only two occasions between the age of 13 and 39.  He has been sober for 10 years now.  Ive found that forgiveness and acceptance brings understanding, where understanding may otherwise never be found.
  10. I have 4 half sisters who are younger than me from my father.  I’ve only met two of them when I was a young child.
  11. Image

    Hawaii – Mom, Brother and Grandparents

    I moved to Hawaii when I was 18 years old.  My grandparents lived there and invited me to come.  I lived on Oahu for 20 years.  My grandfather passed on 8 years ago. He had Native American ancestry and carries it strong in his nature. He wore the turquoise jewelry of the Indians and expressed strongly the Aloha Spirit of the Hawaiians.  He and my grandmother are so very dear to me.

  12. When I was 21 I contracted parasites in Morocco from a young boy who woke me on the mountain side where we were camping, and offered me fresh raw goats milk!  Within 24 hours I thought I was going to die!  This was the beginning of an 8 year long “healing crisis” in my own life and body, that kicked off my 10 year studies of Natural Medicine, Energy Medicine and the realms of Shamanism and Mysticism.
  13. I got my massage therapy license when I was 22 years old.  I’ve worked in the profession of body work and intuitive healing for the past 18 years.
  14. photo (17)

    The Peak’s of Machu Picchu

    At 26 I discovered my destined path as an Astrologer on a shamanic pilgrimage and medicine walk to Machu Picchu, with a Peruvian Shaman.   This awakened in me what from that point forward became a daily practice, focus and life long career.

  15. Between the age of 21 and 38 I traveled to 15 different countries, including some of the Hawaiian Islands.  Like a nomad, I never planned the trips in advance or planned to go to any of these places prior than just a couple months before hand.  I almost every time did not know where the funds for these trips was going to come from, but in every case the money always manifested.  It was always as if the Earth herself was calling me to ‘this place, for this purpose’, and I knew I needed to heed the call!   The Earth is such a beautiful place with so many types of beautiful people!   I have always felt like I was a “global citizen” or “from another place” not just an “American” and my heart has always carried the Gypsy spirit!
  16. IMG_1061

    The Joy of Ixhora

    I have been a single Mother for 8 years.  It’s not an easy path, however I LOVE being a Mom!  I strongly believe that everything is in perfect alignment with how it should be. Acceptance of “what is” is the key to true freedom.

  17. My daughter was born at home in the water.  Through out my entire pregnancy I never saw an allopathic doctor/gynecologist or received any kind of clinical treatment or testing- no ultrasounds, etc.   I opted for solely the incredible care of my gifted wise crone Midwife.  I fully trusted in my body and the process of natural child-birth.   My labor was a beautiful and peaceful experience for me, free of any “complications”.  She was born perfectly healthy. In fact she came in what’s called “en caul”.  It’s extremely rare in that one in 80,000 babies born will come like this. It’s where they are still within the protection of the amniotic sac.  There are many mystical attributes linked to being born “behind the veil”.   To me she has always been an incredible special being who carries an immense amount of pure joy in her!  Here are some amazing photos of “en caul” births.  
  18. Mother Mary has always been a very dear spirit in my life.  When I was a child I would tell my mom I wanted to change my middle name to Mary.
  19. IMG_1238I gave up drawing and coloring when I became a teenager.  When I was 33 I decided to take a charcoal drawing class and I found that I remembered that I could draw!  I created a copy of the 17th century painter Georges de la Tour’s “The Magdalen with the Smoking Flame”. She’s depicted as pregnant gazing into a flame with a skull on her lap.
  20. I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit and strived to create my own work and income, from out of my own self and my creative resources within.  I have created many “works” and “businesses” along the way – from child-care, eco-friendly house cleaning, “holistic cooking/chef” – to my deepest passions of “healing work”.  I feel so grateful to be living and working my passion as an Astrologer and Feng Shui Artist, doing what I love and following my bliss!
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