2017 ~ A Year of Great Awakening and Inspired Creative Expansion

2017 is a Year of Massive Awakening, Creative Expansion, & Radical Shifts in consciousness within as well as on the forefront of the World Stage.

This is the Age of Aquarius.

We are in The Revolution.  WE ARE The Revolution.

From 2012 ~ 2016 we all experienced the profound power of the “breaking down” energies of the “Uranus Square Pluto transit.”
  • Major Confrontations of Self.
  • Death – and – Rebirth sweeping through every aspect of our lives.
  • Truth Revealed and Redefined.

Each moment leads us to the next, essentially preparing us for the next…

As we continue the journey on in 2017, we are now being lead powerfully through this next year by the highly inspirational forces of FIRE and AIR setting the main stage.  

Come 2018 through the monumental planetary alignments of 2020, we will find ourselves working strongly with the EARTH Element, where we will begin to see Life demanding much more Grounding, Stability, and Commitment to the form of our creations.

This is a year that is much like preparation for what is going to be grounded and stabilized during the years to come.  This is a year that is largely defined by playing in the field of  CREATIVE ACTUALIZATION, experimenting, and having, more than ever, an EXPERIENTIAL RELATIONSHIP with your ability to manifest and create your world.  

It is a dance of Fire & Air, asking all of us to move and to create, on these winds of change.  

To bring forth the Heart of Fire, and the Wisdom of Air.

2017 Ushers In:
  • Jupiter ~ the bigger than Life Jovial King, who represents “luck” & “blessings” and always MORE
  • Standing in Opposition to:
  • Uranus ~ the Great Awakener who waits for no-one to provoke rapid transformation and deconditioning

The Goal: Revelations of True-Self

This year the Higher Mind is on Fire and Dancing with the pure abundance of Creative Power and Desire for Expansion!  

The advice on the winds is to harness the energy


, spread your wings, and fly.  

Ready or not – here we are.

This is a time of unprecedented acceleration of growth, expansion, and awareness. 

The train has left the station and is full speed ahead!

Please in-JOY the ride!

The Main Astrological Influences for this Year:
  • Jupiter opposite Uranus, in Libra and Aries ~ Powerful Relationship Dynamics
  • Venus Retrograde, in Aries & Pisces ~ Spotlight on our deepest Relationship to Self – March/April
  • North Node moves from Virgo to Leo, an 18-month cycle of completion and beginning ~ Moving from focus on Purifying to the experience of Pleasure – May
  • Jupiter in Libra moves to Scorpio, a one year cycle ~ Relationships, Relationships, Relationships! October
  • Saturn in Sagittarius moves into Capricorn late 2017, closing a 2.5-year cycle and beginning another ~ From Expansion to Building Foundations – Grounding – December
  • Uranus closing its 8-year cycle in Aries and moving into Taurus early 2018,  ~ From personal experience focused outward to an experience of the most personal inner-self 
  • February and August Major Eclipses ~ Portals of Change


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